Friday, November 24, 2006

Crappy Pop Songs

Here ya go folks, some really shitty pop songs I get in my head everytime I hear them.

Too Little Too Late - Jojo -- Oh crap... I hadn't even seen the video... but I bet I know all the words already. Heard it twice on the radio today alone. She gets all wet at the end.. sorry for ruining it.

Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
- Jesus. I hate American Idol. But you think I can get away from this shit hit? Hell no. I put it on mix discs. Entire mix discs of Since U Been Gone.

Get The Party Started - Pink - Ooooooo ATTITUDE! And Pink in a towel. She still looks like a boy. (Hey your bra is showing!)

Toxic - Britney Spears - Really quite shocked it made it past the censors.

Underneath Your Clothes- Shakira - Sorry is it hot in here? She looks even hotter as a brunette.

Beautiful Stranger - Madonna - Yeah she's old, but still catchy. At least you get the entertainment value of Mike Meyers on this one.

Bills Bills Bills - Destiny's Child - Hey, this one can be enjoyed on mute.

Notice how all these songs start with a little sketch explaining why the women are so broke up about what's going on. That's because the music lacks SUBSTANCE. Yep, I'm sure it's MP3's that are killing the music industry.


Soulfood said...

I love all those songs!!!

Anonymous said...

And you, shanna, are what is wrong with the music industry. Pop music like that is made for people who don't like music. It's made catchy and simple so you don't have to think about it.

Danny said...

I agree with Andrew. Pop music is for the simple minded. Look at the people that sing look at them. They are all glitter and nudity. Since when does sex belong in the music industry?

Soulfood said...

I listen to music so that I don't have to think. I think all day at work, I listen to music so that I can zone out. Or just have it in the background while I'm thinking about something else.

On another note...I'm just a bit drunk. Wheeee!!!

David Roman said...

Well, you can add Finger Eleven's new single to that list, because I guarantee you it won't get out of your head, and I guarantee you it will be played on Z99 and Much Music way too often. sigh

(okay, I need to vent) It's a good song and everything, but if I wanted to listen to cheezy dance music, I'll buy cheezy disco dance music. It kinda reminds me of Hot Hot Heat (is that what they're called?) It's a good song, but man, why are they putting me through this. All this anticipation for that?

Anyways, if you guys wanna check it out, it's called paralyzer. This myspace page has it posted for quick access.

I can just see it now, I'm gonna go see their concert and all the bar scene people will be there dancing it up like it was retro night. I wanna mosh dammit.
I guess One Thing made the whole fame thing too tempting for them or something. Anyways, I better go repair my ruined life now.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that music attained perfection in the late 70's when Foghat released "Slow Ride" and Blue Oyster Cult did "Don't Fear The Reaper". Everything since has been shit.

David Roman said...

Actually, music reached perfection when Jaybles met Kage on Venice Beach. It was Destiny, Dio said so. Their music even kicked Satan's ass, without the Pick of Destiny.

Life Ruiner's Anonymous said...

I say if you enjoy it, all of the power to you. Crank it!

ps. Unless it's Michael Bolton. Much better listed to over a dinner of mussels and angel hair pasta with a bottle of a fine red wine.