Thursday, March 23, 2006

2 Days to Launch

So I'm leaving for the States on Saturday morning with Corey. Pretty stoked to see Queen and get out of Weyburn for a bit. Got my U$ and my insurance so I'm ready to go. I bought the premium coverage, so if I say suffer a brain aneurism on the way there. they will have to air-lift me to Minneapolis, perform the surgery on the floor infront of the stage and let me see the band after the show. All for $25 Canadian!

Kristie, if you're reading this I'd like you to hear the following statement:

Fuck You

I can't stop listening to Muse because of you. Thank you for ruining my life.

So the trip to Minneapolis/St.Paul will be my first venture into the US since I turned 21. That means I get to try out all those american beers I speak so poorly of. And now, a list of the beers I will try to drink while I'm down there

- Milwakee
- Rolling Rock
- Coors... not light
- Miller Genuine Draft OR EVEN BETTER Miller Draft.
- Sam Adams - all the import stuff you get in Canada tastes like balls were soaked in it.
- Pabst - again with the balls, but with a slight taint aftertaste in Canada.
- Schlitz
- Bass - Always liked this one as an import
- and any others I see... I might even try the american counterpart to Bud,

I just wanna fill up on all those low-alcohol American beers and REPRESENT for us Canadians!


Pilon, A said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, from what I hear, it is a myth that American beer has less alcohol content than Canadian beer. I could be wrong. Anyone else know the true facts?

Danny said...

It does have less alcohol content in it. Jeremy try Busch, Hammons, Genesis, and all those other ball sweat tasting beers too.

Shock1156 said...

American beer has half the alcohol content of Canadian me, I've been drinking in the States since I've been 15. Of all the ones you listed, Shlitz is by far the worst. It tastes like carbonated moose piss.

domestikus said...

Dude, Bass is a British beer and it's available in Canada.