Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Hey all, sorry for not too many posts. Been working on about 80 musical projects, including two that I'll be announcing in about 3 weeks. The reason I post today is that the Government of Canada is looking to pass a very restrictive DCMA copyright law. In essence this law will protect the bloated, stubborn major labels while seriously harming almost all aspects of classical and independent music scenes... among others.

From Boing Boing :

Copyfighting law prof Michael Geist takes apart a Microsoft editorial that claims that the Canada has no copyright law even after it received the largest award for copyright infringement in Canadian history. Meanwhile, the Canadian Recording Industry Association has been caught lobbying the Canada's Ambassador to the United States in an effort to convince the U.S. government to increase the pressure for a Canadian DMCA. If that weren't bad enough, Prentice is about to overrule the Canadian Foreign Minister who wants to have a debate on the WIPO copyright treaties before the Canadian DMCA is introduced just like the Conservative government promised in the last election.

Ready to fight back for your digital rights before it's too late? Check out the list of Copyright MPs who are particularly vulnerable on copyright, join the Facebook group, attend a talk this week in Calgary with Prentice, and write to your Member of Parliament and Industry Minister Prentice.

If you have 2 or 3 minutes, I ask that you join the Facebook group or write the letter (you just fill in a form and it sends a letter for you.). This fight is very important and will affect the way Canadians use music, and may damage many of the musical projects I'm currently working on.

See you in a couple weeks!