Friday, September 04, 2009

What's this?

And as her blog slowed, his began to gain momentum.

So Rhonda has managed to get me into this "SyFy" (fags) show called Ghost Hunters. Ask anyone who knows me remotely well what my top two favourite movies are - Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. Hands down. My first winter project will be the new Wii game. God damn! Ghost hunters is fun because it shows a great way to BE a Ghostbuster. If I can just develop that and learn how to be a Jedi ...

Sometimes I think of upgrading and re-vamping Pilots World. The domain is a dating site now and I think maybe 2 people hang out. Who knows. Maybe I need to try a new web project. Retire Pilots World as my personal web project.

But we shall see. I've been thinking.

Doing a good chunk of the online work for The Criminal Kid lately. Been fun to toss together as a coherent project. So much of it is done so easily with social networking lately that I'd like to take the webpage to another level. Do something else with it. Need to think hard about it.

But. Gotta go.


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