Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So I've been thinking...

... of bringing a gun to work.

I don't want to shoot anyone or anything. Just something cool to play with when I'm bored. And for the respect.

Plus just think of the conversations that would be started;

"Ok, so you're renting "Out Cold" again, cool. Wanna see my gun?"
"Um you have a gun?"
"Yup, see" (pull out gun)
"Yeah... um... maybe I'll rent something else"
"Hey your choice man. I'll just sit here and polish my gun"

or imagine;
"Hi this is Jeremy from Movie Factory. You rented "Dreamer" Mr Danyluk and it's a week overdue. Could you get that back as soon as possible"
"Yeah sure, I'll see when I can get in"
"Ok, take your time, I'll just sit here polishing my gun"
"You have a gun"
"I'll be there in a minute"
"Hey cool"

Yep, a real conversation starter!

Man. I wonder where I can buy a gun in town.


Pilon, A said...

I can set you up with some nice peices.

Soulfood said...

You can't even spell pieces, much less set him up with any.

Demoncrush said...

The co-op home center is the only place you can buy a gun in Weyburn

Danny said...

Sounds like someone is almost as bored at work as I am. I got an idea start a blog page, wait a second..
Just buy a pistol BB gun or something, more then half of the people in this town are too stupid to realize it aint gonna kill them.

rob said...

be careful jeremy, even saying the words bringing a gun to work will attract attention, did somebody say terrorist?


Life Ruiner's Anonymous said...

Some guy told me the other day he'd bring in all of his dirty needles for needle exchange... so i propose carrying a dirty needle.. hahaha KIDDING. But that would stoke the fear of god.. "So, you have an HIV infected needle?"