Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It's pretty impossible to miss the speed of modernization lately. I'm not sure if its consumerism or just that we reached a critical mass of invention and creativity, but the world is becoming a brighter, safer, cleaner, more controlled, organized and seamless world. It's strange really, but I can see society and civilization as we'rea directed becoming more integrated with nature again in the future. Technology will be there and VERY advanced, but it will work in harmony with nature. Garden of Eden with wireless access on your iPhone. High-speed.

But here's the ticket. It'l be the iPhone Membrane. A film the size of cigarettes with a permanently sticky back side made by 3M. You can peel an stick it anywhere, but usually you just keep it on your forearm. You can also stick it to a thin stand or any perpendicular area which will project it on a wall or flat surface for wider view. Takes input from touch, audio, heat, barometric, GPS, video, wi-fi, cell, satellite... whatever we can hook it to.

Cars I have trouble with. I think the basics are gonna stay the same. People like their cars, I think we'll get better at making driving safer, cleaner, easier and faster. We live in a world that is becoming more democratic, whether it seems so or not. It's a hell of a lot more democratic today than it's ever been in history. People want to do what they want, cars are part of that. Long distance travel will continue to be done in transit fashion, I think someone is gonna invent a really quick blimp. The prospect of space flight excites me, I just hope we have resources to keep up with it.

Biology and medicine are gonna get interesting soon. We do crazy shit now and pass most of it off as ethical. We're only gonna get better at that. Here we come Rhino Man!

Nuclear future is curious. I try not to get in a panic, but odds are pretty good that we're going to run into another catastrophic nuclear event in the future. I know that since times like Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, nuclear safety has become incredibly advanced and maintenance schedules are followed meticulously. But there are getting to be a lot of old nuclear reactors in this old planet, and there's a lot of old waste lying around. And I've seen what can happen to a building if it's not cared for. So if something happens that our attention is diverted for a while... we could see some pretty shitty stuff happen. ie - zombie attack takes out North America. Stay away from cities with nuke reactors.

My band the Criminal Kid is gonna kick some ass next Friday at the Exchange. We gonna have fun. And drink cold beers together afterwards.

The oceans will all die off and I can finally go swimming without worrying about being bit by a jellyfish. Shudder.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Listen to her....

Can't help but laugh a bit. Kayah's in the kitchen emptying every can and box from the Lazy Susan, and I could care less because she's leaving me alone. Can't say the same for the dogs. FEED YOURSELVES!

Noticing how painfully out of date the o'l blog is right now. Not that it's FULL of dead links, but there are more than a few dead blogs, most of the projects I've walked away from and crap I never even look at anymore still up. Bleh! Shoulda upgraded to the new blogger what... 3 years ago now?

Spent the afternoon bored out of my freaking skull at work. Had all my work done by 1:00, the internet there is severely limited and monitored and I'm tucked off in this corner in the middle of no-one since I'm a new position and they just put me somewhere. Stole my red stapler too.

I feel like I did when I first started Pilot's World... just sort of confused as to what I wanted it to be and really just typing words in hopes that something stuck. I don't seem to be able to come up with anything brilliant like the miracles of black and white or the root beer contest. I mean I could try sequels, like HD vs normal TV or a cola contest.. .but c'mon.

Well... I'm just gonna keep typing and typing until something comes out.....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning....

So the first show by The Criminal Kid is less than 2 weeks away now. October 9 at the Exchange, we finally unleash a year of work on an unsuspecting public. I say a year, but some of these songs go back as many as 5 years. We had practice tonight and what a jam it was. Doing lead vocals for the first time on a few songs in the band. Getting more confident in my singing, which is making my performance better with every try.

Been enjoying the family's new MacBook Pro this month. Still trying to get all the cables we need to plug our stuff into it, but I think we've all been pretty floored at how easy it's been to do tasks that were lengthy or even impossible on our Windows/Linux computers. I'm not saying we wouldn't have the same ease had we spent the same amount of money on a Windows laptop, but I've had nothing but success with the MacBook. Except the weird-ass Firewire port... but we'll have that fixed soon enough.

Working on a family budget of late. Month end is coming up, so I'll have another spurt of work to do soon enough. I've got a solid game-plan now, so it's a matter of getting it all rolling then supplementing it and moulding it to our needs. Rhonda and I are actually on pretty solid fiscal ground, so we've go nowhere but up to go once we've got this little project into full swing.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


So one of the more unusual occurrences that have happened at my place since I moved in has been recurring visits by hookers. Like real live sex-workers. They've come as early as 8 in the evening straight through to 6:30AM.

Last night I had my visit at 6:30 in the morning. Most respond quickly to a "You're in the wrong place, go away or I'm calling the police". But last night's was quite insistent that she was in the right place. She even got a text you know. She was so messed up on something that she was leaning stomach-shoulders and face against my back door. When she did finally leave she took a pretty zig-zag path across the yard.

I'm not really sure what to so about this all. It's very sporadic, but it does happen with some regularity. It's my opinion that my neighbor is sending them as they seem to correlate with our interactions with them. But how do you prove that? My concerns are that a pimp is gonna get pissed and show up with a weapon sometime, or that I'll forget to lock the door one night and next thing, one of these tramps will be in my house. That would have happened last night as she was really trying at the door.

The police in this city are basically useless. I called them the first couple times it happened, and they just said ""well we're busy right now, just lock the doors." So they just continue to come.

I'll keep y'all posted.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Empire Strikes Back

My favourite Star Wars movie is by far The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars is great, and Jedi is ok and the rest need no description, but Empire is best.

The best thing about all the other movies, is they make Empire better.

Seriously, without EP2 and EP3 letting us know how fucked up powerful Anakin was, times would not seem as desperate when Luke goes to confront Vader the first time.

I remember watching TSB the first time in school in French. I was just totally damaged watching Luke hang there, holding his arm and screaming. Probably the darkest thing my 5 year old brain had ever seen. I'm pretty sure it was the first Star Wars movie I watched. Its the first I remember.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and watch The Empire Strikes Back again for the first time.

Friday, September 04, 2009

What's this?

And as her blog slowed, his began to gain momentum.

So Rhonda has managed to get me into this "SyFy" (fags) show called Ghost Hunters. Ask anyone who knows me remotely well what my top two favourite movies are - Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. Hands down. My first winter project will be the new Wii game. God damn! Ghost hunters is fun because it shows a great way to BE a Ghostbuster. If I can just develop that and learn how to be a Jedi ...

Sometimes I think of upgrading and re-vamping Pilots World. The domain is a dating site now and I think maybe 2 people hang out. Who knows. Maybe I need to try a new web project. Retire Pilots World as my personal web project.

But we shall see. I've been thinking.

Doing a good chunk of the online work for The Criminal Kid lately. Been fun to toss together as a coherent project. So much of it is done so easily with social networking lately that I'd like to take the webpage to another level. Do something else with it. Need to think hard about it.

But. Gotta go.