Saturday, November 28, 2009

More speaking on the Grey Cup

Well Grey Cup Fever has hit me like a brick off a 10 storey building. Like Tai says "Look out Grey Cup, here we come!"

So of course it's created a week of ritual and ceremony in preparation for the luck of the game.

At this time last week I found out that I had a ticket to the Western final and my Western Final plans wouldn't be happening. The game would turn out to be legendary in the annals of Rider lore I'm sure. ("I've never seen Taylor Field so GREEN").

All week at work has been casual if you wear green/Riders clothing. Well hell. It's all the City of Regina can talk about, the local economy is doing gangbusters on any item that has a hue between aqua blue and orange. The local water supply has a slightly green hue as the population washes all their green clothes so they have something to wear to work tomorrow.

Excitement for this team is incredibly high. We're fresh off a Cup and we've had a good couple seasons in the meantime and really rebounded well from alot of fame-jumpers after the last Cup.

Rider Nation is poised to explode.

Now I'm not saying our boys have an easy chore tomorrow. Chances are pretty good we'll be welcoming home less metal than we'd like, but this team is good and is going to play VERY hard in Calgary tomorrow. A

And I cannot wait to watch that game.

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