Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Need Someone to get Worms for me!

Wow what a great night!

Got a bunch of cleaning done around the house. I've gone kinda granola lately (thanks for the word Rhonda) and it's put me into a different state of mind when I'm cleaning. I've been reading this book on sustainable living that I got at the RSM and I've been trying to apply alot of the principles within. My pinko boss Corey seems to think it's a bunch of hippy crap. He'll get his someday.

So one of the ideas I've gotten from the book is vermicomposting. Basically you get a bunch of these worms and put e'm in a tub with all your plant waste and voila! dirt!. Ok so it might not be THAT easy, but the bottom line is, I've gotten in contact with someone at the U of R that will give me some of these worms, I just need to get them. Perhaps if I go up for the weekend per Rhonda's offer I'll grab them then. If not, it'll wait. There are other weekends.

In other great news, the new CFL schedule just came out. I just finished highlighting all the Rider games and once again the CFL is an idiot. I mean why not book all the outdoor games in the early fall and use the indoor stadiums as much as possible later in the year. Now I know this is harder than it sounds, but could you at least TRY!

Whilst cleaning my house I've come across alot of things I no longer have a use for. I'm giving them away. First on the auction block, a copy of "I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough and Doggone it People Like Me!" by Stuart Smalley(Really by Al Franken). I think I got it for nearly free and it really gave me some insight. Now its time for you to get the same insight!


Wheeling and Dealing

Quite to my amazement, I have sustained signifigantly less casualties than I had expected and suprisingly less than Dave. I figured for sure that I would be getting creamed out of sheer spite.

The community has really taken up arms on this one. Andrew has a agreed to pledge his support to my cause. In exchange he has been named prince and is next in line for the throne should I fall victim to attack or assasination. I have also been courting generals for my army and have engaged at least one.

Shanna has claimed a middle ground, reminicent of the United States involvement in World War II. I'd like to remind Shanna how the US did finally get involved. It was a day that will live in infamy.

In response to Dave's claim that I hate black people, well I think that the facts have been a little skewed. In fact most of my friends are black people. My writings on Shanna's blog were meant in jest and in no way were meant as an attack on those of different lineage than me.

Dave on the other hand has shown several homophobic tendencies. Included are his mockery of the gay community, the banner he made for Andrew's banner contest insinuated that being gay was a shameful thing and even this photo is a blatant mockery of the gay community. I on the other hand love gay people. Most of my friends are gay.

Tune in tommorrow, Andrew and I are starting a new exposee to help educate the entire blogging community,

Monday, January 30, 2006

Clearing up some confusion

So, it seems I was a bit unclear with how to play this little battle out. Each "vote" that you make to the right counts as a casualty to that persons army.

So when I vote for Dave, I am killing one of his brave, but completely brainwashed soldiers. This way we can tell who has the most casualties... but perhaps not who's winning (see War in Iraq).

I tried to clarify the form a bit.

Congrats to Shanna for winning Andrew's Contest! I was trying, but completely unsucessful in that contest. If it had been a contest of wits, I would have won hands down.

I'd also like to make a mention of a blog I found through the Sask Blog Aggregator. It's called Arco-lo-gist and is by a nice young lady named Laura. She talks about self-sufficiency and alternative fuel sources. This has been a topic of much discussion among a few of my friends of late, so I started a dialogue with her about it. Jeff and anyone else interested should go check out her page.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Dave of CCCP (damn commie) has accepted my declaration of war and hostilities will commence shortly. I am advising all visitors to Dave's blog to return home untill such time as it is safe again. I will be beginning with a "Shock and Awe" attack that should destroy much of the support he has.

How do you the blogging community get involved in this battle for YOUR leadership? Simple, on the right is an olive green box with two choices. If you wish to fight for my side, click on "Attack Dave-CCCP" if you wish to vote for that cowardly puppy beater Dave click on "Attack Pilot-Pilot's World".

Dave made his first attack appealing to the nerds and Star Wars geeks out there. What he never counted on was the AWESOME POWER OF BOOTSY!

Now really what kind of heartless person could attack such a face? DESTROY ALL DAVIDIANS!

Post Number 300

When the Simpsons did their 300th Episode, they had skateboard legend Tony Hawk do a guest appearance. I don't know any legendary skaters, and my skills on a board are negligible at best (although better since I greased my bearings). But in honour of this forgettable event, I kicked some skaters out of the store today.

I sent and official declaration of blog war to Dave last night based on the comments on his blog. I'm regretting it already. As it is, I have no time to work on the redesign of Pilot's World, let alone with a raging blog battle to wage. I was actually planning on taking the site offline for a couple weeks while I worked. Add to it the fact that I'll lose this battle because all of you will want me to lose, and well, I'm screwed.

AH WELL IT'S GONNA BE FUN! He just has to accept my declaration. If not, my title is secure for the moment.

Incidentally, I've also been considering declaring hostilities against Steve, but I don't know if I'm armed to do battle on two fronts, so I'll just take on Dave for the moment and use some diplomacy with Steven. We do have some agreements together and I'm not really willing to sacrifice them just yet.

I'm also working on some new features for the blog. One of my ideas is to follow a chain of lesser known "artsy" films. I've been watching alot of movies like Chumscrubber, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Broken FLowers of late and I'm always intrigued by the previews. I'm gonna start chasing down more of those flicks and checking them out. I love watching them.

The other idea invloves exposee work. I am currently getting assistance from Andrew and Steve for these projects. I will TEACH and LEARN from these two projects. Look for Andrews to start in the coming week.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

SaskBlogs : Redux

So Lance of the Sask Blog Roll fame e-mailed me tonight asking for a pitch of the new Sask Blogs Aggregator. Since I neither know what an aggregator is, nor do I care, I'm gonna call it the Sask Blog Webpage. See how easy that was?

No but really, this is a great page and if I ever get the time, I'm gonna steal the code he uses there and set up a simmilar page for our little crew as the demand has been quite high from some in the peanut gallery.

So check out the page at http://www.catprint.ca/saskblogs/"

Incidentally, my next post is #300 on Pilot's World. Booh Yah!

Friday, January 27, 2006

All that Blog King Paperwork

Well first of all, it has come to my attention that Steve is trying to take my blogging crown away.. and Dave is trying to usurp Steve. I'd like to say that MY POSITION AS KING OF THIS BLOGGING CIRCLE IS ABSOLUTE! Are you not happy with my rule? I made the trains run on time! I LET YOU EAT CAKE! Anyways.. enough of all this stealing my rule talk. I'll let it pass this time, next time, I'm beheading someone. (How's THAT for assertiveness DAVE).

Nathan, formerly of Subablomic fame has moved his blogging attention to a new project and a new blog, both entitled Intermedia 380. So I might as well send you all over there for a look.

Finally, this ruling of my blog community is getting a little lonely. If anyone can find me a suitable queen, I would look very favourably on you. I'm thinking brunette, but I've had my fun with blondes in the past too. I'm also very partial to redheads. Ladies... I'm single, I can cook, I get free movies, and I know all the words to "Whoomp There it Is!". Applications can be made in person or by e-mail to jeremy.pilon(at)gmail.com

Brushing Elbows With the Rich and Famous

That title is gonna seem like a huge overexageration in a minute. In fact I'd hafta say, every word in it is a lie.

So last night I'm closing up shop and I pop on to MSN to see what Rhonda had planned with the stuff I forgot in Regina on the weekend. I talked to her breifly about guitar stuff and suddenly an invitation to join my list pops up out of nowhere. I make an assumption that another one of my friends has been given my MSN so I accept.

It turns out it is the wife of the Souris Moose Mountain Green Party candidate, Matthew Smith. She was Googling her husband and stumbled across this page. Then I guess she did some deducting and found my MSN. Pretty sweet.

So we had a chat about movies, music, politics and south-east Saskatchewan. Anyways, it was cool to find out that my blog has reached a bit of an audience. It also disturbs me that I'm searchable. Next thing it'll be Mike Haukness MSNing me and telling me I'm an asshole. Now that would be cool.

I did forget to ask her one thing though. In the first post mentioned him, I said he'd be the kind of guy to bring home to your mom. I should have asked her if that was ever a problem.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm in Love with a woman from a Scientology Film

Ok Kids. Listen up.

You in the back, shut the fuck up and listen, this is important.

All of you who have seen the film "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and didn't find anything wrong with it, please report to your nearest brainwashing reversal center.

I find it quite amazing the number of my friends who claim to have seen this movie and didn't notice that this film was awfully high budget for a documentary on "physics". And also, the women in this movie are at least 17 levels hotter than anything a real physicist could get.

Add to that that the "science" presented in this film is the book "Dienetics" by L. Ron Hubbard presented in a flashy, sexy package and you have the making of a real problem.

Come on people, a movie with a deaf person and she's not struggling with her handicap. That's not Hollywood, that's some kind of crappy kids show.

This movie is worse than the last Ernest movie. Way worse. I can laugh at Ernest. I can't laugh at Scientology.

Not even a bit.

Monday, January 23, 2006

This Just Goes to Show : Democracy Doesn't Work!

This is ridiculous. Well thank YOU Canada, you've officially ruined the lives of me and eveyone in Canada. Thanks.


Thanks to Shanna for setting up the ultra-fun MSN Chat party.

Well I'm off to smoke weed, fuck men and get some free health care before I can't. Hell might as well practice my freedom of expression and free air while I'm out there.


Ok I made it

Allright, I've voted. They really leave you no room to write in the Bloq vote, but I think I managed it. I was gonna eat my ballot, but I gave it a trial lick and it tasted terrible, so I passed. No seriously, I don't know if it's the stink of corruption coming off the Liberal section, the bitter taste of defeat coming off the NDP and Green Party parts or the bad taste that Tories leave in my mouth, but that peice of paper was the most disgusting thing I've ever licked.



I forgot to f-ing VOTE. Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok. Don't panic. Corey is gonna come by tonight and give me a break. I should call up one of the party offices and see if I can get a ride or something.

I'm gonna take a real break in the trend of my blog and say something. I'm not gonna tell you the reader who to vote for. I've decided, so have all of you hopefully. I'm not gonna tell you who not to vote for. And I'm not gonna tell you not to vote. I think it is your right to and not to. Making a concious decision not to vote is not agreeable to me, but it is a message and it is part of being in a free democracy. We can't force that on others. We can have opinons on it.

I do want to say that I think Canada has made some tremendous steps ahead in human rights and freedoms (especially gay rights and aboriginal issues). I think Canada is making positive moves towards a cleaner, greener world. I think Canada has made some good, but not great decisions involving third world poverty. I feel Canada made its presence well known on the world scene by abstaining from the Iraq war.

I think that whoever gets in power must realize this progress. Please. This is a great, wonderful nation. Please people of Canada, take your nation back from the politicians. We are a good, intelligent people. We are peaceful, clean and friendly. Vote for whatever party you must, they all have their benefits. But please make sure that when you wake up tommorrow morning you will be proud of what Canada will be.

In conclusion, can someone come by Movie Factory around say 6 tonight and give me a ride to the polling station?

PS! Dammit, just about forgot. My sister Shanna is having en Election MSN party tonight. Now I'm sure the supreme court would just about tear out our asses if they found out. Anyways, I'm gonna be in on it. If you too would like to show up, her MSN address is on her page here... I won't print it more than it needs to be.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Go On Head : CLEAR UP!

Well kids, I'm back. The following is a list of apologies:

1 - Dave, sorry I didn't hit you up for lunch on Sat. I tried to call you, but I had forgotten your number and 411 gave me some oriental guy. Also I'm sorry for helping to pay the bill you ran out on at Triffons on Thursday night.

2- Kristie and Rob and Jeff - sorry for getting sick so early on Thurs. Hope I didn't kill the party too much. In repayment, have some of the beer I left in the fridge. It's Japanese and excellent.

3 - To you the Blogging public, sorry for not posting. I was too busy partying and having too much fun. Way too much.

So I got into Regina at like 8:30, the bus ride was totally uneventful. Got in and Rob was waiting for me to drive me to alcohol and good times. A man was yelling about a sandwich at the bus stop. He seemed quite upset.

Went to Rob's breifly then over to Triffons where I ran upon Dave, Amanda, Kristie, Jeff... some guy and... um yeah. We were very hungry and as a result had to drink many pitchers of beer to get the free nachos. Dave and Amanda told me all about their ----- --- ------ ------ ------ --- --------- --- -------- -- -- -- ----. I wasn't that shocked.

Many homosexual moments occured.

We went home, I partied a little too hard and crashed.... in bed... well couch.

Woke up Friday and Jeff and I worked on his PC (to limited success... Jeff, Nathan figures the drive probably was fucked). Then we did some shopping and running around, and hung out the rest of the afternoon, got beer, ordered pizza and had a "poker night". A quick game, which you will all be proud to learn I won. Big. I'm buying a goat farm with the winnings. I am very, very rich.

Too bad we didn't play with money.

Much discussion and world-problem solving followed.

The next morning, Jeff, Rhonda and I woke up, went to Pavlos for breakfast (arguably one of the best cups of coffe I've ever had) then went to the "RCM" (thank you NATHAN) and saw the dioramas, listened to Rhonda's cell phone ("that funky monkey"), blew off Dave, found out we had been calling some Asian instead of Dave, placed toy dinosaurs in highly compromising sexual positions, convinced a 4 year old that we indeed were kids (and perhaps we were/are), and offered to toss a young child in with MegaMunch. He still scares the hell out of me. Though I remember him being bigger.

Then I went off to Nathan and Ashley's where I was treated to an excellent steak supper (and the best goddamn mashed potatoes I've ever eaten). Rob and Kat stopped in for a bit and the night ended with Nathan and I staying up all night smoking, lighting things on fire and sharing old war stories. Amazing the things you can sometimes learn about an old friend when you haven't seen him in a while.

Then up early this morning... some confusion and knocking Kristie around, and I was back on the bus and headed back home to work.

I've got a tonne of pics I'll put up maybe tonight, but more likely tommorrow. Really looking forward to getting home for a shower, clean clothes and Bootsy. Not sure how I'm gonna handle a week away from her this summer on the canoe trip. Really don't think the trip would be too condusive to a hyper-active Beagle.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Why Blogging helps

Well I must say this blog has really helped me put the trip together. Too bad I'm a moron.

Ok so to clarify,

I'll get into Regina at the bus station at 8:30
somehow I'm gonna get to Triffons on Kramer sometime after that.
Around 9:20-9:30 Jeff and Dave and various others should show up to drink/eat/smell funny.

everything gets blurry after that.

Come on out to Triffons if you're in Regina. We'll be discussing the following topic :
"Chuck Norris is the only known animal to have an opposable thumb, on his penis."

Preparation for the Apocalypse (aka my visit to Regina)


So i'm geting ready for the big trip. All the usual stuff, making sure I have everything packed (which I'm sure I don't), getting the blog ready for remote posts, making sure there's someone to feed Bootsy, finding some 2 dollar bills to pick up hookers with, making sure i have some sort of itinerary for the trip.

Here is my tentative schedule so far (VERY subject to change).

Thursday :
Leave work around 6. Stop by bank quick and get my finances ready for the trip. Hop over to the bus station, buy a ticket, get on the bus. Gel.
Get into Regina around 9:30, hop a cab to Triffons Pizza. Meet Jeff there at 8:30, hopefully meet someone else there before then.
Drink, be merry.
Crash (probably at K,R & J's)

Friday :
unspecified time : stumble to bathroom, puke/pee.
return to couch/floor/floor beside toilet

Friday :
wake up.
Go to stores with Jeff? Get some shopping stuff done by myself at least.
Find someone to go to the Museum of Natural History (or whatever the fuck its called now) or Science Center or Leg with me.
Evening : poker at Kristies

Saturday :
wake up.
clean up puke around couch/floor/floor around toilet.
wake up.
get the rest of the way back to couch/floor/floor around toilet
wake up.
wake up
wake up
clean up puke again, get drink of water
puke up water

fend off screaming and accusations from my hosts.
Put pants back on
Apologize to Rob for violating him
maybe do some more sightseeing.
Be at nathan's before 3:00
Go to McKenzie with Nathan and Ash (and whoever else wants to go.. Kat I beleive you showed interest)

Puke a little less... I hafta catch the bus at 11:00 (leaves at 11:20)
Get back into town at noon... hope I can handle work
go home.
send off e-mails of apology.

So there we have it. definetly some full days. I of course hope I don't get THAT messed up so that I can enjoy some full days. But I make no guarantees.

See y'all there!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some cool places to be...

Ok folks first of all I'd like to make yet ANOTHER new blog announcement. My handsome and GENEROUS boss at the Movie Factory has hisself a blog now. It's called Tales From the Punchbowl. Now go visit it now because you'll forget after you see the next link I'm gonna give. go on, I'll wait. No, serious, make sure you comment and everything. I said my choice was Tico.

Ok Back?


What was your choice? Oh. Well. Ok.

Ok so the next page is so AWESOME that I'm not even gonna describe it or title it or anything. Just click on the * below.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pilot's World - Reconstruction

Ok, so I decided to finally get off my duff and rebuild this place. I've hooked up with some pretty sweet free hosting and am working on a brand new interface for Pilot's World. I've got concepts and ideas, but not real beginning point or visualization of what I want.

I've started the site in earnest here:


I know I have a due date listed, but I think I'm gonna blow it because my first few ideas have totally tanked. I was firstly gonna create a 3D webpage, but the 3D internet has actually REGRESSED from where it was a couple years ago, so that's a no-go. I do want the page to be very interactive up to and including elements that can be dynamically changed by visitors and seen by others. I dunno... it stems from an online/gallery project idea I've had that I'd like to test on the page... have cyberspace affect reality and reality affect cyberspace. I'm thining webcams and shit will be involved.

I do know one thing. I will not be designing for out of date browsers on this one. If you are still one of those using Internet Explorer, please click the blue Firefox link to the right and install Firefox. If that is not your preference, Opera is also a good peice of software. Both are free.

Maybe I need to brainstorm more. It's a world.. the freat thing about worlds is you can interact with them, affect them, learn from them, discover things in them and hide in them. This is my goal for the Pilot's World redesign.

Monday, January 16, 2006

well I have somewhere to Sleep!

Spent a pretty laid back day today. Had it off from work, so I just gelled, played some PS2, watched movies and went downtown with Andrew. I need his help on a Blog expose I'm gonna do when I get back from Regina, so I got him on board that.

Jeff and I stayed up to all hours of the night discussing and idea we've had for a few months. Not sure the idea will ever see the light of day, but dammit, I'm gonna try and make it happen.

I realize that a few posts ago I sounded kindof ungrateful for the support I've gotten these past few weeks. I didn't intend for it to come out that way, but re-reading it, that's exactly how it came out. Sorry about that folks, I appreciate the comments, just didn't feel like any that night.

Seems that the more popular this damn thing gets the more often I run upon controversy. Most of it is just the fact that I type/post stuff on a spur. I don't think about the concequences. I have one friend/couple that I manage to offend or piss off on basically a monthly basis. I never mean to, I love them both dearly, but it sometimes comes out that way. You know who you guys are. Sorry.

And what elese do I need to clean up... oh yes, Shanna, I'm gonna fix the link to Pilots Millions, the one posted is wrong.

Hmm... that's all for now I think... maybe I'll have more apologies later. But I doubt it.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pilot's World on the road again!

Ok folks! So I'm gonna do another Pilot's World road trip. Nothing as extravigant as Saskatoon. Nope, this time, I'm goin' to Regina.

So what does this entail? Well here's my plans / to-do list.

- Leaving Thursday night from Weyburn on STC bus... come back Sunday morning.
- Find somewhere to stay the 3 nights I'll be in town (any takers.. all I need is a couch!)
- Maybe (MAYBE) find rides at least to and from the bus station.
- Coffee or more with Nathan, Rob, Dave, Kristie, Kim.
- Poker @ Kristies?
- Hard, HARD gay sex with Rob (Kristies Rob). And I'm not receiving so don't ask.
- Go to a tourist attraction in Regina. I'm thinking the Leg, RCMP Barracks, McKenzie or something else. Leg or RCMP are my preferences, but I'm open to ideas.
- Hit a few downtown shops and get some things I need.
- Get ALL fucked up.
- Promote the shit out of the TRI PROVINCE ADVENTURE CLUB forum and engage in some dialogue about the canoe trip.
- Find someone to love... ok maybe not that one.

Anyways I'm gonna send e-mails out to the concerned parties as well, but I figured while I was bored at work I'd let everyone know.

Also I got a new digital camera this week that I'm really itching to take for a run.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Fristly, I'd like to invite my friends who are you know... of the just beyond highschool group... um... yeah I think you know who you are... anyways, go to the Tri-Province Adventure Club Forum and start posting. The 2006 Canoe trip is beginning its planning and I'd like to hear from y'all as well as getting some outdoors stuff started. Rhonda, I assume you're welcome in this group now since you let us party at your house... check out the site and join up... AND POST! I'll try and get more stuff up as I go along.

Second, I'm fixing Pilot's World goddammit. I know I have a holy-rolling shitload of broken links, mistakes and old stuff I need to clean up. I was thinking of a new look too, but waddya think? I kinda like the girls...

Third, Andrew and Steve, I'd like to get started on our "ideas" for future blog projects. I've spoken to both of you about them, Andrew I wanna start yours next week if possible. Steve, next time you're in town for a while.

Fourth, I know I really need to get going on some of the other parts of Pilot's World, perhaps this coming month will be time. I know I want to get up a "Bootsy" Calendar and some more merch that no one will buy. I put the Pilot's World webcam back up... who knows how long that will stay up, but hey for now, you can see my mess.

Finally, I'm still feelin' pretty down on myself... I really don't want any comments trying to make me feel better about that, it's just the fact... I think you all should know, I don't want you to do anything about it. I'm trying to keep myself busy and content, but I still have my down times, so please bare with me.

Friday, January 13, 2006


OK so I'm finding a few predominant trends. One, people ignore my blog unless I talk about politics. Two people really don't read what I write.

Ok, I'm kidding. But not totally.

I'd like to explain my switches a little more. Firstly the reason I went to NDP. My riding is notoriously conservative in Federal politics. We're always pretty fond of saying we're the most conservative corner of the most conservative province in the country. As a result historically we never even had a Green Party candidate. I wanted to get fully behind a "small L" liberal party and with little other choice, I threw my support behind the NDP. Thus my application for the NDP. (Incidentally, they had to resend me a form, and I never sent the cheque off, so he he... I never realy became a member).

Then I saw who the NDP had "selected" for their representative in this riding. Now I realise he was chosen by default.. but CHRIST... this guy...

Now I'm all for long-haired, pot smoking hippies, hell most of my friends are, and I'm working on the long haired part for myself. But I want to know that my candidate is going to be able to speak for me in the house. This guy was falling asleep at the debate! The NDP has a great party and a good leader, but if it means having this guy represent me, I'll pass. Sorry Mike Haukness, I'm gonna sit this one out.

Now let's take a look at Green Party candidate, Matthew Smith. Now this is the kind of guy you'd like to take home to your parents!

At the debates in Weyburn and Estevan he rocked the house. He knew his stuff, was well spoken and ... drumroll please ... he stayed awake for the whole thing!

Now I know, the Green Party is very commited to environmental reform, but so is the NDP. And those who think that the Green Party is a one issue party hasn't read their platform lately. Concerns about privacy, government reform, healthcare, fiscal responsibility, equality issues (aboriginals, women, minorities, Quebec), are all prominently featured in their platform.

Basically though, I'm voting for my riding, not for the party. I never was a fan of party politics and if I'm gonna vote for the man who can represent me best, I feel it's Matthew Smith.

In conclusion. Vote Bloq!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Uh Oh!

Oh like I didn't see this coming. I'm switching parties.

So our riding actually got a green party candidate, Matthew Smith. Apparantly at this weeks all-candidate meeting in town, he was by far the better spoken of all the candidates present.

In addition my "beloved" NDP chose a worthless pothead, who's previous political experience is getting 6 votes in a race for Mayor of Estevan. Apparantly he was actually NODDING OFF during the debate. An unprofessional look and a complete lack of knowledge on his parties platforms make him an obvious no-choice. I like the NDP, but this guy can't represent my riding in parliament.

It's funny how many people I talk to are going Green. I've voted Green historically, and I'm finding that more and more people are jumping on the band wagon. It won't be long before the Greens are given that spot in the national debates.

Oh and I agree with Shanna, Western Canada needs more BQ representatives.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Monday, January 09, 2006

Pursue your distractions and the rest may follow

Ok so after that post yesterday I got practically obsessed with looking at the old canoe trip stuff and getting it online and all. I also e-mailed Rob about the next trip (still waiting on a reply) and wondered about starting the planning myself.

Then well hell, I did the rest of that countdown code, fixed some things on the webpage and got started on the audio for today's post. Guess I just needed to fufill my distraction.

Anyways, you can check out the canoe trip audio at My Ourmedia Page (canoe audio 1-10). VIEWER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED. My God I do not want to hear about what a racist I am, this is FARCE people. Laugh at it.

In other news, there has been a rap battle raging at dan's Ralph Wiggum is My Hero blog. Check out some of the great rhymes and a few stabs by yours truly.

Losing my Passion

Man you know a while back when I made a webpage/worked on a media project, nothing would stop me from seeing a project through. Including sleep. Now I spend 10 minutes trying to put a countdown to Queen up on the page and I give up. Now I should totally be able to get this thing to work, I'm just totally lethargic.

In addition I was gonna work on the Movie Factory webpage today (make it more than just a blog) and I'm just at a mental wall. I have an idea how I want to set it up and organize it, but visually. Not a clue and so... I gave up. Like a puss.

I could really use a beer... because the 6 I've had already today weren't enough.

Seriously there's something wrong with me, I can't even play one videogame for more than like 15 minutes.

Anyway, I want to leave you all with a picture that sort of shows where my mind has been of late. And I think a few others have had their minds there the past couple weeks.

And heck another little treat, some videos of where the o'l noodles' been (video 1, video 2). Enjoy!

For y'alls viewing pleasure tommorrow... the soundfiles from the canoe trip. SHIIIIIT!

EDIT : Ok so I figured out what I was doing wrong, so you can all count down the seconds, minutes, hours and days left till I go to see QUEEN! As an added bonus I finally fixed my online status script so you can actually tell when I'm online now.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pizza, Beer, Football

I'm goin' for a good ol' American Sunday of pizza, beer and NFL football. Now I know its not my beloved Canadian Football League with it's confusing eccentricities and small league base, but DAMMIT I'M HAVING FOOTBALL WITHDRAWL!

Besides as I think I mentioned before I'm gonna get into the NFL one of these years. The Packers could stand another fan couldn't they?

Saturday, January 07, 2006


So I got this e-mail today about how terrible it is to have kids or something. Anyways the moral of the story is apparantly if you mix Clorox and break fluid, you can make a shitload of smoke.

Now this sounds like a fun thing to do with my Saturday off.

Any interested parties or people with ideas should send me a note or get ahold of me.

Also it seems I've been convinced I should put the SaskBlogs blog roll on my site. Now I'm all for cluttering up my blog more, but I just wish I could do it with a link. But I think its a good idea, and it gets me some promotion, so hell I'm gonna do it. Check out some of the quality sites to the right and have some fun with some Saskatchewan flair! Happy 100 Saskatchewan!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

And in Reply to Rhonda....

Ok folks this won't make sense unless you read Rhonda's blog "Rescue Regina"... so head on over there and read the post "Pilot's Revenge". Go on, I'll wait.

Done yet. Oh sorry...


So Rhonda likes to reply to my blog on hers, which is cool because I read hers enough that I catch those replys. Hell she even replied once to a conversation I had with Jeff. Now that's fucking devotion to a craft!

So anyways, although I replied on hers (because no one ever does and her posts DESERVE a fucking reply dammit, their good why if I .... sorry) I'm gonna post it here as well.

"Jeff, if you read this, I'm falling in love with your girlfriend... sorry.

Rhonda, thanks for the supportive words. Once again, my friends and family are getting me through. And Nintendo, you're right.... Nintendo is the answer.

In the short time I've known you, you've been able quite adeptly to put at least my relationship in perspective. Maybe its your outside view of things, who knows, but what you said to me at the Inn party, while kinda painful at the time, carried me through the first week or so and has been the basis of me working through this.

The bottom line tho, like you've said and everyone else has, is keep busy and it'll pass. Heck I know that even. It's not gonna stop me from feeling sorry for myself. Hell no! What kinda person would I be if I forgot the love of my life that quickly. A damn heartless one that's what kind!

Anyhoo, thanks again, and Bootsy (my pup) says ... I think "hi".... it involves her tongue in my ear and nostrils, so I think its good. "

Also I think I'm gonna write a rap album, I need some girls to make sex sounds on some of the tracks (the ones where I'm not talking about capping a niggah)... if you guys know of any, drop me a line.

Giving Back

Thanks for the kind comments on last nights blog. I was having a rough night... actually been having a rough few days. Sorry about all the bitching, but I supose that comes with my situation.

Anyways I wanna give something back to everyone, and in lieu of the fact that I can't get this working for myself, I'd like to let you all know about it. A few weeks back, Nathan asked/suggested the idea of a central page where everyone's blog is listed and is dynamically updated when a new entry is entered. Now I've really slipped since I earned my doctorate in Internet Programming, but hey I still know how to steal everyone else's work!
Check out Bloglines (http://www.bloglines.com). I suggest you sign up for your own account and then add the blogs you prefer (its really quite easy). If you're too lazy for that, you can check out my Blogline at http://www.bloglines.com/public/PilotsWorld.

Now instead of going through a list of 200 blogs everyday like I do, you can just check your bloglines account for new entries. You can also use it to subscribe to news and information sites. Check out the help files for more info!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This Rollercoaster ain't stoppin!

You know what's really throwing me a loop with this whole breakup thing? The emotional rollercoaster I'm going through. I'll go from regret to hate to simple mental shutdown to total anxiety attack.

Maybe I need Valium.

Videogames help a bit. I think a full frontal lobotomy would be better. I'm not looking forward to having to talk to her this weekend and exchange each others stuff.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Yet MORE New Blogs

Gotta love the holiday times (weeks off, summer holidays). People have time to start blogs so they do. Well this one actually has nothing to do with the holidays. It has to do with the fact that my old buddy from the Inn is stuck back on nights at front desk. So I told him to start blogging. And start blogging he has. At the pace he's set, he'll lap me in blog posts in like .... 3 months.

Check out his site at Ralph Wiggum is My Hero (http://ralphwiggumdotcom.blog.com).

Another new site that I think has very little to do with holiday availiability is Lauras. Laura is one of my bosses at the Movie Factory and is a local celebrity. She does news on AM 1190. Thus instant celebrity. Anyhoo, Laura's blog has actually been up for a while, i just never really realized she was keeping up with it. But she is, so here's the link, Laura at The Life and Times of the Radio Girl.

And for Laura who likes looking at pictures of Bootsy, here's a picture of Bootsy .. . .

I swear I'll add all of ya to my blog roll soon....

Monday, January 02, 2006

A bit confused!

I must admit, I'm at a bit of a dilema right now. I have 2 - 1/2 hours left till work.. and I'm not feeling the usual dread and chest pain I usually feel. I'm not already looking forward to getting home.

Can this be possible? Can i really like my job, or possible love it.

My God.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Why Rhonda's Party Sucked

Well here we are, the first day of the new year. And my first Blog for 2006. Had a great time last night and we're having some fun playing Medal of Honor. I hijacked Rob's laptop again. I think on a laptop and on a Mac were two of my "need to blog on" list so that's cool.

So we went to Rhondas for new years and well, let me tell you, we had some good times. This is why I had to title this entry as I did. As we were leavign everyone was saying their thank yous and "Great PARTY!"'s I had to be different and told Rhonda her party sucked and that I was gonna tell people that. So here we are.

Bought a PS2 yesterday and THUG and some sort of mixer game. Looks like it could be something cool. Anyways, that's it from this peanut gallery.