Friday, March 31, 2006

Guess What Time it Is?!

(Man I am the most pathetic 24 year old heterosexual man alive)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm not gonna stop talking about this

You know, I'm still really in denial that I saw Queen on Sunday. It was just a religious experience. I've pinched myself several times to make sure I'm not dreaming.

So I've been perusing the Queen website and watching some interviews and stuff. Paul Rogers at one point says how people will be really happy to see Queen firing "on all four cylinders again... or however many cylinders we have now"

Well Paul, I didn't count, but I estimate it to be in the range of 37 cylinders. It's a very big engine... likely not as big as it used to be, but still, very large.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So I've been thinking...

... of bringing a gun to work.

I don't want to shoot anyone or anything. Just something cool to play with when I'm bored. And for the respect.

Plus just think of the conversations that would be started;

"Ok, so you're renting "Out Cold" again, cool. Wanna see my gun?"
"Um you have a gun?"
"Yup, see" (pull out gun)
"Yeah... um... maybe I'll rent something else"
"Hey your choice man. I'll just sit here and polish my gun"

or imagine;
"Hi this is Jeremy from Movie Factory. You rented "Dreamer" Mr Danyluk and it's a week overdue. Could you get that back as soon as possible"
"Yeah sure, I'll see when I can get in"
"Ok, take your time, I'll just sit here polishing my gun"
"You have a gun"
"I'll be there in a minute"
"Hey cool"

Yep, a real conversation starter!

Man. I wonder where I can buy a gun in town.

Queen and Paul Rodgers - Digital Scrapbook

Hey all. This is just a collection of links to stuff relating to my trip to see Queen and Paul Rodgers in St. Paul. Some of these are incomplete, both intentionally and unintentionally. I will add more stuff throughout time, so check back if you think there might be something new.

Largest Ball of Twine Made by One Man
My Seats at the Xcel Energy Center (Section 118)
Directions we took
Brian May's impression of the show is on here
Selected Images from the trip and concert
Setlist from the Show

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Great Little Number. Bush haters will love this.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh GOD it's good to be back in Canada


Dear Speed Stick:

You fucking suck.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Queen,

Gentlemen you rock. Excellent choice in Paul Rodgers. Infact this afternoon I was talking to a guy who claimed to be his neighbour. Tell Paul he says hi.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Paul,

Your old neighbour says hi.

You fucking rock. I loved the Free songs and the Bad Company songs. After hearing "Feel Like Making Love" all I could think about it getting laid. Good work.

Please continue to kick ass with Queen. I'm gonna buy some Bad Company records now.

Sincerely, Pilot
PS - Would it kill you to play some Foghat?

Dear Brian,

Great show. It really drives me that your solo starts out like "Now I'm Here", but that's ok because the show rocked.

By the way, could you please send me a plane ticket to your next gig, I'm the new bass player. John said it was ok. Please read the following transcript :
Dear Pilot,

You can play bass for Queen. Please tell Brian I said it was ok.

Sincerely Deakee
PS : Have you seen my shoes?

I got some great pictures of you, please tell Roger he should sing more.

Have you ever been to the "Largest Ball of Twine in Minnesota"? If not, don't bother, it's a waste of time. Plus you probably won't find parking for the tour bus.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Roger,

You should sing more. You did a good job.

Talk to Brian, he may want me to play bass for the band.

I took some short videos of the show, I hope you don't mind. I'm just keeping them for myself and giving them to half a dozen friends. I'm not even gonna put them on the web. Just some nice pictures if you don't mind.

Please keep rockin!

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Guy at the merchstand.

The brown t-shirt (#5) you sold me while stylish and comfortable was flawed in design and there is now a small hole in the right side at about wrist level.

Fuck You

Sincerely, Pilot
PS- The wrist band is of acceptable quality and style.

Dear online Paul naysayers and setlist pollsters,

Shut the fuck up.

Here's how this goes.

If Queen wants to reunite and hire Paul Rogers to sing, you're gonna let them and you're gonna be happy, wanna know why? Because they've been rocking better than anyone else for 30 years. You haven't.

If Queen want to walk in and play for 20 minutes about how much they love their car, take a nap on stage, play only the bad parts of Dragon Attack, walk off to take a shit, then sit onstage and play crib the rest of the night, you're gonna PAY $150 and you're gonna LIKE IT.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear People in Darwin MN who are involved with the Giant Ball of Twine.

You fucking suck.


Still you did take $5 from me for a mini ball of twine, a pin and a post card.


Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Weird Al

We recently visited "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota" as made famous by your song.

Well that was a waste of two hours.

Sincerely Pilot

Dear Jamie Foxx

Keep Smilin' Brother.

Sincerely Pilot

Dear United Stated of America,

What's with all the goddamn water towers? I mean sure a few, but you've got them within eyeshot of each other. Are you really that commonly in need of a steady water supply.


Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Holiday Inn in St. Paul,


Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Excel Energy Center,

Very Clean.... Alice Cooper should check it out.

Sincerely Pilot

Dear Alice Cooper,

You've been oft quoted in Saskatchewan on the subject of the cleanliness of our stadium in Regina, formerly the Agridome.

Please make a trip to beautiful St. Paul Minnesota and their arena, the Excel Energy Center. I can assure you it's cleaner.

Sincerely, Pilot
PS - You fucking rock.

Dear Security Guard at the Excel Center that tried to nab me for taking video and beleived me when I said I wasn't and I was,

Ha Ha!

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear St. Paul and Minneapolis

You are beautiful. I nearly navigated Corey into a brick wall I was so overcome with your magnificence.

Your pizza places are retarded tho.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear St Paul Pizza places,

What the fuck?

First you're closed, then you don't deliver where I am. jesus we had to call front desk just to get fed. Pizza Hut, you're automated phone system is also retarded.

Shape up or ship out, the people of the Twin Cities deserve better than your lazy asses.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Fargo,


Sincerely, Pilot

Dear hotel at Fargo,

I left some beer in the room. Enjoy, it's a gift.

We didn't fuck with it or anything.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for the gift for the trip. Love ya both!

Sincerely, Jeremy

Dear Fargo IHOP,

Wow. I ordered an omelette, not a last supper feast. I wanted some eggs and cheese, not eggs, cheese, a pound of hashbrowns, a 7 foot stack of pancakes, an oil drum of coffee, 3 hams and a mint.

Why the hell aren't you in the white pages? Corey thinks I hate him now.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Rolling Rock

Good beers man. Keep her up!

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Pabst Blue Ribbon,

Guh! What the Fuck?

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear US side border guard (going in),

Jesus, paranoid much. What were you expecting to find by emptying the money and cards out of my wallet? Drugs? My Communist Card? My pictures of me and Osama eating baby seals?

Well you won't, I left them at home.

If I told you i don't have narcotics the first time, what makes you think I'll say yes the 27th time.

Fuck off

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Canadian side border guard (heading home),

Not bad.

Just one question. Where did you think the beer was? In our asses. 24 cans would be awful snug doncha think?

Where else but the trunk?


Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Duty Free Shop,

Thanks for selling me 24 Moosehead for $14. I'll enjoy those.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Interstate 64

Not bad man. But you got a rough stretch heading West out of Fargo. Wanna get that cleared up? Queen might be heading through that part on the way to my birthday next year.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Everyone,

You're not invited to my private Queen concert in my backyard on my birthday. Only Bootsy is.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Blog Readers,

I got a tonne of pictures at the show and on the trip. I'll get them up ASAP.

No I wasn't prodded, but damn near. It was like talking to a Nazi.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear North Dakota,

What's with all the parking control signs and billboards demanding we "Smile", "Be Grateful", "Be Kind" and so on?

Quit trying to control us.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Minnesota

State of 10,000 lakes? How about state of 10,000 lies? We drove clear across the state. Guess what? We were counting. 14.

North Dakota had 28 and I only counted on the way back.

Grow up.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing me to Queen! Now how about a job?

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Corey,

Thanks for bringing me to Queen! I had a blast. It was a pleasure spending 3 days in close quarters with you.

Sorry about all the snoring jokes.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Laura,

Thanks for letting your husband take me to Queen. And also for letting us use your MasterCard to get the tickets and hotels.

Your husband does not sound well in the night. If I had a horse that snored like that, I'd shoot it and put it out of it's misery. Sweet Jesus. Here I thought someone's been using a jackhammer next door to me all this time. Turns out it was Corey snoring 6 blocks away.

Have you considered homicide? It's ok, I did last night.

Sincerely, Pilot
PS Please don't show this to Corey.

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for taking care of Bootsy. Glad you liked Jarhead. Sorry bout the poo.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear Bootsy,

You really need to quit shitting in the house. We're all getting tired of it. And would it kill you to tidy up around here?

Sorry for leaving you for so long again. I promise next time I leave town I'll try and find someone to babysit you.

Sincerely, Pilot

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing me to Queen! It was a life dream I never thought possible come true. It was the best 2 1/2 hours ever. Finally something to bring me out of my emotional funk for a bit.

Sincerely, Pilot
PS - Would it be a bad time to ask about a job? (and a girl if you could)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ugh. 6 AM


So I worked till 12 last night.. .got home, walked Boots, hot bath, Sherlock Holmes book and still, no sleep till 3:30. My sleep schedule is totally not condusive to a 6AM start. Oh well, coffee will set me right.

So I'm off. No more Canadian posts for a couple days. Corey and I once discussed how we would do a post or two from the road, I still plan on trying. So we could yet see an on location post from Fargo or St.Paul.

Andrew, please feed Bootsy and walk her and let her lick you for like at least 15 minutes a day or her tongue will swell (or so I theorize). I've got some really good movies on top of the TV, help yourself.

See y'all Monday sometime!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Leavin' on a ... car.

So less than 24 hours left till we hit the road. Thanks for the suggestions for other beers to try, I had totally neglected Busch. So I'll try that too. I'll take pictures of each bottle I drink.

If there is one disappointing part of seeing Queen its that I won't be seeing Freddie or John. As we all know Freddie passed about 15 years ago, and John didn't want to have anything to do with the newest incarnation of the band. Regardless, I'm pumped to hear some live Queen songs, and I would have settled for a good tribute band... but this has real members of Queen!

So now, a list of songs I really want to hear Queen play:
- Under Pressure
- We Will Rock You (The panultimate interactive song... I just can't imagine stomping and clapping along with QUEEN)
- Fat Bottomed Girls
- Now I'm Here
- Save Me (My current Queen fav)
- Barcelona (A real fucking long shot here, and without Freddy, why bother, but it would be mind blowing live)
- Melancoly Blues (Again a long shot and without Freddy... well it just wouldn't be gay enough)
- Hammer to Fall (no, not about MC Hammer)
- One Vision (I just really wanna yell out the fried chicken part. I have a yelling food in song fetish... you should hear me belt out the "Chikki Cherry Cola" part in that gay Savage Garden song)
- Livin' On The Edge (Oh I know its an Aerosmith song, but they just cancelled their N. American tour and my travel bud Corey won't get to see them now, so this could be some consolation. Plus this is my fav Aerosmith song, so that would be cool.)

So there ya go, Brain, Roger if you're reading this, your setlist is half done, just sprinkle in some stuff you guys like, smatter on a couple Bad Company songs so Paul will shut the fuck up and you're set.

You're Welcome.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

2 Days to Launch

So I'm leaving for the States on Saturday morning with Corey. Pretty stoked to see Queen and get out of Weyburn for a bit. Got my U$ and my insurance so I'm ready to go. I bought the premium coverage, so if I say suffer a brain aneurism on the way there. they will have to air-lift me to Minneapolis, perform the surgery on the floor infront of the stage and let me see the band after the show. All for $25 Canadian!

Kristie, if you're reading this I'd like you to hear the following statement:

Fuck You

I can't stop listening to Muse because of you. Thank you for ruining my life.

So the trip to Minneapolis/St.Paul will be my first venture into the US since I turned 21. That means I get to try out all those american beers I speak so poorly of. And now, a list of the beers I will try to drink while I'm down there

- Milwakee
- Rolling Rock
- Coors... not light
- Miller Genuine Draft OR EVEN BETTER Miller Draft.
- Sam Adams - all the import stuff you get in Canada tastes like balls were soaked in it.
- Pabst - again with the balls, but with a slight taint aftertaste in Canada.
- Schlitz
- Bass - Always liked this one as an import
- and any others I see... I might even try the american counterpart to Bud,

I just wanna fill up on all those low-alcohol American beers and REPRESENT for us Canadians!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Designers - The Pallette Template Explained

Ok so I hastily posted up my little invention the other day and completely neglected to remember that everyone is an idiot. Just kidding. But I was kind of vague as to what it's used for. This is usable in any graphics program (Gimp, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop), so I'm not gonna give specifics as to the mechanics of using it, just the concepts.

The idea is to use this template when trying to select a colour template for a webpage or some other digital (and possibly print) project. It serves a similar purpose to the painters pallette in which he mixes colours to get his desired look.

Firstly save the image on the left into your work folder (click for the full sized image). It's the newer version. The old one was thrown together hastily and was saved in poor quality, so I reworked it and saved it better. It's the Pilon Pallette Template 1.1.

Now where you get the colours is up to you. You can arbitrarily mix them, use something you've seen that you liked or sample the colours from images. I used it to sample colours from the Rechargeable Future logo, then worked from there. So using a colour sampling tool, sample each colour and use a paint can tool to dump each separate colour into a new box on the top row.

Once you have sampled all the colours you desire you can then find complimentary or contrasting colours using the bottom row. I simply moved the colours from the top row to the bottom and inverted them, but this is optional.

Then you can use the sample tool and the paint can to fill in all the rest of the areas at random or if you like in a specific manner to see how the colours interact with each other. Don't forget that the large black and white background areas can also be filled to simulate the background of a page.

Once you have mixed colours to your liking, you can then use the sample tool in your other design programs (NVU, Inkscape, Dreamweaver, Flash, Director) to sample these colours from the image. I save my final template with my files on my computer and my server so I can readily access them at a later time. My finished pallette based on the logo is the pallette on the right.

If everyone still doesn't understand, well so be it, then I'll use it myself, because I found it quite useful.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ok a few things to say today

Firstly, I'm gonna break my no emotional outbreak rule and say the following... If you drink and drive you are a fucking retarded short dicked (or fat assed) asshole. Did I offend anyone?


So on the way to my post-surgery checkup in Saskatoon today we come upon some of the worst roads I've ever seen. Like ice 2 inches thick. So we're crawling along at say 50 or so and this guy in a white SUV zips past, goes to come back into the right lane, spins out and rolls into the ditch. We pull over, I sprint to the truck to make sure everyone's ok, and as I climb on the truck the door opens and a head pops out, attached to a body wearing a shirt soaked in beer and attached to a hand holding a beer. "Man I am so fucked" is the first thing this dickhead can say to me. It was all I could do not to drop the fucking door on his head right there. I sprinted 400 yards in 20 mph freezing cold wind in a T-shirt because some asshole couldn't wait till he got home to crack his case. IT WAS 11 IN THE FUCKING MORNING! Idiot.

Anyways, the checkup went smashingly, the eye is awesome. The rest of the day was pretty laid back. These trips to Saskatoon with my parents are pretty fun (despite my assasination attempts as recently as last night). I've learned a bunch of stuff about my child hood, about my parents when they were younger and that mom is a ninja and has her 5th degree black belt. Who knew!

To those of you who don't understand my pallette template, I realize I was kinda vague, I was tired and excited about my new invention. I will explain it on here very soon.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but did KENT just post a comment on my blog? I thought that motherfucker was dead! Who knew!

Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm Bono!

If I was in U2, I'd be Bono. I KNEW IT!

Attention Designers - Pallette Template!

Ok kids, so I was working on a pallette for Rechargeable Future tonight and I wanted to kinda have a grid and just ink dropper and paint can out the palette. So I went online and searched for one. No luck at all. So kids I built one. And I'm gonna share it.

I don't know if this is an original invention or not. If it is, then I'd like to put it up and reserve some right to it. You can use it all you want, distribute it all you want, you just can't make any money off the sale or rental of the pic.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ok, So I Still Got It

Ok. What a great afternoon. As i mentioned a few weeks ago, I was drafted into a 50's-70's Rock cover band to play bass. Well we finally got together today to jam and it was awesome.

I had gone and played with these young kids a few months back and they were just terrible and everything we played sounded like shit and they kept looking at me like it was my fault and shit and I was so out of practice I was sure it WAS me and ... well you get the idea.

So her i am with some GOOD players, including my man Alfredo who is probably one of the best musicians I've ever played with... and it just totally gelled. Alfredo even complimented how good I was, a MAJOR thing for me because he's fucking amazing.

So yeah it went really well and I'll be preforming full time with them by about May sometime (perhaps earlier). We're called Old Skool, so check us out if you ever see we're playing.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Magazine Cards

Hello all!

I need a favour from all my local friends and family (Weyburn specifically). I'm working on a weird new ad idea for Rechargeable Future and I need magazine cards. You know those annoying bits that fall out of your magazines when you open them up. The only requirement is that they have the "No Postage Necessary" on the mailing side. Doesn't matter if it's Canada or the US, either is cool. I need them by this Friday at midnight.

You can drop them off to me at Movie Factory or at home.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Good things to Check out

Well I'll be exploring the socially concious side of Pilot's World today. So all you hippie haters, best take a walk.

Firstly, my cousin extraordinaire Kara is participating in the Cancer Society's Relay For Life this year. She wants my poor ass to donate money, but as I am a broke ass, I'm gonna have to do the next best thing. Promote her here and hope some rich millionaire visits the site. Please visit her donation page at and donate money if you are able. The Cancer Society is a good cause and you'll be thankful if you get Cancer. Also I think its a good time to send a shout out to my New Uncle david who is having a bit of a struggle with cancer right now. We're all confident he'll be fine, but it does go to show how much of a reach cancer has.

Got the first advice post up at Rechargeable Future today. I'm kinda embarrassed to admit that I went through all the making of the site then never bothered to thnk of what my first post would be. Oh well, its a really easy challenge so that rules. I started the page using a service called WordPress. I know this is a really powerful service, but I'm having alot of trouble with it right now. Something as simple as adding the code for some of my advertising and counters and stuff is nearly impossible to work with. It is designed to be something you install on your own server though, so once I get the server up and running I should be in the clear. Failing that, I'll just hafta start using another service. One of the advantages of being early in the game. Moving Pilot's World to a new server would be a major undertaking with over 330 posts to port over.

Anyhoo, gonna go get more work done. Remember to turn off a standby appliance today!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sneak Preview

Hires should pay me

For those of you who remember the old "Hires Root Beer" contest, you'll know my unusual facination with this root beer.

Found some cool old retro Hires ads. I added them to my favourites on Flickr for your amusement. Click here to check it out.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Things Could be Worse

Well folks, the eye is doing well. No leads on jobs yet, but I think I'm gonna take this time and chance to put a little push forward for the business and rush a bit of it. I know Shanna will advise me of how unwise this is, but if I keep waiting, it'll never happen.

I'm gonna let everyone know what I'm up to with the business now as I can't keep it secret forever, and I'm about 5 days of solid work away from going live. I'm gonna build an environmental advice and activism webpage. Similar to the now defunct "The Pylon" that I had some hand in last year, this will concentrate on environmental issues. On the site I will also be selling environmentally friendly product as well as working on a local environmental consultation service. Then on from there.. but these two to start with. My only major hurdle right now to having it ready say this weekend is the domain name. I don't have a credit card, so I could be waiting a bit for a cheque to go through so I can set up the domain.

Another big reason I'm trying to rush this thing (beyond my impending under-employment) is that I will be doing some travelling in the next bit. Those travels will allow me ample time to pitch the site. I'll do some iron-transfer T-shirts to wear and a bunch of posters and stickers to put up everywhere... should really get the name around. Those of you who remember me from my band days will know that I'll stop at nothing to whore my product for free.

So stay tuned! I'm probably gonna post a picture of how cool and gross my eye is in the next couple days too. Then I'll reveal it, my company... Rechargeable Future.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Well I'm Back ya'll

Hello Boggerverse!

I'm back in action. After a harrowing sugery yesterday and a long ill night I'm back and well. the eye is a little irritable and sore, but otherwise ok. My sight isn't the best, but i expect it to get better when the swelling goes down. As it is, I can see quite well enought to type this out without any visual aides at all. So that kicks some major ass.

I get to go through it all again in about 2 months.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

OK Let's Sit Down and Discuss this Calmly

One of the major factors I was contemplating giving up Blogging was that sometimes in my passionate fits I'll say shit I don't mean, shouldn't say or misword things. It's caused rifts in some relationships I've had, and I've dragged not only my problems, but others into the limelight. Despite what I want to think, alot of people read this blog, I literally get hundreds of hits a day.

Last night was a prime example of one of those passionate fits and I wrote something I shouldn't have. I had until last night held myself to the rule that once it's written, its in stone and it doesn't change or dissappear. But I think I need to change that outlook a bit. Because last night I was really frustrated with my life and I wrote a post that appeared to be a real attack on two people that have really pulled me through some hard times, showed me that work can be fun and I love them dearly. Corey and Laura, I'm sorry if what I wrote last night came off wrong. It has been deleted forever.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I'll try and explain with a more level head. As we all know I've been living the dream job for the past 4 months or so at Movie Factory. Yesterday Corey and Laura had to do what was probably the hardest thing they'll have to do in business, they had to cut me to part time, effectively removing my ability to live off my earnings here. I know it was a hard decision and I know they feel terrible about it, but they had to do what was right for them and their business.

So I am thinking of moving on. I'm gonna look for work and lodging in Regina I think as I've run short on friends and options in Weyburn. And I need to get out for a year or so, alot of negative stigma has become attached with this little burg for me in the past few months (Kristie affectionately describes it as the armit in the crotch of Saskatchewan.. thanks for the delicious verbal image there). So I'm looking for help y'all, hell I'm begging for it. Leads on jobs, cheap lodging, whatever... gimme a call!

In other news and since I'm gonna end on a positive note and feel good about myself, here is the following three tidbits of news ;

One : Two days till my eye surgery! We're heading to Saskatoon tommorrow and I get the work done on Friday afternoon. I think I'm pretty prepared mentally as I'm more concerned with the fact that I won't be allowed to eat on Friday until like .... 3 or 4 o'clock. The needles and cuts no longer concern me as much... my stomach does.

Two : Just over two weeks left till Queen! Nothing in this world short of a nuclear explosion is gonna stop me from seeing Mother Fucking Queen in MinneFuckingApolis. I swear after the eye surgery and Queen, I'm not sure what my driving desires will be.

Three : I just got hired into a semi-pro cover band to play bass. Granted I'm out of practivce and covers really aren't my thing, but they are really good, so I'm gonna learn alot and I'll be paid, so that's a bonus. Plus I've been working through the set list and the songs are fucking fantastic and I'm really stoked to put my fingerprint on them.

(On and also the business plan is coming along smashingly. I should be able (with adequate time and effort) to start phase one of the company within the next 4-6 months).

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


OK so I've had this one in the draft bin for a while, so I'll quote the old part...
Saw II - scariest movie I've seen

Customer number 666 rented it.

While writing this post, Corey called me to tell me how much Saw 2 sucked... WHILE WRITING THIS."

Ok and the new part.... my last post was 333, not only half way to 666, but also the post where I decided not to quit, but to continue and just post a lot less vigilantly.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pretty Pictureesque

Thanks Mr. B. for the Google Earth idea. Here's the farm on Google Maps

Well at least they're gonna make it into something they don't have many of in the States... a Wal Mart!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Well I'm Just Gonna Be Sick

Jesus. So instead of a sustainable farm in a city, feeding what... 450 people, let's build a WAL MART. I mean CHRIST, gimme a fucking break.

Sorry I'm just sick of it all. Corporate America, thank-you for ruining the planet. I owe you.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

"In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." - from the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What the Hell Pilot?

So where have I been? Quitting that's where. I realized (with one well placed post by my little sister) that I spend too much time on this online log and not enough time advancing my way thorough life. I have a business plan to write then implement, education to consider, a dog to care for, a full time job and a life to live. I spend far too much time blogging and MSNing and not nearly enough time working on the rest of my life. I might even be quitting this thing.

So there you have it.

In response to some of the comments on my last post, both online and in person, I did not write that song. It's called "Save Me" by that marvellous band Queen. My poetry is far less eloquent and way more deperate. And I don't know them big words. It just happens to describe my state of mind better than even I could have.

To close I'm gonna leave you with a quote by a guy who came into the movie factory last week. Several girls walked in and started to say hi to him and he replied, "Why don't you go do something with your hair". BURN!