Sunday, April 30, 2006

One Day Weekend

Amazing what you can fit in a 36 hour period. Again, I didn't do/see nearly half of what I wanted to, but I did have fun.

Tried Ethiopian food for the first time this weekend. I'm glad they didn't tell me it was gonna be Ethiopian before I got there because I'm pretty sure the jokes would have gotten out of hand. Also had sushi, the greatest food in history. And made plans with Rob to sit down and blow like $100 each at a sushi resaurant in one night... really get my fill.

Actually if I can say one thing about this weekend is that I really got to know Rob M. really well this weekend... and he's hilarious... and a near match to my awesome "Sport Disc" playing. But I will not allow my friendship with him cloud my goal to steal his girlfriend.

Also got to know Jeff's lil' lady Rhonda a little better this weekend. She provided the ride I needed to get me up to Regina and back and even spent a good half hour listening to me bellyache about lost love. By the way Rhonda for the record, it's ok to chastise your child infront of me, frankly I was shocked at how lenient you were over that... I'd pop a cork.

All in all it was a really good weekend. Like I say, I didn't get everything I wanted to do done, but I did manage to enjoy myself and take some of the edge of living in Weyburn off... maybe I should rent a room in Regina and live there on my days off .... the food is better

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Soulfood said...

Just wait until you come to Saskatoon tomorrow!! You'll get poked in the eye and then I'll harass you the whole way home. It'll be great!

P.S. We're stopping at Chapters on the way home. Make sure the parents know this. Thanx.