Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Election Stuff Again!

Hey all! Got a great bit of feedback from theat post a couple days ago, and hey I've started a discussion! Woo hoo!

So it seems most people think my idea of joining a party is a bit extreme in many cases, fine by me, politics is about not agreeing with people. I feel that people were re-stating something I thought I had said, and that was, do your research. So I'll say it again for clarity sake. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Please know what your opinions are and who best fits those opinions before making any choice in the election being it to vote, abstain from voting or joining a party.

Also a good point that was brought up by Shanna of all people about the Green Party and other small parties like that is that a vote for these parties is not a wasted vote. The more votes a party sees in an election, the more funding they get and the more likely they are to be included in things like the debate. I too proudly marked an X beside my Green Party candidate when I lived in La Ronge last year, but due to the absense of a candidate in my riding, I'll go with my next choice. Rob also makes a good point that much of joining a party is simply fundraising for that party, but I feel even by putting my measly $7 in, i'm making my vote more than an X, I'm helping my voice be heard, $7 more.

For those of you not as interested in making the big plunge to party membership or even dedication to an ideology, you undecided voters out there, I leave a good option. The CBC has an Election 2006 page with up to date news on the coming election. This page in conncetion with the webpages of the primary parties (NDP, Tories, Liberals, BQ) should be a good place to help you make a decision.

Finally, I'm gonna leave you with the wisdom of my father. Although alot of people have disagreed with this wisdom when I've presented it, I think it's good and it's my blog so I'm gonna say it dammit. If election day comes and you think that no party is good, and you want to vote for no one, show up to the polling station anyway. Get that little ballot and destroy it (generally by putting a black mark over all names). You will be exercising you right and responibility to the democratic process without contributing to a choice you don't beleive in. People fought and died years ago so we could have the freedom to vote, don't let your indecisiveness get in the way of exercising that freedom.

That's enough from this member of the peanut gallery... it's open for you guys now....

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Corey's Staff Picks

Ok, so Corey wanted me to post his staff picks. He got mine right away and insisted that this week's was too easy. I digress... but hey his was harder. So Corey this is for you...

Indiana Jones : The Temple of Doom
The Lost World : Jurassic Park
Vanilla Sky

It only took me 3 hours and the IMDB to get this one. I'll get you next time Corey, NEXT TIME!

Election Time!

It's election time again, and that means... a pain in the ass. But the democratic process is important and to paraphrase my sister, we all need to do our research and get involved. I've actually taken a step in the right direction by joining a political party for the first time. i am now a member of the New Democratic Party of Canada. i had thought of joining the Green Party, but I wanted to be part of a party that has a voice in the house and has a representative in my riding.

I encourae all my readers to do their research and if they know who they will be voting for, please join that party. I'm less interested in who you vote for, rather, that you vote. it only cost me $7 to join hte NDP, the green party is only $10 and the cost is tax deductible. I've include links below to information on how to join most (if not all) the federal political parties. If missed any, let me know, i'll post them.

Green Party of Canada -
New Democratic Party of Canada - $7 (26 and under) $10 (26+)
Liberal Party of Canada - Contacted them via e-mail $5-$10
Conservative Party of Canada - $10
Bloc Quebecquois - server error, but they're working on it. Hey I understand French!
Canadian Action Party - $5 Student, $10 regular
Christian Heritage Party of Canada - $25 for 3 year membership
Communist Party of Canada - Under Support/Join - no dues listed.
Communist Party of Canada (maxis-Leninist) - awaiting information
Freedom Party of Canada - $10
Grey Party - No information on website and was unable to contact by e-mail
Libertarian Party of Canada - $10
Marijuana Party of Canada - Free!
Progressive Canadians Party - $10
Western Block - $10

There are a few other parties, but those are the ones currently registered with Elections Canada. So there's the info you need. I've contacted several of the parties for more info, so I'll keep you posted when that information comes in. Be sure you visit their webpages and understand their platforms before joining and I'll see you at the Polls in January!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Staff Picks - Nov 29, 05

Well a week has gone by already and only one person got the answer. And no Mark, it wasn't you! Andrew got it after visiting me at the store. The bonus movie was "Stealing Sinatra" which is a dead giveaway as to the theme, Frank Sinatra. The Manchurian Candidate is the original as is Guys and Dolls, which stars ol' blue eyes, All the Way and Stealing Sinatra are both about kidnapping Frank, Oceans 11 is a remake of the Sinatra Classic. Tough Luck Y'all!

This weeks picks are even harder to decode. Frankly I'll be suprised if anyone gets it. My staff pics for this week are ;
Connie and Carla
Dog Day Afternoon

Best of luck y'all! I'm trying to get free rentals for the first person to find the link, but I'm not too sure the bosses are up to the challenge! That's for you Corey!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Well wouldn't ya know it!

Ho w about this. My fat ass has been trooped around on the sask. government webpage as an entry for the centennial photo contest. Rob took this picture this summer on the canoe trip. Pretty cool photo, though I think there were better pictures in his reel. But what do I know.

Check the pic out here.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thursday, November 24, 2005

You KNow...

It's not like I don't have anything to blog about. It's just that I really don't feel like it lately. I've got material on UNO, Bootsy and some new features that are coming to Pilot's World.

But frankly I'm too busy and tired and just.... pissy.

I'm a little pissy bitch.

Ah well.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Staff Picks - Nov 22, 05

SO most of you were able to figure out that the commonality of the 4 movies I had last week was Bill Murray.

This week will be a bit harder, but still pretty easy. The four movies on my staff picks are;

The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
All The Way (1998)
Oceans 11 (2001)
Guys and Dolls (1955)

There is also a bonus "Hint" movie, that will help considerably to guess the common link. But you'll have to come into the store and say hi to me to see the bonus movie. For those who think this is unfair, well nuts to you, this is just a game, you can't WIN anything.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Future of Pilot's World

So what's in store for Pilot's World? Well I've got some plans, some are already rolling, others are still in the "it's in my brain stage". Needless to say there's LOTS to come. Let's explore some of them.

Pilot's World Bookmarks - This is kinda a two-fold part. I would like to make a page with a list of great bookmarks from sites I find and visit. I have an account started right now at but I'm not really too pumped about that one yet. A better one that's I've tried is but I've been using that for another plan on Pilot's World.

The second part is the part that includes I've been trying to categorize and label the entire site in hopes of making it easier to find stuff as the page grows. Though with recent advances in Google and my ability to make some change usig Google search, I might just use that.

My Christmas Wish List - Oh yeah. Each year my mom and siblings want to know what I want for Christmas, then they just guess. Well this year, they're gonna know, you're gonna know too. I've started the list with a good service out there and this one should pop up in the next week or so. This will stay up year round as my Birthday and Un-Birthday wish list as well. Rich/generous people should check this out.

Pilot's World Hub/The Airport - Bringing it back to essentials. When I started Pilot's World it was based around a hub page. I want to go back to this style and I hope to have it up and running before the new year. From the page you will be able to access all parts of Pilot's World.

Pilot's World Research Lab - I've used Google services EXTENSIVELY in the creation and running of Pilot's World (AdSense, Blogger, Google Search and GMail to name a few). I'm ripping this idea off as well. Google has a section where they showcase upcoming and beta services they offer. I'm gonna make a section off of the hub page where I will show and discuss upcoming changes and features of Pilot's World. Part of this already exists in the form of my testing blog, Pilot's World Development Labs.

More Community Access - Not really an integral part of my site, but something that it should be a part of. I'd like to make blogging info and help more accessible to people in my blogging circle and try to extend the circle way more. Ideas I'm still throwing around are forums, chat rooms or guestbooks. - not gonna happen, it's been bought and they want $1000 - $15,000 for it, and well WE AIN'T GOT THAT. But maybe something will come up.

More Selling out - Still looking to make some income from the net, I've got at least 2 ideas for money making schemes on the net, and more I'm sure to come. That's all the info on this you'll be able to get from me. Let's just say all the selling out I'm doing at Pilot's World is just practice (the Pylon was practice as well...).

More Fun and Games - I want to do more Mark Interacts With Animals, More 666, More Saving the World Columns and endlessly more articles to come.

Portfolio - Ugh. I'll probably just post my old portfolio on the hub page at first, but i'd really like to get my portfolio up-to-date and attractive at some point in the not too distant future.

Pilot's world TV and Radio - Ok this isn't as big as it sounds. I'd like to expand the webcam page with other people's webcams and maybe some scheduled programming (Watch Pilot clean his house, party at Pilot's that type thing). I'd also like to do a streaming radio broadcast with friends and my music and some other cool sound files I have taken ( canoe trip sounds, cabin party at Jeff's, jam session tapes).

And then who knows?! I've got infinite possibilities here, just need to keep hacking at it and seeing what arises.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Keep it Positive?

ok, I know, I need to tell myself to keep it positive.

(keep it positive, keep it positive, keep it positive you STUPID FU....)

Ok so one of the better things in my life of late is that I've been able to shed the shckles of the DQ and got a job working for my friends new movie rental place... (drum roll)

I've been giving them alot of help with the store and I'm very proud of what it is. It opens today and is gonna be an excellent movie store. I work tonight, tommorrow and all weekend, so you should come check me out. it's located in the old Mattress World Store, across from Cleo's (Music Craft) and next to Joey's Only. The address is like 216 Railway Ave.

And now some pics of the store;

Outside last night just before we took the paper off the windows. Even with the paper on, we had customers entering the store to return movies (despite the fact that not a single movie had been rented yet) and families entering to check it out. Once the paper got off, it got worse. A good sign.

One of the New Release racks.. Only $5!

And finally, my staff pics for this week or month... we're not sure which. Each one will have a theme. Guess what the theme is this week! Movies are Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters 2, Coffee and Cigarettes and Life Aquatic.

More 1 Year Anniversary stuff tommorrow, and maybe some pics of Bootsy later this week!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Friends of Pilot's World

This was supposed to be the final post this week, but in light of the support I've gotten over the past couple hard days, I'd like to dedicate this one to you guys.


Although I've constantly maintained that Pilot's World was made for me, and for the first few months that's what kept it afloat, the people who visit and interact with Pilot's World are a huge part of what makes it happen. I don't think I would be so inclined to post as much or able to make income off the page if it weren't for my faithful readers and supporters. Here's a shout out to some of them;

Shanna - My sister and first real reader. Shanna has been a constant commenter from day one and has had her own blogging ups and downs. Her original blog, This is Now started around the same time as mine in November 2004. Going through some ups and downs she started a couple more blogs, finally settling on her current blog, Hecticity. Shanna was also co-founder with me of The Pylon.

Nathan - His drive to try something new has kept me on my toes and I'd have to say that for a few months there, fuelled the growth of Pilot's World. Nathan's blog Subablomic was started in May 2005 as a comic site, and although has met this goal only a couple times has been a great window into his brain. Nathan also held the first blog contest after I posted my first contest. Shanna won I think. I also think Nathan was the first to point out the presence of a blog community growing around all my friends online.

Andrew - Little brother and copycat extraordinaire. No not really. He's not technically my brother as he was adopted. HA! Andrew's site, Randomization started in january 2005 and has been a constant source of hilarity. He's so much more emotional in print than in person. He's also retarded. Andrew brough alot of his friends into the blogging circle and is a pretty regular commenter on all the blogs in the group.

Dave - Although not a very regular updater and only blogging since July this year, Dave is a very regular commenter and an all-round positive person. Whenever I have one of my uber-nagative posts, I can always depend on Dave's "Serenity Now?" comment. Dave's Blog Chilean Canadian Christian Propaganda (CCCP) contains the amount of Star Wars references I wish I could put into my blog. His girlfriend calls him David and it throws everyone off.

Steve - How can one forget Steve... I mean I try and he just SHOWS UP! Steve or Steven Matthew Biss IV as he is more commonly (and painfully) called started The Blogginator in February of 2005 with the again painful address (try and remember that). Steve provides me with plenty of material and frankly I could blog just our MSN conversations and it would be one of the most entertaining blogs in history. His blog also is painful. Steven is painful, a warning for any women who might want to sleep with him.

Dore - She's my cuz and it's her blog that has shown me how blogging can shorten distances between people. I rarely get to see Dore, yet I've got a pretty good handle on several aspects of her life thanks to meanderings, started in December 2004. She also won the second Pilot's World Contest in November 2005.

Rob - another newbie to the circle, Rob's blog Enthenogens and Artistic Exploration started in July 2005 is very elegantly written. I always keep my eye on this one to see what he's gonna publish next. For some reason I never feel like commenting on his blog... it seems sacreligious some how.

Jon - Down_Lo, started in February 2005, is the most rarely updated blog in the history of time and yet I think he gets more hits a day then I do. What the hell? Jon's writing is a bit erratic, but entertaining to say the least.

Other blog regulars include Amanda, Jeff, Mark, Kat, Abe and more. Even as i write this, several more people seem to be entering the group and i'm sure by this time next year this list will be 3 times bigger.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Look Into the Destinations of Pilot's World

I really don't feel like blogging anymore. blogging as an artform is about expressing yourself. And yet the times I've truly expressed myself here, I've been told I shouldn't or am wrong. It discourages the reality of what this is. I might have a billion readers on this blog, I write it for me. I'm going to post the remainder of my pre-written drafts over the next week as I contemplate some things.

Fuck anyone who thinks I should silence myself. This is my blog and I will say, show or do whatever the fuck I want. You don't like it, leave.


It's growing. Frankly when I started this beast, I was pretty ambitious, but I never thought it would get this out of hand. But hey it's fun and I still have a life beyond this computer so that's cool. And now you're tour guide to the destinations of Pilot's World to date.

Pilot's World - The Blog - Updated with as much regularity as I can muster, this is really the heart and soul of Pilot's World. I look at it as the newspaper of my life. If you're reading this, it's likely you know what the blog is about, stupid articles and my life.

Pilot's World Webcam - Started as a viewport into the life of a spider I caught, it has also been used to monitor the new Digicam fund (the jar is still there, and maybe we'll check it out more soon) and to look out my front window. I want to expand on this webcam, with webcams of friends and such.

Pilot's World Store - A vain attempt at making some money. I'm really only starting the store to practice up for a future project. But hey, if you wanna buy something, I'll keep adding stuff and you can help me get closer to that new DigiCam.

Producer School - Sometimes I feel really gung ho about this. Other times, I don't care. But I made Producer School to be a continuous reference of my progress so that I COULD diverge from the path and when I came back I'd know where I was.

Flikr Photo Album - all of the early images for Pilot's World were hosted here and the template images are still referenced from here. Blogger now hosts photos for you, so I rarely use the service any more.

Pilot's World Photolab - A part of the site I wish I worked on more. I have hundreds of pictures I'd like to share and it is my intention to do so. Actually has been secretly the most controversial section of my site. Don't bother looking, the controversial bits have been removed (I hope).

Pilot at Ourmedia - Still working on this section. Once I figure this all out, I'll be hosting sound files and video files from this host. Whenever that may be.

Pilot at GarageBand - I've been doing GarageBand far longer than Pilot's World, but I still count it part of the page. i think my reviews are fairly entertaining and I know I've really liked some of the bands I've heard. I may eventually get a GarageBand Greatest Hits radio station going as I have that in my power there.

Pilot's World Development Lab
- In itself, this is under development.

The Pylon - A new defunct project I started with Shanna and ran with Steve and Andrew. It is the precursor to another project I intend to start sometime in the new year.

Other sites that I feel are integral parts of the Pilot's World environment, but are not necessarily in the network include the WMD homepage, The GTO Sunrise Board and the Tri Province Adventure Club Board.
How can you be in love with someone for 2 - 1/2 years and after that time never understand each other.

HOw can you struggle for so long and end up with a broken heart and a useless life?

I'm tired, I've struggled enough.

This is the end.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pilot's World Year 1 - First Year History of Pilot's World

Hey folks. Had a really shitty Nov. 11. Work was really busy/bad and never made it home at all to post a Rememberance Day post. I apologize to all the veterans and soldiers who died to make it possible for me even to have the free speech to post here. I've always respected soldiers and Rememberance Day. I regret missing it this year, I profited from it in paycheque, but I disrespected those I should honour. A special shout out to my grandpa, Roch Pilon who helped repair airplanes during WW2.

But back to the week of celebration, Pilot's World History!

November 2004 - Shawna leaves for Weyburn for a long weekend, leaving me to fend for myself for three days. I finally have the time and boredom necessary to start my personal webpage, consisting of a start page and a blog that would soon become the center of attention.

I started on a good foot, had several good posts and talked about football alot. Template in these beginnings is Tic Tac Green

December 2004 - the Blog begins to grow as does the blog community. I start the Save the World series which will eventually become The Pylon. Beginnings of my relationship difficulties begin as i propose to Shawna. XMAS and transfer to A&W.

January 2005
- Car and Computer break down. New computer, fixed car. Hate Job ALOT, annouce new website the Pylon, have several good design projects in my lap.

February 2005 - More design work, discover picture of george the rabbit which sows the pet seeds, resulting in Bootsy. Transfer out of A&W back to bakery. Around this time, change template to Thisaway Blue. Cool dreams, fire, curling broom and racism.

March 2005
- Most boring month of blogging yet. Great list on places I've hit my head. People generously add places I've forgotten.

April 2005 - My blogging technique finally takes off. This is the best month I've probably ever done. Pilon for Pope, Things Look better in Black and white, the Missing Frisbee and i made my first template - News of the Pilot.

May 2005 - Wow, another excellent month. Star Wars mentions, Hires Root Beer contest and entries, Pilot's World Advice Column (which only one person has ever sent in for I might add), Live Aid, LAN, google the pope, more bloggers and my first blog scandal (hi mom!).

June 2005 - Football, Canada Day, Announcement of the Hires Root Beer winner, Announcement of the move.

July 2005 - More Football, canoe trip highlights, moving to Weyburn, some good family stuff... mom is still reading my blog.

August 2005 - Busy month... probably the most "information intensive". Mark interacts with animals begins, saving the world, short lived days of my life column begins, new "pinup" template designed and implemented, Producer School started, I catch several vermin, Pilot's world webcam started, old lists reposted, I put a keg in a fridge, scotchfest.

September 2005
- Bootsy enters, Hurrican Katrina, Shaq, Saskatoon trip, Spruce Woods trip, first mention of the 666 story.

October 2005 - Blogging contest, second blog controversy (hi Shanna!), selling out, 666, anger and a move.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Year as a Blogger

My sweet Jesus has it been a year already! Yup it looks like it. One year ago today I had a couple upcoming days off work and Shawna was going home, so I decided to start a blog and a group of webpages called Pilot's World.

I had made several earlier attempts at webpages and an earlier blog, but all to no avail. But this evening would be different. I would start it all, webpage and blog and everything. Little did I know that of all I would put together those days, the blog would become the center of it all. In fact although the independant start page has been eliminated at the moment, it has been under serious consideration to re-launch the Pilot's World main site (or portal?.. the "Airport"!) to act as a launching place for Pilot's World.

This week I'll be posting several "Pilot's World"-centric posts. Included will be "How I Learned to Blog", "History of Pilot's World - Year 1", "Friends of Pilot's World", "A Look Into the Destinations of Pilot's World", "The Future of Pilot's World"

With the exception of tommorrow when I'm going to post a Rememberance Day message, this week is devoted to that which is my online world. Please enjoy.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Monday, November 07, 2005

My magic number - 305.33

That's how many cans of Pepsi Cola it will take to kill me. This is an invaluable number to know as I am a cola addict and I may someday approach that vital overdose.'

This incredibly valuable service was provided to me by Energy Fiend, and I may someday be forever in their debt when I stop at 304 cans of Pepsi and say "NO! I'll die"

Better head over there yourself and find out how many drinks of your vice you can have before you die too.

Incidentally it would take 58.01 No-Doz Extra Strength to kill me. And also, Energy Fiend is a great little blog. He has an article on there about this energy drink called VPX Redline Fat Burner. Holy crap! Just a can could kill you! Wowzas!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sweet Jesus YES!

OK this is amazing.

Anyone who knows me really well, probably knows that I'm a Muppet freak (amongst other things). Well ABC recently announced plans to produce a new Muppet series called "America's Next Muppet", a Muppet reality-TV show.

Now I have one request. PLEASE ABC make it a spoof on reality TV. Although the Muppets have always fit in well with popular TV formats (variety shows were very popular in the 70's hence the Muppet Show, a "third rate variety show" Mark Hammil), it's in the parody of the format that they excelled. I'm sure the people who are carrying on Jim henson's legacy will do well. I mean Muppet's From Space was great as far as I could see.

I guess we'll find out in good time.

Mark Interacts With Animals Third Edition

Well y'all, he's back, this time with our old friend Bootsy!

Let's just say... once again Mark loved Bootsy more than Bootsy loved Mark. Rob on the other hand, strongly disliked Bootsy... she loved him.

In other Bootsy related stuff, i'm organizing the house right now and I figured "Hey, let's put it on the webcam" so I am. If you're reading this Saturday evening after 8:45, check out the Pilot's World Webcam and give me pointers on how to organize and get my shit together!

And on a Mark related note, his band Kleinbottle is recording an album right now. And for our viewing pleasure, they have a webcam. Go check it out at the Roslyn Webcam.

Song Lines - Conclusion!

Well you guys didn't get them all. But you tried, and that's cool. So here without any further delay are the answers to the Song Lines ... Guess game!

As you guys guess them right, I'll cross them out. Correct answers in Red and italics. Correct guessers have their initials.
Answers you couldn't get in Green!

1. "Heard they called you big bopper nigger, how ya figgah niggah?" Hit E'm Up Part 2 - Tupac Shakur
2. "I do hope you fit this shoe, I do hope you have a clue" RH "About a Girl" Nirvana
3. " Open wrist talks back again, In the wounds of its skin, They'll pinprick the witness, In ritual contrition"Rouletter Dares - The Mars Volta
4. "Don't forget that you are our son, now go back to bed" Melatonin - Radiohead
5. "Let's play Twister, Let's play Risk!" MB "Man on the Moon" REM
6. "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like" NB, SP, AP - "Bicycle Race" Queen
7. "Today is the first day of the rest of our lives, tommorrow is too late to pretend it's allright now." - Church on Sunday - Green Day
8. "Dead on my head, wasting time on my own" Dope Nose - Weezer
9. "The needle tears a hole. That old familliar sting." NB, AP "Hurt" - Nine Inch Nails
10. "I'm treading so soft and lightly compromising my will. I am." RH "Rose" Perfect Circle
11. "Mother, do you think she'll put me in the firing line?" NB "Mother" Pink Floyd (Not Knockin Shan!)
12. "I first produced my pistol, then produced my rapier" AP "Whiskey in the Jar" Metallica
13. "When I frequent the spots that I'm known to rock, you hear the bass from the truck when I'm on the block." Still D.R.E. - Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dog
14. "Just a castaway, I am lot at sea, another lonely day, no one here but me." RH "Message in a Bottle" The Police
15. "i want to hide, I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside" - Where the Streets Have No Name - U2
16. "Roll, roll the '83 Caddilac Coupe de Ville" Colt 45 - Afroman
17. "Leave me lying here, 'cause I don't wanna go" MP "Volcano Girls" Veruca Salt
18. "Blue birds, singing a song, nothing but blue skies all day long." Blue Skies - Willie Nelson
19. "papa, I know you're gonna be upset, because I was always your little girl" NB "Pappa Don't Presch" - madonna
20. "I'm feeling sexy, but I hear you say my name, if you can reach me, you can feel my burning flame." - naughty Girl - Beyonce
21. "Pissing in the wind, betting on a losing freind, making the same mistakes we swore we'd never make again." Pissing in the Wind - Jerry Jeff Walker
22. "and so once again, oh America my friend" RH "Fiddle and Drum" A Perfect Circle
23. "All that summer we enjoyed it, wind and rain and shine, that umbrella we employed it, by August she was mine." SP "Bus Stop" the Hollies
24. "Warm sun, feed me up" RH "Swallowed" Bush
25. "I've been hanging around gas stations, I've been learning about tires." MB "Running Back to Saskatoon" The Guess Who.

Yep it's comin' fast! I've already got a few of the articles written and all the work for the week has been scheduled. Included will be some pretty cool introspectives into Pilot's World, Contest winner announcements, programming on the Pilot's World Webcam and more.

So make sure you're tuning in often that week, because I've got BUTTLOADS of content planned!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A new blog for the List!

So yeah, Jeff's girlfriend, Rhonda has had a blog for a while and Jeff finally got it to me. Called Rescue Regina, so far I've read about her experiences at the halloween party i had to miss thanks to the fact that I work too much. the first MSN blog i have on the list, and I'm not sure I like the look. Of course they do offer many of the services I've had to gather elsewhere in once place, but I dunno... it just doesn't do it for me.

By the way Jeff, you're blog is getting out of date... nudge nudge.

Anyone wanna figure out my work situation for me? I'm sick and tired of going to the Inn.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Contest Entries So Far

Dore - From Work, From Quebec

Andrew - From a friends house.

Thanks for the E-mails!

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me on "Annual Send me an E-mail Day".

Big shout out goes to Joanna, Scott, Steve, Shanna, and Nathan. Nothing better than having your work interrupted by fresh e-mails! It also helped me to quickly become accustomed to my new e-mail service. Gmail is great and if anyone wants an account, send me an e-mail and I'll send you an invite as the program is by invitation only and I have 97 more invites to give out. You get 2.5 gigs of storage space and they encourage you NOT to delete your e-mails ever. They also claim that they are continuously adding more room for users.

Bye Bye Hotmail!

Also I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone who sent their best for my grandfather. If you aren't aware, my good ol' Grandpa Pilon (who got the 29 in crib as you may recall) suffered a massive heart attack last Monday that seriously damaged his heart and held him terrifyingly close to death by mid-week last week. Since last Friday he has gone through marked improvement and is now in a state that we consider nothing short of a miracle. Though it is likely he will never be off oxygen and his mobility is severly decreased he is alive and quite well all things considered. I went up this past Sunday to see him and had a good visit with him and many members of my family who I missed dearly (shout out to Dore and Rochelle!).

And finally! It's snowing in Weyburn (there ya go Shanna!) If you wanna see some of it for yourself, check out the Pilot's World Webcam.

Are You the Outdoorsy Type?

I sent a few e-mails out about this tonight, but I think I missed a few people, Nathan comes to mind a being one of those...

Kristie T and I were discussing upcoming camping trips that are being planned and we agreed that there should be a central planning area for these things. So I created the Tri-Province Adventure Club (based on this summers Tri-Province canoe Club) Message board. Check it out at

I'm not really gonna inhibit the joining of people to the board, but I imagine you would want to make sure you'll fit in with any one group on a trip before signing on for a trip. Hopefully this should spawn many outdoor adventures in the future as I know I and many others that were out last summer have a very large itch... and no it's not the crabs we all got from screwing Kristies boyfriend... it's to get out and discover more of the world.

First Annual Send me an E-mail Day

Well kids I'm sitting here at home, alone and procrastinating from some real work that I hafta do. So i'm making up a new day! In commemoration of my new e-mail address and my return to the web, I'm making today the first annual "Send Me an E-mail Day!"

If you send me an e-mail today, about or of anything, I'll e-mail you back with a witty response, a one of a kind picture or maybe some other treat, just for you!

Yep, I'm bored. And loving it.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Coming of the Apocalypse?

So i'm a little behind on this story, but last night it happned again, and it prompted me to get into gear on this one. Last night, HALLOWEEN night, we went to the bar and got some drinks. Back comes the bill and what was the total? $6.66. Been seeing that number all too often lately, and it has me concerned.

While we were there, Jeff also mentioned another Devil's Lunch from im Hortons. While he wasn't sure exactly what it was, he thought it included a dozen doughnuts and a Coke. If anyone tries this or any other combination of purchases that result in soe form of 666, send it along, we're gonna follow this story.

Steve and I discussed the problem a few weeks ago on MSN, the main part of the conversation went like this ;

12:45:10 PM
Steven Matthew Biss IV (Beware the Tendrils)
Pilot - Contest at Pilot's World
Okay, my friend, Johnny Cameron... I found out last night his BIRTHDAY is going to be on June 6th, 2006.... and he's turning 18, which is 6+6+6.
12:45:25 PM
Pilot - Contest at Pilot's World
Steven Matthew Biss IV (Beware the Tendrils)
oh sweet jesus!

While discussing these recent revelations with Andrew this afternoon, he mentioned that Johnny had found one at I think, 7-11, as well. John, if you remember what it was or have a scan or picture of the receipt... send her along to me...

So anyways this is turning into a real corker of a set of coincidences. So if anyone has any more instances of 666 appearing in their lives, send me the info at jeremy.pilon (at) preferrably with a picture or scan of the instance. We'll be prepared for the coming at least... unlike those fucking naysayers like my girlfriend.

E-mail Change

Well all, I don't do this often... infact, never, but i'm gonna do it now. I'm changing my e-mail address. Please update my address in your mailing lists to jeremy.pilon (at) It gives me more space and is a pretty cool service.

In addition to the move, I'll be quitting my part time job at DQ and moving over to my buddy Corey's new video store, C & C Movie Factory. I'll be assistant manager there as well as cooking at the Inn. I can't wait!