Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning....

So the first show by The Criminal Kid is less than 2 weeks away now. October 9 at the Exchange, we finally unleash a year of work on an unsuspecting public. I say a year, but some of these songs go back as many as 5 years. We had practice tonight and what a jam it was. Doing lead vocals for the first time on a few songs in the band. Getting more confident in my singing, which is making my performance better with every try.

Been enjoying the family's new MacBook Pro this month. Still trying to get all the cables we need to plug our stuff into it, but I think we've all been pretty floored at how easy it's been to do tasks that were lengthy or even impossible on our Windows/Linux computers. I'm not saying we wouldn't have the same ease had we spent the same amount of money on a Windows laptop, but I've had nothing but success with the MacBook. Except the weird-ass Firewire port... but we'll have that fixed soon enough.

Working on a family budget of late. Month end is coming up, so I'll have another spurt of work to do soon enough. I've got a solid game-plan now, so it's a matter of getting it all rolling then supplementing it and moulding it to our needs. Rhonda and I are actually on pretty solid fiscal ground, so we've go nowhere but up to go once we've got this little project into full swing.

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