Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pilot's World Headquarters Moving!

Well folks, I'm moving Pilot's World Headquarters AGAIN (fourth time since she opened!). So I'll be offline for a few days. I expect to be back online by Friday. I had hoped to have SMS posting up and running for the switch so I could keep y'all posted, but no such luck.

Not looking forward to the next month, posting will likely be spotty, I've got too much on my plate. Frankly the mere thought of it all is kinda making me depressed. I think in the New Year I'm going to have to re-examine my participation in things like the Lions Club, Old Skool and other things. It's not that I dislike these projects in my life, far from it. I just can't make the commitment necessary to the other people involved.

Frankly this weekend is going to be terrible and I'm not going to enjoy playing music.

That's a fucking crime.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Go to City Hall as soon as humanly possible and check out the photo contest display. Vote for pictures 22 and 17 as often as you can. They're my entries, and I want that new digital camera!

The pictures are the following:Vote and vote often!

Monday, November 27, 2006

It's my party and I'll cancell if I I want to...

So about a month ago my good pal Kristie brought up the need for our "group" of friends needing to get together over the holidays for a party. I volunteered knowing full well that my ex would need to be invited to the shindig. I wasn't happy with the idea, but sometimes it's time to move on right?

Well now I'm looking at the situation and I'm wondering whether I should bother at all. In addition to the fact that I and Shawna are going to be uncomfortable there will be no less than 4 other uncomfortable pairings at the party should everyone show up. Not to mention the presence of an increasingly divided group and a change in the morals of everyone as we divide, and I'm not sure the party will be a good idea.

Plus I have to wake up at 8 the next morning for Christmas at my grandparents.

The bottom line really is, does anyone really want to do this, and is it a good idea? I know I want to see everyone that's down and maybe some social time with Shawna will help me let go. But I know this party is gonna have a lot of divided groups and the house really isn't very big.

So what is a guy to do?

Well Danny is Gone

Shame it had to happen to such a nice guy, but business is business and football is football. And in Saskatchewan, we want our cup back.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Boost your Vocab!


Wanted to be disposed of

Ok all, working on the move and in addition to the usual pile of crap I'm throwing out, I'm also phasing out the old beer bottle collection. So if anyone wants it, it's got some antique, rare and cool foreign bottles in it. If no one speaks for it by Wed night, I'm throwing it in the recycling bin at Sarcan.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Crappy Pop Songs

Here ya go folks, some really shitty pop songs I get in my head everytime I hear them.

Too Little Too Late - Jojo -- Oh crap... I hadn't even seen the video... but I bet I know all the words already. Heard it twice on the radio today alone. She gets all wet at the end.. sorry for ruining it.

Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
- Jesus. I hate American Idol. But you think I can get away from this shit hit? Hell no. I put it on mix discs. Entire mix discs of Since U Been Gone.

Get The Party Started - Pink - Ooooooo ATTITUDE! And Pink in a towel. She still looks like a boy. (Hey your bra is showing!)

Toxic - Britney Spears - Really quite shocked it made it past the censors.

Underneath Your Clothes- Shakira - Sorry is it hot in here? She looks even hotter as a brunette.

Beautiful Stranger - Madonna - Yeah she's old, but still catchy. At least you get the entertainment value of Mike Meyers on this one.

Bills Bills Bills - Destiny's Child - Hey, this one can be enjoyed on mute.

Notice how all these songs start with a little sketch explaining why the women are so broke up about what's going on. That's because the music lacks SUBSTANCE. Yep, I'm sure it's MP3's that are killing the music industry.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

OK C'mon now!

So I've been trying my best to put a few new tech gadgets on Pilot's World. Mostly just for organizing and some new posting options. Frankly I'm getting pissed off at the whole thing. Blogger has a new Blogger in Beta that allows alot of new great options, biggest of them is categories.

Blogger won't let me update Pilot's World yet.

Also been trying to hook up SMS (Mobile Phone) posting through a few different methods and programs, to no avail.

I'm just getting frustrated, and I'd like to switch, but I've got 2 years worth of posts here and I'd like to keep it that way.


Get Nailed Today!

Some facts on the "Flu Shot"

... and it didn't hurt a bit!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Purple or Aqua?

Uh Oh Politcs on Pilot's World

Ok so I don't often comment on politics, but I do follow them closely and form opinions on many of the issues of the day. I like to argue at length with people about how stupid they are and and how freaking cool I am because of my political views. Everyone is wrong but me.

Unfortunately I never seem to talk much about politics on Pilot's World. Worried it will take over really... turn into this crazy hippie hick manifesto and end up ruining and/or saving the planet. I started Untitled with Shanna hoping I'd get it in somewhere safe... in fact it's why I start all my blogs. Turns out maybe I should just do it all here. Close my other blogs, post that shit here and maybe get some interested viewership. Save a step.

So I'm gonna give it a try... a good political post for y'all.

Then I was sitting there tonight watching Rick Mercer (yes, even my humor TV watching is political... sue me) and he was talking to the speaker of the house. As the interview ended it occurred to me, does the speaker ever accidentally wear his robes home? Like when I worked at DQ there would be days where I'd be so upset and eager to leave that I wore my apron home. It must happen to the speaker he's just heading out of the office all like "I swear if Stephen Fucking Harper says 'tax cut' one more damn time..." or "Does Jack Layton even OWN a tie?" and just forget to drop off the robes. All in a huff driving down the freeway in his 2004 Kia Magenta.

Makes you wonder...

Some Randomness

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What to get Pilot for Christmas / Housewarming

Ok so I've had some family/girfriends ask me what I want for Chirstmas this year (I was kidding about the housewarming... tho I do have an idea for that one, but that's for another post... another day... and it won't cost you a thing). Well I've decided as part of the Jeremy Getting His Fucking Life Together Project that I'd like to have a home that doesn't look like every college apartment crammed into a 100 square foot area anymore. I want a comfortable clean living room, a great kitchen, a bathroom with a shower mat and a bedroom that doesn't include a sleeping bag as one of my bed covers.

Now I'm not saying that I haven't had some nice stuff especially after I graduated, but the move coming up will be move number 13 or 14 since I graduated in 1999. That's like 2 moves a year. Fuck. But you know how moving is, stuff gets broken or lost or stolen and on THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS transferred to an alternate dimension (fucking stargate).

So to start, I'm gonna work on the kitchen, because I love to cook and I want to get into it more. I've got links for alot of it because I'm going for a "look" for most of this stuff. I do plan to put up the financing for most of it myself, but I'll wait until after Christmas to make any purchases and I'll update the list in June just before my birthday. In July. On the 15th. (nudge nudge)

Ahh the Kitchen - My Home away from home.

I love to cook and frankly of late my kitchen is composed of crap, shit and broken crap. The only thing that works to spec in my kitchen is my garlic press. So we're gonna start there.
As you can see it's unpolished stainless steel with black highlights. I'll add to that scheme clear glass and white plastic and we've got a start. So here's what I need :

- Casserole dishes - in sizes ranging from those small personal ones to a good sized family
- Rectangular Cake Dish - Smaller Square One and a Bigger Rectangular One
- Pie Dish
- Bowls - Three or four sizes - small to large
- Graded Measuring Cups
-Cookie Sheets
-Pizza Pans
-Roasters (Small and Medium)
- Good Set of Pots and Pans (very low on the priority list... please don't worry about gifting this one).
- A good set of knives - Cleaver, paring knife, chef knife, bread knife... you get the picture... a set with a wood block. If it can fit the colour scheme, that would kick ass.
- A large spice rack
- Cutting Board (black plastic and/or white plastic. I'd prefer two one in each colour-matching)
- Set of about 10-15 small glass oil bottles. (matching the spice rack would be smashing)
- Utensil Set (spoon, ladle, spatula etc)
- Set of silicone spatulas
- Medium sized and small whisk
- Can opener
- Set of measuring cups and spoons
- One of those spinning things that you put utensils in (black or stainless steel)
- Barware - wine glasses, table glasses, everything. Again, this is low priority right now and I might just pick it all up myself at once so it matches.
- Dinnerware - Plates and utensils. I'm liking black and stainless steel here. Something funky yet male. Seriously no fucking flowers.
- Storage containers... Rubbermaid - Tupperware whatever... any sizes, small to large (remember white and clear if possible)
- Canisters - I have four in white and clear for my pastas and rice. I wouldn't mind a set for coffee, flour, sugar and such. I'm thinking I might just take care of this one myself as I've already started the set and I know how large and how many I need.


Well I don't expect the plumbed fridge and gas stove to come, so I won't ask. But there are a few mid-range items that perhaps some rich people might feel generous enough to buy for me. In reality I'm just writing them down so I remember for myself.

- Stand mixer
- Coffee Maker
- Toaster (big one guys.. I used to have two, now I have none)
- Food Processor
- Slow Cooker
- Popcorn Air Popper

Anyways that's a good start. I'll probably fill most of it in myself. I'm gonna work on my room, living room, studio and bathroom too, but you people aren't that interested I'm sure. I can do it m'self.

Peace y'all!

The Celebrity F**k List Meme comes to Life!

Ok so they don't quite all seem to understand the idea of the meme, but here are the participants so far!

Andrew - Randomjunkification
Corey - CD's Playhouse
Rhonda - Rescue Regina
Danny - Ralph Wiggum is my Hero
Jeff - George Bush Sucks

Keep e'm comin' folks... and remember the idea is to encourage your readers to do the same... it's like a virus.

Of course as soon as you get it done you think of a million others - Anne Heche, Jennifer Tilley, Rose McGowan, Julianne Moore, Mark's mom... but I guess we can only hope so much... the idea of the list is damage control not a free ride with any celebrity who will drop trow in front of you.

I'm Glad I'm Not a Beagle

They have these defective anal glands and every time something goes wrong, someone is gonna stick their finger in your ass. Well Bootsy had her checkup. Her anal glands were impacted, which means they were full of this stank ass brown shit. Poop smells better than this stuff. WAY better. If I had to pick between smelling anal gland juice and say a pile of month old dog poop... month old dog poop wins hands down.

Other than that the vet thought she seemed good, teeth looked good, normal temp, healthy eyes and all... just behaviourily different. So she cleaned out Boots's pooper and we're gonna observe. Then as soon as she gets better, she's got a date with a needle.

So do I later this week. They really gotta figure out how to give shots via pill ... or better... beer.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Meme So Far!

Ok so as far as I know I've only had 2 people participate in the Celebrity F**k List Meme. But that's ok, it's an abrasive subject. If you want to participate, details are here.

Anyhoo, the entries so far have been from the wonderful Rhonda. And the questionable Danny, who seems to think I know anything about networking (I don't). EDIT - Also the dapper and debonair Jeff has entered on his blog.

But I gotta run, I think Bootsy might be really sick, so I'm gonna give the vet a call.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Photo Contest Entry #3 - Stacked

Entry 3 - "Stacked". Lovin' this contest! More to come!

Photo Contest Entry #2 - Don't Fuck (With a Guy Wearing a Pink Floyd Cap Holding a Gun)

There ya go... entry 2 ... briefly named "Don't Fuck (With a Guy Wearing a Pink Floyd Cap Holding a Gun)". and just for fun... not a contest entry, I'll include some of the other source pics I worked with. Because its not often I get the chance to photograph myself with a gun. Guns are alot of fun to hold.. they are a very comfortable tool... way more comfortable than a hammer.

Incidentally, I'm not gonna go psycho and kill a bunch of kids at a school. It's just the BB gun we use at work to shoot pigeons.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pilot's World first Meme!!!! Celebrity F**k List

Ok.. for those n00bz out there a meme is like a blog community challenge. I do this little challenge then you do it and pass it on and so forth... its like a getting to know each other chain letter. But this one isn't impinging on your in-box, and if you choose to ignore it a piano will NOT fall on your head.

OK, that's out of the way, now my meme... that I'm STARTING!

So I was discussing with someone... can't even remember who right now... Trev I think... about the Celebrity Fuck List. A list of say ten people that each person should they meet in real life and have the opportunity, can have sex with without consequence... the other partner can't say anything. Trick is, they have to be like big time celebrity... like untouchable... there's actually one on my list I'm not sure of, in such a case, the partner has veto power.

So Like Brad Pitt, yes, the guy from the Dell commercials, no.
Katherine Zeta Jones, yes, the newsgirl from the FM Station, no (plus Corey would castrate me).

without further adieu, my 10 :

- Nicole Kidman
- Mellissa Auf De Mar (need verification)
- Shakira
- Katherine Zeta Jones
- Judy Dench Charlize Theron
- Salma Hayek
- Minnie Driver
- Sarah McLachlan
- Brittney Spears
- Beyonce Knowles

So there you go.... meme away... I wanna read your lists. Make sure you post a link to them in the Comments so other people can come check it out!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Everyone Loves Natalie Dee!

And with like 4 billion comics in her archive, you're bound to find one that pertains to your curling teams Skip and Lead!

natalie dee

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Photo Contest Entry #1 - Screaming Red

Rob over at Entheogens and Artistic Exploration has a self-portrait contest on right now that I encourage all to enter if you can.

Here is my first entry for the contest, titled - "Screaming Red"

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Your name in Buildings

Oh the things they do with Google Earth.
OK Shit, one more

I couldn't resist... some astonishing editing work.

See you tommorrow.
Well, this should hold you over for a bit

I'll have some original stuff up tommorrow night. Anyone in Weyburn have a couple white sheets I can borrow?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Boost your Day

I don't think you can watch this video and not feel a little better about the world.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A few things today

Firstly and most important of all, I'd like to send a shout out to all the soldiers out there, living, dead, past, present and future. You have one of the scariest and hardest jobs in the world and you to it to protect our rights to freedoms that allow us to blog, walk safely down the street or even drink wine and orange juice for breakfast. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifices and work.

Second, Old Skool is playing tonight at about 10 o'clock at a benefit for a young girl and her family. She is struggling against Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that effects bone and soft tissue. It's at Fitzgerald's pub and eatery (the King George) in Weyburn. Please try and come out, there will be a couple other bands playing as well.

Third, the Fighting Hell Brooms won their game last night 6-4 in 8 ends! That brings us to 1-4-0 for the season, we're looking to improve on that record. If you want to get behind the team, you too can have a piece of team merchandise, check it out at

Well that's it for me. Remember that it's Remembrance/Memorial/Armistice Day. If you see a vet today, say thanks!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Ok, so it's not really a sextraviganza, but today marks the end of year two and beginning of year three of that which is Pilot's World.

It's been a hell of a year, no lies there, Pilot's World just about didn't make it a couple times there. But I pushed through and it looks like the state of the blog will show that Pilot's World is as strong as ever.

No major plans for the future of Pilot's World. It had grown too large for its britches there for a while, so that was one reason it just about didn't make it, it was too much work. The only major change I'd like to make to the place is to migrate the blog over to the new version of blogger and do some typesetting changes, as my monitor is the only one on the planet where this font isn't ridiculously large.

In lieu of gifts, please visit The Hunger Site today and click to donate food to a starving child. Thanks!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I am Flippin' Freezin'

I just took a 20 minute walk to mull over the subject of this blog, because this is it. I'm writing this post then I am fucking moving on... forget it, I've had enough of this shit.

When I was a child I had a Teddy Bear. His name originally enough was "Teddy". He was quite large, yellow, could talk (in my mind) and his best friend was "Pillow" a red throw pillow that I also had as a security toy. When I turned 13 I decided that it was time to give that shit up. As it was I never played with them, rarely slept with them and they'd both stopped talking sometime before. I knew I couldn't give them up cold turkey, so I put them into the storage room in our basement. Sometime later Teddy went to the funeral home, pillow was spared, but she was a gift made by my grandmother to celebrate my birth, so she was kept and is still stored with some of my other sentimental items.

Two years ago I bought a ring for a woman I was madly in love with. I had no money at the time, but was so in love that I felt the sheer fact that I was proposing would make up for the fact that I didn't spend much on the ring. That Christmas, I proposed to her and gave the the ring.

A year later I finally received a reply to that question when the ring was tearfully returned to me only feet from where I now sit. That day I threw the ring at my recycling box and swore it was thrown out... I knew I missed but I knew when I had time I'd pick it up and dispose of it. I convinced myself it was gone, and I did my best to convince others of it. I lied to myself. I lied to my friends and family. Just like storing Teddy and Pillow in the basement, the ring sat there as my comfort. Sure I had moved on... I even forgot about her, but I had never let go.

But this time, mom wasn't there to throw out my security and leave me stronger.

Today I received an e-mail from that woman. It was some sort of online networking site. The question posed by the e-mail was "Is ****** ************** your friend?". Quite frankly I was terrified to answer either way. So I took the cowards way out again and simply deleted the e-mail. Instantly it seemed it brought up the memory of that ring.

Well I went and grabbed it. There's a hell of a disgusting pile of recycleables in the middle of my kitchen now, but the ring has passed out of my life. Just like the ring in the movies, I've put it to water to have it's fate decided by a later generation. I hope someday someone finds it and it brightens their day or week. I really do.

As for that e-mail, I'm going to leave it. I don't want to insult that woman by saying no, but she has passed out of my life now. We shared 2 and a half years together. I really did love her with all my heart and I think, even though sometimes it's hard to imagine, that she loved me with all her heart. We were both young, naive and looking for someone to be with. I don't want to hate her, I will hate what she did, but she made a mistake, hopefully she's learned and never done it again. I've moved on to someone else... in the past I could have easily said here "She's more ___ and less _____ " but I'm not going to make comparisons or insults... neither women deserve that. It's a chapter of my life that is over. When I entered that chapter I was boy, young, naive and confused. Today I am a man, I know what I want and I know how I'm going to go about getting it... I went through skyrocketing highs and cavernous deeps, but I've emerged alive and strong.

Goodnight all, tomorrow is Pilot World's 2 year anniversary. Let's make this next year the best there's ever been.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This Ain't Yo Momma's Curling Team!

Ut Verrimus vel Morior! - To Sweep or to Die! - The Fighting Hell Brooms

We agreed on the name over beer on Friday, I promised a logo. It ain't perfect.... hell it isn't even good, but it's something and with four white T-Shirts and some iron on transfers, we could have uniforms!

Incidentally, we can now use the power of Satan to smite our enemies.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Mark Interacts With Animals Fourth Edition

Ok here it is! I was gonna post this earlier, but I've been busy and sick. Tonight I'm just sick, so I'll do this. Another reason I held back was to try and encourage Mark to finish his blog. Mark recently moved to England for a couple years for a working vacation, and has started a blog to document and share his adventures. So before you get the photo goods and the last Mark Interacts With Animals for a while, please make sure to check out Mark's blog "I'll figure it Out When I Get There"

And now without further adieu... Mark interacts ... with horses (KINKY!)

Incidentally, if anyone has any new pictures of Mark interacting with animals, and want to contribute to the series, please let me know. We've already done fish (Northern Pike or "Jack"), cat, dog (Bootsy herself) and now Horse. There was at one time a picture of Mark and a duck, but it's been lost to time. Any new material is welcome.

Later y'all

Just so you know

If my posts stop coming, it would be safe to assume the worst. I've caught what appears to be the mother of all colds. I believe it to be a biologically engineered disease that escaped from an American bio-warfare lab. So I figure I've got about a week to live.

Fuck even my eyes and hands hurt, I've got canker sores all over my tongue, I struggle to breathe occasionally, my ears ache and I don't feel like eating anything.

Everything is getting dim.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Riderville Canada

"Every Stampeder fan has left, and all I can see is green" Carm Carteri - 620 CKRM

In the recent editions of the computer game Civilization, there is a feature in which you can take over cities of other countries simply by the circle of your cultural influence. If that was as literal in real life, tonight, Saskatchewan would have finally tipped the scales and taken over Calgary. Hell, maybe tomorrow Ralph Klein calls
up Lorne Calvert and concedes Calgary to us... it's got all our citizens in it anyways. We'd have to get rid of the Stamps then... we'll move e'm to Halifax or something... because as we all know, Saskatchewan can only support one major league team... though we'll hold on to the flames, but they'll have to become the Saskatchewan Flames.

See you next weekend BC! Just a reminder, last time we met in the final, you won, but uh... you go McCallum now. na na na!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Ok, so people want me to blog. So here it is.

The weekend was a very busy and fun one. Played a super fun gig with the party animals at the CanAm in Oungre. The next day, I went through Regina and ended up in Lumsden for another gig of equal partying and fun. Both gigs got us more gigs Oungre on New Years and Lumsden Boxing Day. So good on that.

Sunday night I reunited with old friend and drummer, Trevor to go see A Kind of Magic, a Queen tribute band at the Center of the Arts. It was a good show, but I think I spent too much on the show and it was a little too quiet. But the songs were good, the look was good and the band was fun.

Also been seeing a special laday on a regular basis now. Those of you who know me and have half a brain can figure it out, those who don't/can't, well you don't need to know. Simple as that.

Also, I won some money on VLT's thanks to the band being late showing up to the gig in Lumsden and I got a cell phone.

So there, you're up to date on my life. Now I'm gonna go die.