Sunday, November 29, 2009

I am so depressed right now.

I've been robbed. The province of Saskatchewan and Rider Nation have been ROBBED.

I don't want to cry. I am crying.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

More speaking on the Grey Cup

Well Grey Cup Fever has hit me like a brick off a 10 storey building. Like Tai says "Look out Grey Cup, here we come!"

So of course it's created a week of ritual and ceremony in preparation for the luck of the game.

At this time last week I found out that I had a ticket to the Western final and my Western Final plans wouldn't be happening. The game would turn out to be legendary in the annals of Rider lore I'm sure. ("I've never seen Taylor Field so GREEN").

All week at work has been casual if you wear green/Riders clothing. Well hell. It's all the City of Regina can talk about, the local economy is doing gangbusters on any item that has a hue between aqua blue and orange. The local water supply has a slightly green hue as the population washes all their green clothes so they have something to wear to work tomorrow.

Excitement for this team is incredibly high. We're fresh off a Cup and we've had a good couple seasons in the meantime and really rebounded well from alot of fame-jumpers after the last Cup.

Rider Nation is poised to explode.

Now I'm not saying our boys have an easy chore tomorrow. Chances are pretty good we'll be welcoming home less metal than we'd like, but this team is good and is going to play VERY hard in Calgary tomorrow. A

And I cannot wait to watch that game.

November Post?

Well I need a November post and what better to say than... THE RIDERS ARE IN THE CUP!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Parenting - 2009

Que sera sera.

That about sums it up. I find parenting to be a guilt filled venture.

In the olden days it was the church and your family telling you how to raise them. Or I guess your religion and culture would be more accurate than "the church". That's just my upbrining. The Church is always well related to The Government. So they told us how to raise our children. How many times to hit them when they did this, instilling the fear of an omnipotent God in them for those we didn't catch, and how long to put them in jail when they grew up and we figured they were killing a few too many of the more useful people in our little group.

Then Democracy hit. With it came free markets. So not only did a man have the freedom to speak, but also to make as much money as he could fit in his big fat gullet. The Corporation began to become a being, with it came funding. With funding came science. Lots of it. Within 100 years democratic countries went from horse and buggy to nuclear, nanotech, microchip and everything else. By opening the markets, the nation grows fat on Corporate tax, but thing is, when people give a lot of money to you, you gotta start listening to them. Suddenly The Church means less.

With the drop in spirituality, so comes the change in the family unit. People are becoming increasingly polygamous, even if we don't see it. We're having children with multiple partners more often. It means for the sake of this essay that the effect of the family on raising children is different.

People are increasingly influenced by the science of child raising. This of course is provided in large part by Universities that get research funding from all sorts of great places. Places with lots of money to spend. So we get breakthroughs in the materials our children are in contact with - Lead and BPA are two of the more prominent breathroughs of this type in the past while. But they spark massive purging and binging sessions as old products are discarded for new. Advancements in child psychology and biology has this mass of information bombarding parents with facts and statistics, some very contradictory (I've seen VERY strong arguments AGAINST c0-sleeping in recent weeks, in sharp contrast to past research I've done). Of course with every new discovery comes a product or a book or a DVD. Because of this potential for money making, there is a lot of shock factor and guilt delivered with their announcements. It shoots up sales. The longer you keep it in the press cycle, the more units you sell.

I'm getting tired of the research and the guilt. I want to find my own path to parenting. Maybe it won't be the right path, but even with all the research and perfect living, well you're condemning yourself to a pretty stressful and boring life. I want to live a little closer to the edge. Emotionally, spiritually and parentally. I want to tickle my child well past the point that you could call it torture. I want to let her scream at the bedroom door for her mom. I don't want to worry about the cup that she drinks from or the food that she eats. I want to be a little negligent, so they can learn to become independent.

And I want ramen noodles for lunch on Saturdays in the winter.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh how I ache.

So I discovered this week the wonderful charm of desk-related injury from work. I'm usually pretty achy in the joints in the fall, but mix in my inexperience at a desk and you have an explosive mixture for disaster. (duh duh duh).

I managed to get through Friday with the help of a couple friends called Amanda and Ibuprophen. Sadly, it means I didn't get to celebrate the first TCK show with a drink, but it did allow me to play a great show. A lot of folk showed up, kinda funny, it was the biggest crowd I think I've played since Kerosene. Tonnes of fun, we even made some money and got ourselves another show! Now to figure out how we're gonna make it through the next show... possible longer set and lack of polished material are going to factor in strongly. I should also mention in addition to Amanda and Ibuprophen, the rest of the guys in the band helped me with my heavier gear, a pretty integral part of playing a show.

I made crepes this morning for breakfast. I like making crepes, people think pretty highly of them and yet they are PAINFULLY easy to make. I tell ya, "The Joy of Cooking" is one of those books every household should own. Like the Anarchists Cookbook and How to Program with JavaScript.

I have 2 ocarinas. Real life ocarinas. I have no idea how to play them or where I'd use them. Maybe it's a summer camping project.

But is sounds like the girls are getting out of the tub, which means... dad time soon.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


So a debate is raging at our house right now over the "Spanking Law" currently under discussion in the Senate. Rhonda is firmly on the side that yes, we should criminalize spanking, I could not think of a more ridiculous way to deal with this issue.

I'm having a great deal of difficulty with this debate, because of my often stated fact that I don't think spanking does a lick of harm. Advocates against argue that there is no communication. I think cause-effect. A child puts hand on burner, burn happens. Communication has occured. Child is stealing dog food-hand slapped- communication occurs. The problem is the definition of communication is set by the anti-spanking folks, and well we all know how that works in debates.


Frankly I understand that my views on spanking are outdated. This is not something I'm gonna change overnight. Just like my grandparents occasionally referring to black people with the magic N word still happens although they know it's not acceptable practice, It's just they're upbringing, so will my views on spanking likely linger my entire life. It's a struggle I will have to endure, and try to do the best for my children, no matter what my personal views are.

What I'm most opposed to is the criminalization of spanking. Rhonda's biggest argument is that spanking is outdated and cruel and we need to do something about it. I find it ludicrous that we're planning on dealing with an outdated and cruel punishment with another outdated and cruel punishment. Jailing and fining people for spanking will not change peoples opinions of spanking, it will only further oppress those who frankly were just raised to think it was right, making they're lives harder and increasing the possibility of incidents that go further than a swat on the butt or slap on the wrist. Full on abuse cases will increase as people try and cope with the fact that they're only known form of discipline has been taken away. Not to mention we all know that the best way to make a criminal is to send them to jail. As to fines.. .well it just lets the rich beat they're kids while the poor are persecuted.

I contest that if we're taking society's ability to spank as a discipinary tactic away, then we are compelled to take criminal imprisonment and fines away. If we are truly trying to move to the next level of society then our governments and leaders need to show us non-violent and non-oppresive discipline before they begin to force it on us.

I'm not arguing that spaking is right. I'm arguing that making it a crime is wrong.

Monday, October 05, 2009

The Pilot' World Orchestra

I've always been someone who has a love of rich full sounding music. I like "epic".

I'd like to share with you a list of instuments, both rare and common that I would have in my perfect "orchestra".

The Beam - a gigantic custom built instument using 24 piano strings it is perhaps most famous in its use on the soundtrack of the film - Chronos. I love it's singing highs and it's rumbling lows.

The Glass Harmonica - invented by Benjamin Franklin, this is a haunting instument that is really just a mechanized version of the ol' wet finger on a wine glass trick. Bet you never knew what they used for that high part in Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy -

The Pipe Organ - You Tube can't do this instrument justice... maybe it's my Catholic upbringing but something about the pipe organ shakes me to my very cockles. No wonder the church uses it... how could you not be inspired by this thing!

The Vibraphone - Ah the great calm after the pipe organs and beams. This is one of the most relaxing and immersive instruments on my list. I just fall right in. My favourite performance is actually on a contemporary track, "Wake Up" by Mad Season. Not a spectacular complex song, but wow... emotion

Timpany - Well we need some more percussion don't we? Lordy.. .this list is full of it. Who can resist the timpany, when I was in school I would spare no effort to try and play the timpany in the band room at least once a week.

Tubular Bells - another old favourite from band class. It's the peircing nature of this one that I love so.

Moog Synth - well c'mon - aside from revolutionizing music, it might be the best instument invented in the past 300 years.

So there's a good start to my orchestra. I'm sure there are many more... not sure how to get all these together, or even what we'd play, but they shape my sound and what I love about music.

What instruments do you like?

Thursday, October 01, 2009


mmmm. One of the side-effects of marrying Rhonda is that I've become a real coffee snob. We've got our favourite coffees, grind our own every morning and have graduated from the peice of shit Black and Decker drip coffee maker to a French-press. Tres chiq.

I'm really enjoying the French-pressed coffee.. more flavour, less bitter. The only method of making coffee I like more is the percoltor we use when we're camping. Of course it could have to do with the fact that my coffee is 50% Baileys when we're camping. Nah.

Oh and it makes me ponder why people drink Tim Hortons coffee... but then I guess no one said society was SMART.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It's pretty impossible to miss the speed of modernization lately. I'm not sure if its consumerism or just that we reached a critical mass of invention and creativity, but the world is becoming a brighter, safer, cleaner, more controlled, organized and seamless world. It's strange really, but I can see society and civilization as we'rea directed becoming more integrated with nature again in the future. Technology will be there and VERY advanced, but it will work in harmony with nature. Garden of Eden with wireless access on your iPhone. High-speed.

But here's the ticket. It'l be the iPhone Membrane. A film the size of cigarettes with a permanently sticky back side made by 3M. You can peel an stick it anywhere, but usually you just keep it on your forearm. You can also stick it to a thin stand or any perpendicular area which will project it on a wall or flat surface for wider view. Takes input from touch, audio, heat, barometric, GPS, video, wi-fi, cell, satellite... whatever we can hook it to.

Cars I have trouble with. I think the basics are gonna stay the same. People like their cars, I think we'll get better at making driving safer, cleaner, easier and faster. We live in a world that is becoming more democratic, whether it seems so or not. It's a hell of a lot more democratic today than it's ever been in history. People want to do what they want, cars are part of that. Long distance travel will continue to be done in transit fashion, I think someone is gonna invent a really quick blimp. The prospect of space flight excites me, I just hope we have resources to keep up with it.

Biology and medicine are gonna get interesting soon. We do crazy shit now and pass most of it off as ethical. We're only gonna get better at that. Here we come Rhino Man!

Nuclear future is curious. I try not to get in a panic, but odds are pretty good that we're going to run into another catastrophic nuclear event in the future. I know that since times like Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, nuclear safety has become incredibly advanced and maintenance schedules are followed meticulously. But there are getting to be a lot of old nuclear reactors in this old planet, and there's a lot of old waste lying around. And I've seen what can happen to a building if it's not cared for. So if something happens that our attention is diverted for a while... we could see some pretty shitty stuff happen. ie - zombie attack takes out North America. Stay away from cities with nuke reactors.

My band the Criminal Kid is gonna kick some ass next Friday at the Exchange. We gonna have fun. And drink cold beers together afterwards.

The oceans will all die off and I can finally go swimming without worrying about being bit by a jellyfish. Shudder.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Listen to her....

Can't help but laugh a bit. Kayah's in the kitchen emptying every can and box from the Lazy Susan, and I could care less because she's leaving me alone. Can't say the same for the dogs. FEED YOURSELVES!

Noticing how painfully out of date the o'l blog is right now. Not that it's FULL of dead links, but there are more than a few dead blogs, most of the projects I've walked away from and crap I never even look at anymore still up. Bleh! Shoulda upgraded to the new blogger what... 3 years ago now?

Spent the afternoon bored out of my freaking skull at work. Had all my work done by 1:00, the internet there is severely limited and monitored and I'm tucked off in this corner in the middle of no-one since I'm a new position and they just put me somewhere. Stole my red stapler too.

I feel like I did when I first started Pilot's World... just sort of confused as to what I wanted it to be and really just typing words in hopes that something stuck. I don't seem to be able to come up with anything brilliant like the miracles of black and white or the root beer contest. I mean I could try sequels, like HD vs normal TV or a cola contest.. .but c'mon.

Well... I'm just gonna keep typing and typing until something comes out.....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning....

So the first show by The Criminal Kid is less than 2 weeks away now. October 9 at the Exchange, we finally unleash a year of work on an unsuspecting public. I say a year, but some of these songs go back as many as 5 years. We had practice tonight and what a jam it was. Doing lead vocals for the first time on a few songs in the band. Getting more confident in my singing, which is making my performance better with every try.

Been enjoying the family's new MacBook Pro this month. Still trying to get all the cables we need to plug our stuff into it, but I think we've all been pretty floored at how easy it's been to do tasks that were lengthy or even impossible on our Windows/Linux computers. I'm not saying we wouldn't have the same ease had we spent the same amount of money on a Windows laptop, but I've had nothing but success with the MacBook. Except the weird-ass Firewire port... but we'll have that fixed soon enough.

Working on a family budget of late. Month end is coming up, so I'll have another spurt of work to do soon enough. I've got a solid game-plan now, so it's a matter of getting it all rolling then supplementing it and moulding it to our needs. Rhonda and I are actually on pretty solid fiscal ground, so we've go nowhere but up to go once we've got this little project into full swing.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


So one of the more unusual occurrences that have happened at my place since I moved in has been recurring visits by hookers. Like real live sex-workers. They've come as early as 8 in the evening straight through to 6:30AM.

Last night I had my visit at 6:30 in the morning. Most respond quickly to a "You're in the wrong place, go away or I'm calling the police". But last night's was quite insistent that she was in the right place. She even got a text you know. She was so messed up on something that she was leaning stomach-shoulders and face against my back door. When she did finally leave she took a pretty zig-zag path across the yard.

I'm not really sure what to so about this all. It's very sporadic, but it does happen with some regularity. It's my opinion that my neighbor is sending them as they seem to correlate with our interactions with them. But how do you prove that? My concerns are that a pimp is gonna get pissed and show up with a weapon sometime, or that I'll forget to lock the door one night and next thing, one of these tramps will be in my house. That would have happened last night as she was really trying at the door.

The police in this city are basically useless. I called them the first couple times it happened, and they just said ""well we're busy right now, just lock the doors." So they just continue to come.

I'll keep y'all posted.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Empire Strikes Back

My favourite Star Wars movie is by far The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars is great, and Jedi is ok and the rest need no description, but Empire is best.

The best thing about all the other movies, is they make Empire better.

Seriously, without EP2 and EP3 letting us know how fucked up powerful Anakin was, times would not seem as desperate when Luke goes to confront Vader the first time.

I remember watching TSB the first time in school in French. I was just totally damaged watching Luke hang there, holding his arm and screaming. Probably the darkest thing my 5 year old brain had ever seen. I'm pretty sure it was the first Star Wars movie I watched. Its the first I remember.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and watch The Empire Strikes Back again for the first time.

Friday, September 04, 2009

What's this?

And as her blog slowed, his began to gain momentum.

So Rhonda has managed to get me into this "SyFy" (fags) show called Ghost Hunters. Ask anyone who knows me remotely well what my top two favourite movies are - Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. Hands down. My first winter project will be the new Wii game. God damn! Ghost hunters is fun because it shows a great way to BE a Ghostbuster. If I can just develop that and learn how to be a Jedi ...

Sometimes I think of upgrading and re-vamping Pilots World. The domain is a dating site now and I think maybe 2 people hang out. Who knows. Maybe I need to try a new web project. Retire Pilots World as my personal web project.

But we shall see. I've been thinking.

Doing a good chunk of the online work for The Criminal Kid lately. Been fun to toss together as a coherent project. So much of it is done so easily with social networking lately that I'd like to take the webpage to another level. Do something else with it. Need to think hard about it.

But. Gotta go.


Thursday, August 27, 2009







Thursday, August 13, 2009

So I'm sittin' here....`

... with a baby and a computer on my lap, and I'm thinkin' - "I do NOT want to do the internet anymore" outloud. Internally I'm thinkin' "That bass is sitting 2 feet behind me." Now the logical thing would be to put the baby to bed. But the child, she teeths, and you better bet your sweet bippy that if I put this child down now, a microphone straight from hell will broadcast to my childs lungs the sound of a woman being raped, and to be honest, after this morning, I need a break from that shit. Seriously.

So Rhonda suggests that I blog.

Here's the thing about blogging. The only time I really enjoy it, and the only time I think I'm really letting people read quality writing is when I'm being my most honest self. So I say what I think, which means I get in shit later from someone who takes offence to my hell-rape analogy up there. But you haven't sat with this child screaming for an hour. If that's not what hell sounds like, well then I'll eat my goddamn hat. I don't need that shit. Seriously.

So this leaves me with the question - "What should I blog?".

"You're four paragraphs in Pilot. You retard".

Shut up.


So I'm starting a new position at SGI in about a week and a half. My last day as a Building Operator is exactly one week from today. Then three days off and I'm a Clerk. I've never been a Clerk before. A Clerk 5 no less. In Underwriting in Accounts or something then in deliquent accounts, then something .... and voila I show up on Monday to a desk instead of a locker for the first time in my life. Sheeeeit. I'm sure I'll do fine, I can run a computer better than my coffee machine, I have a rudimentary system of personal and time organization, I passed all the tests my first try... and did very well on several, blasted through the interview and here we are, considering the fact that I could be turning in my last uniform on Thursday.

Life changin'. Not yet sure how to handle that shit. Seriously.

Nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan. Huh. Always felt safe in Saskatchewan because we didn't have nukes and due to our small economy never would. You know, even though our economy is supposedly doing well, it's still small. Nukes? We can't afford that. And this isn't just about the hundred gagillion dollars this will cost and how much that can go over budget. This is anout the MILLIONS OF GAGILLIONS it's going to cost when this PRIVATELY OWNED company dissolves in what 10, 20, 300, 2000 years when this company dissolves and this fucking death trap is spewing radioactive iodine all over the goddamn place and the baby's are coming out with heads the size of watermelons. This is a stupid idea. Mark my words.

Have another fish tank, so I moved my Tetra tank to a larger tank in my living rooms and moved the small tank to the bedroom and started a Molly tank. What a treat. They've neen having babies and I've kept a "survival of the fittest" rule on the tank and have a nice balance of fish in the tank right now. If it gets crowded in the tank I'll introduce some "natural selection" of my own, but for now they're a delightful troop. I actually want to replace the tetra tank now with guppies and some more anumated fish like moors - they're so fun.. So that's the tank after the tetras - two years away likely, but I can plan a major tank-reno and go to town.

My band The Criminal Kid released our first demo online a couple weeks ago. I'm not supposed to be pushing it around, but goddamn it, its out there and I'd like people to check it out. I'm really proud of all three songs, they sound great, and we're doing some SUPER exciting writing and work and I cannot wait to find a gig.

Think that's pretty much all for now. Babe is stirring a bit form the typing, and I might have found something to do online.

Be well everyone, thanks for reading!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Well Rob, I dunno ...

So I just caught my old buddy and band mate - and fellow scout, stamp collector and occasional dart collector - among many other things.... Rob putting links to his bands Cafepress page in the comments of my blog -

Now Rob is very welcome to do this on this blog, afterall he's one of my oldest and dearest friends, and me casa etc. Add to this the number of times I've stepped on the poor boys toes, it wouldn't be my place to get pissy about it.

So I'll just make a small winking nudge at it. ;)

You're one of maybe 8 people that would get away with that. I have no idea how you subverted the CAPCHA. :P

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How Tetris Blocks Are Made

Tetris is my all time favourite video game. As fun today as it was on my NES in 1987. But it's only today that I've learned one of the deepest mysteries about Tetris - how Tetronimos are made -

TETRIS CF #1 from WooDUS on Vimeo.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Clothed Streaker Interrupts Naked Rugby Match

Just one more peice of proof that New Zealand is the best country ever. I'm so moving there.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How about a compliment about my wife?

That might be a novel concept at ol' Pilot's World. One of the things I realized today was something my wife doesn't do anymore. Perhaps its because I put my foot down early or perhaps she just realized the folly in her desire.

When we first started going out she was on a fairly regular basis trying to push personal hygene and upkeep products on me. Exfoliating this, puff ball that, milk curd and bee sperm other thing. For a head and shoulders and pure soap guy, this was a little much. Now I DO use the dread soap she pushe on me when I got dreads, but that's because its the only thing that effectively keeps my dreads knotting - even then I opt for the original scent and not her "pertoulie" crap. Oh and she gave me some shave lotion for Christmas, but it was a present and it smells awesome... like freshly grated hippie.

So here's to the wife, the cause of and solution to all my problems.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I Like YouTube Tho.


Twitter? How long will that last?

So all, I've started doing some Twittering. It's ok so far. I'm getting a little tired of social media frankly. Blogs and social networking seem to be this world of exposing as much of yourself as you can. I've been on Facebook for about a year now. I joined for the most part because the band I was in and the band I'm currently in communicate over Facebook's communication system. We could do it anywhere, but Facebook is fine. But of course now that I'm there people want pictures and want me to join groups and the rest.

If I want to protest, I'll join Amnesty or Greenpeace, the Facebook group to make sure we don't have to pay for Facebook can lick my taint.

Twitter and blogging aren't much different. If there was anonymity involved, I might be more involved, but the fact of the matter is the only people who care to read my clap-trap are people I know, and if I happen to open my mouth in a way someone doesn't like (which is often), I hear about it.

Anyways, follow my Tweets at

Also, some news coming in the next month about my new band. There is much to tell now, but we're keepig it all under wraps for the moment to get the project a little more together first. Stay tuned!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear Warn Weather

So nice to see you again. Please stay around. PLEASE?!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Homo Milk

Something I wish I had done very early in my relationship with Rhonda was to put my foot down about milk.  Rhonda has a health need to drink only 1% or skim milk.  This is what people of us in the Pilon clan refer to as "Dish Water"

I should, from day one, have said "No, I will not drink that milk, it is against the Catholic faith".  You see at that time she was still pretty naive to how us Catholics do things and was very eager to please, so we would have found a way to make it happen.  Then by the time she figured it out, well we'd have a process in place.

But now I'm stuck getting only enriched vitamin A and D and some calcium from what is otherwise... dish water.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How's it goin?!

Hey all, long time no blog. How about a little update to Pilot's World. Everyone here is doing pretty good. Baby is growing up and beginning to walk and getting her first words. Tai is rockin' out in school and has a new report card coming in the next few weeks.

Rhonda is heading back to work part time at a care home, hopefully she get some satisfaction and accomplishment from returning to the work-force. She's working hard on becoming a doula and breast-feeding consultant, so I've had a lot of my off-work time with the kids and running the ol' household. Thank God for the miracle of the Google suite of online software - if it weren't for iGoogle, Google Calendar and Gmail I'd likely be dead.

Been working a lot on self-improvement lately. Not to say I was on a downward spiral of reckless behaviour, but I did realize lately that I've been having trouble prioritizing my goals in life... so I've been trying to target myself a little more and deal with a few personal issues I've been having. Spending most of Friday visiting bankers and councilors hoping I can make my life a little easier to manage. I'm hoping once we get our banking a little more online to begin using an online cheque-booking system called Clear Checkbook. It even lets you update your books using text messaging! AMAZING!

Been working hard on the new band with Dave, Vic, Andrew and Scott. Have a few songs well started and I'm working on lyrics/melody for the first time in a band. It's slow going, but faster than any of the work I've done in the past. Having others to fill in gaps sure expedites the situation. The band is already having inter-personal issues though, which bugs me a lot, and I think one of the members will end up leaving before there is balance and a healthy work-relationship happening.

Well that's about all to report now. Not much more to say. ... LEGALIZE IT!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Damn damn it sonofabitch

Well I shouldn't be that frustrated I guess.

Every year I set the goal... don't write the wrong year on stuff. This year I went a full 26 days before writing 2008 on something. Usually it takes no more than a week to absentmindedly write the wrong year.

The worst part of this year was I was so busy trying not to screw it up that I went ahead and screwed it up anyway.

Oh well.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Best Parenting Article EVAR!

Rhonda reads a lot of parenting shit. A lot. I'm starting to believe that the children in this house are being raised by the internet. It's an interesting change the internet has had on parenting I think. I mean Rhonda's travels keep us very aware of the dangers that are around us, and lord knows I'm so madly attached to this baby that I'm glad we can keep her so safe.

I run a little more to the wind. I like the human factor of raising a child. I most often look for advice to the people around me, including Rhonda. I do read the occasional article or book that Rhonda pokes my way, and I've started a parenting philosophy and I rather enjoy it. And sometimes I let some slightly dangerous shit happen, just to see how she'll do. One needs to learn to fail. A skill I've always found my parents brilliant at.

Rhonda is pretty respectful of this approach a bit, alot. But she only sends me an article every few weeks, so I don't have to chug though one often.

But I stumbled on a parenting article so good, I needed to share it with y'all.

It's called

Take Time To Talk To Your Child About Whatever Crap They Like


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winnipeg is allright - if you like sax0phones

Went to the Manitoba Museum. Not bad as far as museums go. Got to hang and jam with Mark and Blaine, hang with Holly and generally have a fun day. I got the audio interface I've been begging for for three months, so now I'll be a synth-rocking fiend. I can't bloomin' wait!

Of course now I need to buy Blaines bass.

Really enjoyed our stay at the Hampton, the curved shower bar was certainly the highlight their Travelocity Page promised it would be. And getting room 420 was enough of a thrill to make the entire trip worthwhile. Now for packing breakfast and back to the "vag". Nothing good can last... and we're gonna run out of money to stay any longer.

Au revoir Winnipeg!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

In Winnipeg

And only nearly been lost a few times. Went to the Old Spaghetti Factory and saw the worlds largest kiln-dried vase and ate what was likely the most unhealthy thing I've ever eaten - butter fried spaghetti covered with cheese. I'm gonna have to walk that one off tommorrow, if I make it though the night.

Well off to bed or somewhere in that area....

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Christmas Tree is still up.

So ghetto.

That's just how I roll.



Baby is sleeping. Peacefully in her crib. And did it with the least violence yet. Seriously, it's been a Gaza-style week up here in the Pilot Crib with the baby sleep-training.

It's a fine art baby training, I'm not gonna go into the sordid history, but let me just say we have a 7 month old baby who refuses to sleep in a crib, and I've made it my life goal to change that as soon as possible. And after singing most of the albums I listened to in Grade 8 at half speed to her, she is finally unconscious with two snoring dogs. And I'm gonna sneak to bed, now convinced she will sleep.

Bon Nuit!

Monday, January 05, 2009


I know that I live in Canada, and I'm very proud of that. And for the most part I try not to complain about those things I can't change.

But this winter shit MUST STOP!

I'm officially replacing all my CFL lights with diesel burning lamps and trading in my compact cars for a tank and a train with rubber tires. Global Warming? At this point in my week, bring it on.

I've shovelled thousands of pounds of snow in the past couple months, nearly got into auto collisions on numerous occasions and I'm frankly just sick of having to put on 40 pounds of winter gear just to take out the garbage.

There my rant is over.

I need a whiskey.