Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy halloween Y'all!

Have a safe and fun Halloween.

Incidentally I'm back, more content coming soon!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Opinions are Well Founded

I found a place, I'm moving in tommorrow. Will probably be a few weeks before I have internet/telephone again.

Once again, I'll apologize for the coming lack of updates. Just hope I don't miss the Pilot's World 1 year anniversary.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'll make this Short and Sweet


Dead Like Me

One of my favourite shows to watch right now is Dead Like Me an hour long comedy about the life of a newly initiated grim reaper named George (fem.). It's a pretty great show and frankly I'd reccommend it to anyone.

In the show George is required to get a real job as being a grim reaper doesn't come with a salary. Her boss at the temp agency she works at is named Delores Herbig (as in "her big brown eyes"). At one point she gives George a holy rolling shitload of collating to do finishing with "I think collating is so Zen." I thought the statement was ridiculous until watching the show with Jeff one day and he commented that he agreed. It got me thinking about some of the mundane jobs I do that I would consider "Zen". For example ;

- Peeling potatoes
- Cleaning the grill at work
- Bagging bread (when I was at the bakery)
- Occasionally I will get it when cleaning a particularily difficult object, especially if its complex and needs to be taken apart and re-assembled.

Anybody got Zen projects of their own?

Delores Herbig thinks collating is very zen. I think peeling potatoes, bagging bread and cleaning a grill is very zen.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pilot's World Store Opens Doors

Yep! As step 2 of my selling out, I have opened a new store. Featured in the store are all the sick and depraved things you would expect from me!

You will be able to find t-shirts, stickers, books, CD's, Photography Calendars and Postcards and much more! New featured items will be added all the time. Perfect for XMAS gifts, birthdays Menudo concerts!

If you have any questions comments or concerns or would like me to sell your merchandise in the store, please send all store related queries to

Check out the New Pilot's World Store at

Friday, October 14, 2005


Ok we've all seen it. The breakneck speed emplyed by a young japanese boy to beat Super Mario 3 in 11 minutes(and finished with full lives). If you have not seen this video yet and thus are living undera rock and don't beleive me, check it out here at e-baums World.

I had seen some other "exceptional video game play" videos as well, but i recently found something cool at It is a webpage commited to "Speed Runs" or completing a video game in a very short time. Some very cool videos to be sure. Including a guy beating Mario 1 in 5 minutes. Wow. It took me 15 years. Now there's a boring video.

He never even uses a mushroom or flower power up. Just regular small Mario the entire play. No glitches used either, and very little killing... only when needed. This could be a lesson for some of the world's powers. Sometimes staying small and avoiding violence is the best way to solve a conflict.

There is also a video of a guy beating Legend of Zelda :Ocarina of Time in under 5 hours, but I don't wanna hafta wait for that one... hey Andrew, you could try that... I mean hey, you've done it with 3 hearts!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Long Walk

I took Bootsy out for a long walk at Tatagwa Parkway - Signal Hill Trail and had a blast this afternoon. The trail is the more popular of the two Tatagwa Trails and as such has more garbage, vandalism and traffic, it does highlight some of the more beautiful aspects of Weyburn. It also highlited to me the growth of Weyburn as a city and how we will soon surround these natural wilderness. Rob speaks of the influence of man even deep in Stanley Park in Vancouver. It's happening here too Rob. Incidentlally, I've thought of a great way to keep everyone informed of walks and outdoor trips that I'll implement tonight. A ProBoards message board that we can all announce stuff like this on. I'll have more details here and by e-mail tonight.

Speaking of Rob, his girlfriend and friend and co-birthdayer to me, Kar has a blog of her own now. Called "Who Writes Blogs Anyway? Must Be Those Freaks" I've obeyed her first wishes on the blog and taken a picture ;

There, done. Should be a good read, she's not a big talker, maybe she's a wordsmith.

Jeff is now back to blogging full time, i seem to have convinced him it's the right path. Now all tha't s left to get blogging is Mark. If only there was a way to get him blogging.... hmmm.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Impending Doom

So as we can all recall a few weeks ago I posted a scan of my paycheque in which I was paid exactly $666. Well today Andrew informed me of a "Devil's Lunch" he bought at 7-11 consisting of;
- A chocolate Milk-to-Go
- A grab bag of Old Dutch Potato Chips (flavour undetermined)
- A small container of Dill Pickle Dip

It's cost $6.66. Then as we're talking about it, Blair from work breaks in and mentions that his bank account balance was recently $666. Now I'm not trying to panick anyone, but I think the apocalypse is coming. I think the coming of the date June 6, 2006 (6-6-06) might have something to do with it.

I have a theory that intentionally causing all of these events to happen will open a gate to hell which will signal the start of the apocalypse. I'm game, so I'll start tommorrow by buying the Devil's Lunch at 7-11.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Ok so I just got home from my second job. Al I wanna do is hit the can and make a deuce. But Michelle has like a dozen people over and the house smells like the mall entrance to the Bay. So I'm a little self concious about bustin' a dook right now.

Anyone got any good bathroom stories?


I'm a Very Angry Person Right Now

Yep, it seems everyone is out to piss me off. At least I made amends with Andrew, now everyone else on the other hand... well we'll just hafta kill them off.

Hoping someone will enter the Pilot's World Contest. It's just a good ol' time and hey you could win the prize pack too! So far, no one has entered.

Insane video of a cop being hit by a car here. He actually gets up and goes after the guy!

Riders are going for six straight tonight. If you can't be at the game remember to listen to it on the radio or online at CKRM. Kickoff is at 5:00 Sask time.

Friday, October 07, 2005

What to blog about

What should I blog about? Should I talk about how I've been slandered by my own sister. I could sit here and defend myself, but frankly I'm having some fun on a shitty little blog and i'm getting so used to being backstabbed by my sisters that I'm not giving it anymore discussion. Those who want to have fun with me can, those who don't can go fuck themselves.

Jeff is back blogging. He's discussed some more cool plans on how to take power from Mr. George Bush, and hopefully he continues to blog. I know I'd really like to see it. His girlfriend, Rhonda is apparantly also a blogger, hopefully he gets me her link so i can add her to the collective.

To clarify the rules from the contest yesterday, the entires must be POSTED from the locations, not just written, that would kill the challenge of it all.

Have been MSNing my ass off lately. Rob and I were MSNing this afternoon. Sounds like he isn't having as much fun in Vancouver as he should be, but I know he'll get above it and enjoy the experience. I also managed to blog with my old firend Alex Roy whom is currently in China. Was amazing to reunite with an old friend a world away.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Contest! The Blogging Challenge!-

Allright folks here it is! The long awaited new contest on Pilot's World! The Blogging Contest.

The rules are fairly simple. Below you will find a list of original places and ways to blog. Your cahllenge is to post from as many of these places as possible in the next month. Specify where you are posting in each post and e-mail me at I will post all entries into the contest here at Pilot's World and the scores so far so you can see how other Bloggers are doing. If you think you know of an original (but still fairly general) place to post, something that any normal person can do, e-mail me at If I approve it, it will be added to the list and posted for everyone to participate.

The person with the most original posts in original places will win our prize pack. In the case of a tie, the winner will be chosen by random lot. Old posts don't count and an original post can only be counted once (so e-mailing from work only counts as the work option or e-mail not both, choose wisely).

The Prize pack will consist of ;
1 - A replica of the actual frisbee I lost over a year ago.
2 - A Piot's World t-shirt... original!
3 - A "Pilot's World Blogging Champion 2005" Certificate
4 - Free advertising for your blog on Pilot's World for 1 month.

So here are the places to blog and good luck!

- Home Computer
- Work Computer
- From a cell phone
- From a blackberry
- From an internet TV
- From the woods
- From a rooftop or exceedingly high place
- From an internet cafe
- From a library
- From a public bathroom
- From underground
- From another continent
- From in a car
- from a train
- From an airplane
- From a boat
- From a submarine
- Using blog posting software (like Zoundry or WrodPress)
- By e-mail
- From Class
- From a government proceeding (parliament, legistlative assembly, council meeting, court)
- During a historical event (on location) - Large Disaster, Inauguration of a world Leader, Large Protest
- In a gas station
- On someone else's blog (don't ask me, I won't let you)
- Videoblogging
- Audioblogging
- Photoblog (tell the story or post with photos)
- at a concert for a major act (like on a major tour, they should have a nationally distributed album, I'll be the final judge of the act's appropriateness)
- From a warzone (and no the the "war on terror" has not made the world a war zone)
- From a PDA
- using Microsoft Windows
- Using mac OS
- Using Linux
- Using DOS
- Using any other operating system (a point for each one)

All submissions are due within the next month with final posts and e-mails posted and sent no later than 12:01, November 6, 2005. Best of luck all!

It is 1:37:22

Yes that's the EXACT time the girl at 7-11 toldme it was. Not "twenty to two" not "one forty". In reply to my question "do you have the time?" the girl at the counter replied "it is one-thirty-teven-twenty-two" thank god she gave me the seconds or I would have been late.

Bootsy and I went to 7-11 after our first successful visit to the vet this afternoon. She had her first checkup with Dr. Andrea ClarkeIt all checked out well, she's in perfect health. The doctor felt that Bootsy was certainly a year and a half old if not two years old. Pretty good shape all around, I'm gonna hafta contact the Estevan Humane Society tommorrow and get her medical history... as well as any other history that I can find.'

All I know is I think Bootsy drank her big gulp too fast... look at her! Pretty tuckered out!

Walking with Bootsy

Probably the hardest but most rewarding part of now owning a beagle is their insatiable energy and untruswortiness off a leash. This causes me to take Bootsy on long and frequent walks for everything from potty breaks to simple exercise. While on these walks I see alot more that I would have previously missed. I've learned to appreciate my surroundings more and see alot more of the world and my community. It's also increased the bond between me and my dog.

What most facinates me are the hidden and forbidden places. Like for example abandoned or unused buildings. There are several in Weyburn and it never ceases to amaze me how these huge once bustling buildings are now empty and cold. Also neat are the hidden places, small parks and hidden paths. I know I'm not the first person to discover or use these places and paths, but they are not places I would normally visit. I look forward to winter coming so that I can see the paths that I can't see in summer and follow the escapades of another person... or animal.

Submitted for your enjoyment today are some of the photos I took on one of those walks last week. they are availiable at my Shutterfly account under the album "Me n' Bootsy". These are mostly from the Tatagwa Parkway here in Weyburn on the Redcoat Trail.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

To do with Sponsorship

Ok folks to keep me honest during my scandalous sellout weeks to come, I've created the "New Digital Camera Fund". The finest bank account money can buy (the old sauerkraut jar that held "Brain" and "The Un-Named Spider") now holds the funds I am raising for my new digital camera. It can also be viewed at the Pilot's World Webcam! Advertising on all the Pilot's World Network is provided by Google Adsense, a pretty cool tool I might note... very easy to implement. If you're wondering why you can't see the ads yet, Google informs me that it takes up to 48 hours for them to scan my page and assign appropriate advertising.

I have set up my Ourmedia page which will soon feature all my non-photographic or text based media. Included will be videos, sound clips, songs, maybe some software and more. You can visit the page here.

Check out here tommorrow morning, I should have some new Pics up of Bootsy and some of our walks around town.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Roo Bear!

So Andrew my shit givin' brother is 18 today. To commemorate, I'm posting this Photoshopped image I did of him and my dad. Guess which is which.

You might think its stolen from Shanna, but I made it, its mine.

So head over to Andrew's Website, Randomization and wish him happy birthday!

PS - Andrew, wanna jam tommorrow night?

Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm selling out

Yeah big whoop wanna fight about it. I'm getting ad-sense on this here blog. What does that mean for you? It means more content, updates more than once a day... more than three times a week. It means hopefully better content, like porno and stories of my dog (but not together).

For me it means I'm gonna start saving up for a new digital camera that I'm now nearly in desparate need of. Mine is on the rocks and nearly dead, so I gotta start working on a new -BETTER one now.

Also i fixed Bootsy's post as it was fucking with the H-Scroll, you're welcome Nathan.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

New band, New Day

So Andrew, my bud Steve Dreidger and I are starting a new band. We're gonna practice tonight in the garage. Should be a tonne of fun. We start the band at 9:15 tonight, maybe we'll have some pics up or some music or something to show you. Or maybe not. Who knows.

I got a raise at work yesterday.