Monday, February 28, 2005





Thursday, February 24, 2005

One more down...

Got the SHIMA webpage done, finally. Check it out.

So now just a few small bits to clean up in other projects. Then on to a few more major projects for the not too distant future. I'm ognna be a rich millionaire rock star web designer someday.

Had 2 fucked up dreams this morning, thanks to my day off and getting to sleep in;

Fucked up Dream 1 - For some reason I start this dream on a road trip with my buddy Edward and two undisclosed kids in the back seat (I have no idea who they are). We are heading to some unkown destination, but before we get there we stop at this mall. It's late at night and Edward is heading into the drug store (a Shoppers Drug Mart) and I decide to pop in to the mall to get some new shoes as mine are soaked in grease or something and faling apart.

So I wander around this mall for a while. There are barely any stores and it's lit in this lime green light that makes everything look cheap. I decide to go down this staircase and end up in this really dingy home basement looking place with old matresses against the walls and paint chipping off the walls. A REALLY hot woman in a housecoat with big breasts comes out of a door to my left and walks down the hallway ahead of me. For some reason I get the impression that there are hair and beauty salons down here. I go down a small stair and around a corner and there is a young blong man witha soul patch there, dressed kinda faggy, like those guys on that Queer Eye show. I just say hi to him, he says hi to me, then I turn around and head back upstairs into the mall.

I wander a bit more and end up exiting the mall from another anchor store (a Staples I think). It's now daylight and I appear to be about 3-4 km form the car, despite the fact that I couldn't have covered more than 1 km in the mall. I walk down this covered concourse through the parking lot, then around the mall. This mall is HUGE, honestly this mall is way bigger than any building I've ever seen, or was indicated by the inside of the mall. It's about 5 stories high and must cover anywhere from 20-30 square blocks. So I start to run to the car because I realize how long I've been gone and I see all sorts of things, including a huge sign advertising the place I saw in the basement of the mall, I can't remember what that name was now, but it was a strip club. So the hot woman I saw was a stripper.. I shoulda dropped a few bucks and made this a wet dream. But I continued on and after a very long time, running past walls and through parks ended up at the car. Edward and I had a good laugh at my getting lost and never finding shoes in a mall and then I woke up.

Realizing it was still early in the morning, I went back to sleep and into ...

Fucked up Dream 2- In this dream it is an established fact that I own two vehicles my current car, the Beretta and my old truck, the S-15. Both are constantly breaking down, but one of them works at any one time, so it's all good. Well at the time the dream starts the Beretta is working fine, it's summer and I haven't used the truck in a while. Suddenly the car breaks down (won't start), so I need to use the truck. I go to get it and it's gone... simply not there. So I go searching.

The dream oddly enough takes place at my Grandma and Grandpa Forers house, but my Grandma and Grandpa Pilon live there (see I told you it was fucked up). I check in the garage to see if it's been moved, no luck, across the street (maybe it rolled down the driveway)... nothing. So I head to the neighbors house, which is suddenly attached to my grandparents (but not in real-life). I look in the garge window and see an old 50's style station wagon under a platform. On top of the platform is a truck.. MY TRUCK! So I run into the garage and check it out. Several body panels have been painted, but it's my truck allright.

Suddenly the homeowner shows up and is very friendly. He mentions that I seem to like the truck and offers to lower it down. So he lowers the platform (mysteriously the 50's station wagon has dissappeared) and the truck is not what it was at the top. It's changed into a Jeep, painted with a tidal wave graphic with "Ghostbusters" written on the side in 70's style font. Seeing that it's not my truck I leave dejected (but happy to have seen something ghostbusters related).

I head back to my grandparents house where he shows me a peice of paper attached to the window by the garage door (another detail not present on my actual grandparents house). I think he's telling me to call the police as the list has all the usual emergency numbers on it (Police, Fire, Ambulance etc.) , plus for some reason, my phone number and e-mail. Not any of my cousins or anything, just mine.

Grandpa then gets into a rant about this new store in town. He points to the West, where in real life all there is to see is prairie, but now there are several box stores, including one that looks suspiciously like a Wal-Mart, but ISN'T. It has some womans name, but I couldn't read which as the store was very far away (say 2-3KM). At this point I begin thinking that maybe my truck was stolen and the police caught the guy (I was in my granparent's town afterall and maybe 100 people total live there). But I get upset because I know all the info on my truck has my home address and phone number on it. At this point the dream loses coherency and I woke up.

So there... more fucked up material from my life. It truly amazes me how I can dream of places I've never been or seen (like the mall in the first dream), or make major changes to places I've been to a million times (like the window in my grandparents garage.)


Anybody seen that movie? I just saw it for the first time this weekend and WOW. Holy crap what a film.

For those of you who haven't seen it, GO NOW! But I'll give a summary for you. From the IMDB;

"When a man with AIDS is fired by a conservative law firm because of his condition, he hires a homophobic small time lawyer as the only willing advocate for a wrongful dismissal suit."

So you can imagine hilarity ensues right? Wrong. But it does make for an excellent movie. Scenes, like the one where Tom Hanks' character describes an opera that seems to describe his own plight, the court room scene where he is questioned about how he contracted AIDS and the end with Neil Young's "Philadelphia" elicit such strong emotional responses that I'm gonna have to watch this one a few more times.

Just a heads up to everyone.. I think Tom Hanks should get at least a nomination for best ctor at the Osacrs. There's a hint for you Academy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Feeling - Pissed Off

Yep, but really i'm not gonna bitch, I'm gonna use it and target it to meet a goal.. yep.

Had a fucked up dream last week and I've been meaning to wite it up here, so that I can look back on this Blog in a year or two and go.. "wow what a fucked up dream"

So basically it invloves me justabout going downstairs in my house and seeing that there is massive ice build up in the stairwell, kinda like someone left a hose sunning in the attic, then it froze while leaking down the walls. This concerns me a bit, then suddenly the roof lifts like a foot off the walls and I can see into the walls and roof, like all the 2 x 4's and rafters and stuff. Te wird thing is the walls are STUFFED with clothes, Shawna's mostly... and all I can think of is, "wow that girl has too many fucking clothes." And I go to bed...just slightly concerned that the house MIGHT fall in on my in my sleep. God I get retarded dreams.

But anyway, i have to put in 15-45 mor minutes into something today.... top secret you know!


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Racisim - And Me

Ok as many may or may not know, February is Black History Month. It's a month I feel that not only recognizes the acheivements and contributions of black people in modern society, but I also feel it encourages a dialogue on racism and race relations.

Now I live in Northern Canada. There are a grand total of 0 black people in my community. Yet, Black history month to me still holds some sway as the ethnic diversity of the community still needs the encouragement of racial relations dialogue.

The cultural division of the GLRA (Greater La Ronge Area) is as follows;
85% - Aboriginal - "Indians... tho acceptable to call them that here, I won't as I want to use that word to describe another group.
10% - Caucasians - "Whitey" ... of which I'm a part.
3% - Others - Including Aisian, Indian (from India) etc.
2% - Newfie - People from Newfoundland. Though White, they are a separate (and hilarious) culture all their own... and are really considered such in Canada.

Now we all get along pretty well. We crack jokes at the expense of each others race ... "You;re too white to dance," "Uh oh a Newfie and an Indian... that thing will never get fixed," but NEVER has a full on racial slur been used in anger or to actually degrade another person. But racism comes up, especially when someone isn't getting what they want.

A few weeks ago whilst working at A&W a man of aboriginal decent came into the store. He reeked of booze and was stumbling around and making a scene. Now I had been in the back working, but a friend of mine from the store next door, incidentally alos of aboriginal decent, came in to tell me about it and ask that I kick the man out. At the end of the conversation he added "oh and Jeremy, by the way, you're a racist."

Well that bugged me because I thought I might have made a joke that Edward took wrong, and I felt like shit, because I never ever wanted to do something that would actually make him feel bad. As I've mentioned, we crack jokes all the time, but we're making fun of RACISM, not RACE. As it turns out, when I went to kick the guy out it was instantly a race issue. The fact that the man could barely stand under his own power was inconsequential (sp?) to the fact that he had brown skin. Edward was just preparing me.

But of course those stories don't happen often, they just sit uncomfortably in your mind becasue they're so dsiturbing. Since moving into this community, I've felt very welcome into the culture that exists here. I've taken it upon myself to learn Cree (Tiniki Shivon!), check out dogsled racing, learned that family and community are of great importance to survival and making some really good friends along the way. Last night I went out to the bar with a group from town that could be considered a "cultural rainbow" (pretty faggy eh?) and I haven't had that much fun in a long time. We had a lot of fun (at my expense I might add) and we all went home satisfied.

And now I'm gonna go screw Edwards wife... he he .

Thursday, February 17, 2005







Yep, there was a fire next door yesterday... that's the apartment building next to mine. I sent the photo to my mom with the simple caption "Guess what".. and she dind't even flinch.

Snow... we have lots of it.

I cooked this on the barbecue Monday,...... hot meat... cold air.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fucking Subway

Can you beleive they were OUT OF BREAD!!!! Yes out of bread... so I got a wrap.... I'm unsatisfied.

Been playing Legend Of Zelda : A Link to the Past for SNES this week. I love that game. I think its a pinnacle in video game design.

I need a stand for my fishtank, but I don't really want some boring IKEA knockoff peice of crap. I might just bite the bullet and try out my carpentry skills. Or maybe hire someone to do it for me.

Well off to get some work done on the SHIMA webpage.

I'm going to Subway for Lunch

So you'll get a full Blogdate (that's like an update in a blog... nifty eh?) then.


Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy V-Day!

So I watched the Grammy's last night and my boys were denied Album of the Year. Poor Green Day. And the shame of it is, like I've said before American Idiot is such a good album. To quote Honer Simpson, "I haven't gelt this way about a song since Funkytown."

Last night marked the end of my fast food career. As of now, I will never again work in the fast food industry.

So it's Valentines Day. Gonna do some sweet shit for Shawna, just 'casue I can.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Well Ain't that some SHIT!

Well I'm bushed. Had a long day at work and now... I'm home.

One day left at A&W so I'm pumped about that.

Doing some more work on the Pylon. I wish more people interacted with the site. I really do think that people visit, its just that no one interacts with it. Kinda like this place. Hard not to get discouraged... I think some more organization and some promotion and the place will come alive!

I need to find a good car wrecker... I need a new door handle for the Beretta.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I didn't quit

I got transferred... I start at the bakery Monday.

Thank GOD.

I'm tired and sick of saying crap today. I'm gonna go eat kechup chips and watch Star Trek. Yes Star Trek... fuck you.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Is Blogging the answer?

So as I continue to mention relentlessy on this Blog, I've been working on a CD portfolio for my friend Rob. It's gotten me thinking about how I too need to start work on a portfolio. Unfortunately, I'm not too great with ideas for one.

A very recent idea for one involved a "blogfolio" or blog-portfolio. It would be cool because I could update it at my own pace, and it would stay as current as possible, while still offering people the opportunity to see old projects.

On another subject, I'm planning on having a better day today than yesterday. If i don't I'm gonna quit my job.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

And Now a Dip....

Fuck... literally 5 days ago, I was starting to feel good about my life again. Things were going smoothly, occurences were happening to get my life back on track and now comes today.

1 - I don't know when the hell I'm getting a transfer. I was under them impression that it would be next week, but I'm still on the schedule for next week at A&W
2 - Next weeks Schedule is BULLSHIT. Not only will I have to work 8 Days straight to get a day off, apparantly I should have to work 6AM - 9:30PM for two of those days... the boss has got another FUCKING thing coming if he thinks I'm doing that.
3- I check out the management log book today (of which I'm pretty much the only person to use) only to find that several of my notes in the book from Saturday pretaining to the manager and another supervisor have been crossed out and labelled wrong. WHAT THE FUCK! Was I just dreaming that Alex didn't show up for work a second Saturday in a row, because I'm pretty sure he wasn't there.
4- I get home from work and get this message on my machine that I'm to call this 1-877 number. I call it and it's a collection agency. Now there's no one there, so I can't find out what's up, but what the fuck? I don't even OWE ANYONE ANY MONEY!!!! FOR FUCK SAKE!

And to top it all off the outside handle of my car broke inside somewhere, so I can't open my car from the drivers side on the outside. Fuck I hate my life.

Let Me tell You about my Curling Broom...

May I?

The History of "The Broom" - My curling broom is a family heirloom. It was given to me by my mother, who received it from her grandfather, who got it from his great uncle, who got it form his father, who got it form his Grandmother, who inherited it from her father who won it in a poker match from Liam McDougal, the inventor of curling in 1476.

The Construction of "The Broom" - My curling broom is made of very special materials and craftsmanship.
- The Bristles - each induvidual hair on the broom was plucked from a different virgin, who was subsequently killed and burned, and was set in the headstock by genius savants who's specialty was bristle setting. The hairs were then skillfully trimmed by the barber who cuts Charleton Hestons hair.
- The Handle - was fashioned by Monks in a secluded monestary out of the vertical beam of the cross that Jesus was crucified on. It was painted by Leonardo Davinci and varnished by Monet.
- The Headstock - Crafted by the hand of Greek Godess Athena out of the oldest tree in the oldest forest in the world. It was varnished by Van Gogh and the detail and effort placed into it's completion caused him to go insane, cutting off his own ear.
- The Screw - The actual first screw created by
Peter Lymburner Robertson and enchanted by an Aztec medicine man. It was screwed into the wood by Bob Vila with a screw driver that once belonged to the first man in space Yuri Garigan.

Now you think with all that good luck and charm put into the broom, it must have some enchantment right?

We lost tonight 14-4. FUCK

Monday, February 07, 2005

Ok, I have four subjects today;
1 - My involvement/uninvolvement with the Pylon
2 - My rant on No-Name foods
3 - The weird dream I had last night
4 - Old Dutch - Cleaner or Chip?

The Pylon - I wrote a small ditty on the Pylon last night, which prompted a comment from my sister/co-writer/co-creator, which indicated that she's having trouble keeping up with the site. Now I feel like a jackass. Because yes, I have been a little negligent. Although I have been doing alot of work on the site, none of it is very important or time sensitive, and I really have to be looking out for the fact that we have to put an article up EVERY day. So I made up 5 articles last night, did some cleanup on the e-mails and ignored the rest of the work I've been doing for now. I'm gonna try and get a couple weeks ahead (I know ... Good luck) and then I can do some other work.

So Shanna here is an official apology, and a promise that I will do better.

No Name - my bro raved on this one in his blog at Randomjunkification a couple weeks ago. basically he said he didn't understand how his friends thought "no-name" products tasted or were the same as name-brand. He didn't argue that they were worse, just that they were a cheaper alternate. I tend to agree with him. For example, last week I bought a no-name taco kit from the local North-Mart. Now this stuff was amazing. Not so much the tacos - I really don't know how you could change that, but the meat seasoning was amazing. Unfortunately It gave me the worlds STANKIEST taco burps.... my plants were wilting.

Weird Dream - Ok I had this dream that our landlord came by our place and gave us this list of "things we have wrong with our apartment." And they were ridiculous. Like "Your windows fog up after you have a shower" and "You plug your car in too much" and stuff like that. So I all "blacked out" (a term used by the girls at work to mean I freaked out or had a spaz). Yeah pretty stupid dream.

Old Dutch, Cleaner or Chip? - Ok so this one was introduced to me by Shanna this summer when I went to visit her in Saskatoon on my way up to La Ronge. She mentioned that back in like the 1920's one of the best selling cleaning companies was "Old Dutch." Now here in Western Canada, Old Dutch is usually associated with potato chips and in particular the classic Old Dutch "Box of Chips", so that it is a cleaner is a little odd. Well lo-and-behold if a couple months ago I don't notice a case of containers sitting in the cleaning section of North Mart. It's Old Dutch scrubbing powder. Well now I'm thinking "wow, I'm an idiot" bcasue the product has obviously been around for nearly a century, and probably has been on the shelf of every grocery store I've frequented, but until Shanna pointed it out, I never noticed it.

Anyway, that's my novel for today. I really have to get back to work now.. almost done rob's portfolio!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

A fee Minutes to breathe

Ok Avid reader (both of you). Sorry for the silence of late, I've been freakishly busy with projetcs, thus the three day silence. Been working hardcore on Rob's portfolio, and in the spare moments between (while waiting for more material or taking a break, I've been working on the Pylon. The Pylon is V E R Y S L O W L Y coming together. I'm workingon a forum for it right now, just having trouble setting up global moderators for it, otherewise I think I'd have it up by now. Put a counter on the page too. Once I get over this hump of work, I'll have to get hardcore on a visual redesign, as I'm not satisfied with its current look.

Ok so I thought of a bad joke he other day... wanna hear it?

Ok you know those Jeff Foxworthy jokes that everyone hated in the 90's... you know like
"If you got married and your wife didn't have to change the name on her license, you might be a Redneck"....

Ok I got one about being Canadian.
"If you have a provincial health care card and you use it mostly to clear frost off your windshield, you might be Canadian."

Oh I know... it's terrible.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Ok so I'm FINALLY getting out of the shitty spurt I've been in of late. SO HERE'S SOME POSITIVE VIBES ON PILOT'S WORLD YO!

So the good things

1) I'm going back to the bakery!!!! No more bullshit A&W.. THANK GOD!
2) My computer works great yo!
3) I have actual MONEY in my bank account.
4) I've got all sorts of paying web-projects on the run, so I'm gonna have some cash flow!


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the project

Man I think I'm in love.

I'm working on this protfolio project for my buddy Rob, as I think I've mentioned about 80 times. It really kicks some major ass so far. I love it. I hope rob likes it, because I'm really enjoying making it. The only argument I have is that I don't really like having to stop all the time, because it takes me like a hour to an hour and a half to get restarted.

But I have all day tommorrow to do it, so I should have it up and running by then.

As I mentioned yesterday, I've found a crapload of website "chunks". Stuff I started and never finished, or were never used or maybe I was just trying out some new idea/process and never intended to use the stuff. I'm all hyped about finding a way to use this stuff. Obviously portfolio work wouldn't do, but maybe something else would. Who knows... maybe I can just use the ideas later.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I am Strolling Down Memory Lane - Without a Single Thing to Remember

So as I mentioned before I'm working on a portfolio project for my buddy Rob. The part I'm currently workng on has roots in something him and I did together a few years back, so in the effort to reproduce it, I've been going back to all the old files I used.

Talk about wow. I have so many website designs just lying around. Half started projects, finsihed projects that weren't used, proposals that were never picked up... the list goes on. I currently have saved on one CD or another like 4 portfolio attempts that I've made... I still haven't made one that I like.

I also found a video of my sisters bunny George, may he rest in peace. That little black ball of fur broke my heart a few years back, and I think a part of me died with him.

I'm gonna go cry now.

George and Me - Nov 2002