Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ugh. 6 AM


So I worked till 12 last night.. .got home, walked Boots, hot bath, Sherlock Holmes book and still, no sleep till 3:30. My sleep schedule is totally not condusive to a 6AM start. Oh well, coffee will set me right.

So I'm off. No more Canadian posts for a couple days. Corey and I once discussed how we would do a post or two from the road, I still plan on trying. So we could yet see an on location post from Fargo or St.Paul.

Andrew, please feed Bootsy and walk her and let her lick you for like at least 15 minutes a day or her tongue will swell (or so I theorize). I've got some really good movies on top of the TV, help yourself.

See y'all Monday sometime!


Pilon, A said...

Shw took at shit in your owe me for cleaning that up.

Danny said...

Quit blaming the Dog Andrew

Soulfood said...

Jeremy's 6 years older than you. I'm sure he changed your diaper at least once when you were little.

rob said...

so did you get anally searched? you can tell us if you did, we won't judge you :)

Danny said...

How was the anal search. Did they find anything?? Is that where you hid your meth?? I hope they didn't stop till they reached your teeth.

Pilon, A said...

Also, I was at work by 6 that morning so that might make you feel better.