Sunday, September 20, 2009


So one of the more unusual occurrences that have happened at my place since I moved in has been recurring visits by hookers. Like real live sex-workers. They've come as early as 8 in the evening straight through to 6:30AM.

Last night I had my visit at 6:30 in the morning. Most respond quickly to a "You're in the wrong place, go away or I'm calling the police". But last night's was quite insistent that she was in the right place. She even got a text you know. She was so messed up on something that she was leaning stomach-shoulders and face against my back door. When she did finally leave she took a pretty zig-zag path across the yard.

I'm not really sure what to so about this all. It's very sporadic, but it does happen with some regularity. It's my opinion that my neighbor is sending them as they seem to correlate with our interactions with them. But how do you prove that? My concerns are that a pimp is gonna get pissed and show up with a weapon sometime, or that I'll forget to lock the door one night and next thing, one of these tramps will be in my house. That would have happened last night as she was really trying at the door.

The police in this city are basically useless. I called them the first couple times it happened, and they just said ""well we're busy right now, just lock the doors." So they just continue to come.

I'll keep y'all posted.

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Soulfood said...

Get some deadbolts!!!