Monday, September 29, 2008

Bleh. Work.

Ok so back to work today after beating the SARS to some sort of meaningful submission. Had noticed this weekend that a few minor persistent health complaints that had been bothering me had subsided. And back they came today. Bullshit.

Not sure if its the work or the workplace or what, but these issues only seem to affect me at work. Not gonna get into details, they're personal, but I know one thing. I need to consider this in my career path.

I'm coming back into my desire to devote more time to the label, and have been slowly ramping back up. I'm running into and will run into more resistance from my wife and understandably so, but I want to get a whole heap of issues dealt with before I hit my stride again so that this time when the label consumes me, it will hopefully be easier to manage the rest of my life so she's gonna have less to complain about... ;)

Five more days and is gone ... update those bookmarks to now!!!!

My wife wants me to weigh in on the election...


Well if you drive by my house, there's a Green Party sign on the lawn. I just added the button to my blog.

So why Green? Well I like, support and understand their platform and they seem to be running the most mature, and honestly most business like campaign. I look at an election like a job interview/performance review. The other parties in the race (with the possible exception on the BQ - I unapologetically admit I don't follow them closely - their half a nation away from me) spend a great deal of time lambasting their opponents and promising obscure and often complex programs. Either that or I just summarily disapprove of what they do/have done.

While the Green Party is a "single issue" party, they've managed to create a platform that covers a wide range of social, economic and national issues under one umbrella. They have a commitment to social justice, sustainability, diversity, healthcare reform and a new look at the way our government does business.

But I'm not in the business of telling people how to vote. That at it's root is an abuse of democracy. The parties all have their own webpages, or you can phone any one of their offices and talk to their representative in your riding. Narrow down your choices, make some informed decisions and if you listen to one thing I say, PLEASE VOTE ON OCTOBER 14. This, more than who you vote for is important to me. I see our political parties starting to take alot of liberties with the power they've been given, from the Liberals to to Conservatives. I think at the root of this is a lack of engagement from the voting public. The world is a busy place and we can't always be running off to protests, but an hour or two every 3-5 years is not enough to ask for you to maintain your freedoms and send a message to our leaders that we ARE watching them and we DO care what they do.

But vote Green, 'cause I'd love to see the look on Stephen Harpers stupid face when he's the minorty leader under Elizabeth May. I would giggle my goddamn ass off.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Update your bookmarks and more stuff

Before I forget, update your bookmarks to Pilots World to the old address . is gonna expire in the next month or so and I'm not planning on renewing it. Just not that important to me anymore.

This just in - Paul Newman has passed away. So eat a salad today and pour a 40 of salad dressing on the curb.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ok I give up

I've had so much trouble finishing my Beijing saga that I just give up. Everyday I don't finish it is a day I'm not blogging about something else. So let's just say I got arrested, again, got SARS and ended up eating meecrob until my ass fell out and they sent me home.

That'll do.

So been a flurry of stuff the past month or so. Played Field Fest with Linger a few weeks ago. Pretty good deal. The band has broken up and re-formed as a new group featuring the Roman Bros. - Dave and Vic, the Pilon Bros. - Me and Andrew and the one and only Scotty T. We're finalizing our name and will start work on our new material next weekend. I think everyone is very excited, we've got a new - more stable guitarist and we're going to be playing music that we've all evenly contributed and written. Linger was getting very stale for everyone in the band and it was creating tension. The past couple months have been a rocky transition, but by probably spring next year we'll be rippin' and raring for our first gig and should hopefully melt some face and brains with the new material. I don't think anyone has any idea yet what it's gonna sound like, but I'm sure it will be rockin' and progressive... and overly technical if I'm jusdging everyone correctly.

Maent Records has been stuttering and stalling. I'm home on a sick day today (the SARS) so I'm gonna do a quick update on the home page and get some info out for people. We've completed our first release a short-run CD-EP by the one and only Johnny Rockstar. We had our first sale a few weeks ago, so we're making that red number a bit smaller now. We're trying to organise and re-tool the company right now as things got WAY out of hand in the beginning there and we were spending more time trying to meet expectations of others without making our own footprint in the industry which was our goal in the first place. But things are getting better and expect to see more from the crew in late October/early November.

Getting the house together the past few weeks and I'd be well on my way if I wasn't knocked on my ass by this fucking SARS shit. Got the garage totally cleaned out (thank you Used Regina!) and am half way though getting the practice/writing studio/tv room/chill area/general purpose room cleaned out and storage back to where it needs to be. I need to find a couple quality folding tables and get some more plugs installed in the room, but that shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Finally having the freedom to get the house together and make it liveable is a massive load off my mind and I actually look forward to more cleaning and organizing. I've never been mister neat, and add to that some of the shall we say "self-created retardedness" of the past 10 years or so haven't made it any better, so finally finding myself in a place in life where I can fix my problems instead of making them is very zen.

Baby is rolling all over the place and likes to "talk" all the time. She's very cute, but can also be very fussy and grumpy at times. But she's getting better.

Anyhoo, election coming up. Please don't vote Conservative in the coming Canadian election people. You'd only be shooting yourselfs in the foot. Unless you own a big Corporation. Then maybe you'd be ok. I'm throwing my clout behind the Green Party again. I'm tired of sacrificing my values in an attempt to knock off another party. I know the Green Party is an awfully constrained way to run a party, but I think if democracy was run properly, there would be a multitude of parties like them and we'd have more expertise on issues instead of the general approach attached to an idiom that we currently have.