Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Project and off to Camping

So I got to sit down with Dave last night and begin work on a new band we've been discussing doing. It's an interesting approach because we've got lots of ideas, want to avoid setting guidelines and boundaries. It's like a big lump of clay right now, it could be ANYTHING, but last night we started moulding it a bit. We discussed some of the projects we've done in the past, what we liked about them. We bounced a couple songs off each other that we'd been writing, teaching each other how to play and expanding on the ideas. We also discussed possible members and genres too. I think this will be an exciting and entertaining band, and I'm very anxious to get right into it, but patience may be key as both Dave and I need to get the Linger project finished, and there's really no rush for us to get going yet, we still need to find the rest of the band. I'm most pleased with the fact that I was able to bring in a couple songs that I didn't think I'd ever have a place for and slid them right in to what we're doing.

After work today, I'll be rushing home to finish packing then hitting the road for Manitou Beach for a couple nights of camping and relaxing. Got the first night all to myself, then tommorrow afternoon, Rhonda will be joining me for the remainder of my days off. I'm really looking forward to it.

Other than that, work work work. There's a big dark rain storm on right now in Regina, the Science Center looks really cool when it's dark outside.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Air Filtering House Plants

I've had a small but determined interest in horticulture for the past few years. I've been trying to grow the odd houseplant, succeding for a time, then failing due to circumstance, then succeding again.

One of the most successful to date has been my spider plant. It's gone from low-light and no water to too much light and too much water and it's just grown like nobodies business all along. It's no wonder it's my most accomplished plants (I was using success too much...), it's an incredibly hearty plant... thank God it's not a weed here.

While doing some research about this lil gem that sits in my window brightening my living room, I learned that it's an excellent air cleaner, absorbing all sorts of toxens.. recommended by NASA... pretty cool. So I caught this list of air cleansing house plants. Pretty cool, think I'm gonna get my hands on some and do some house growing. A similar list of large trees would be nice too, people could figure out what kind of trees to plant if they wanna be all "Green" and shit,

Anybody want a cutting, I'm willing to trade for anything on the list (or I'd just give you a cutting if you asked nice.

I'm dissappointed that my garden didn't come to fruition this year, the move ended a few of my plans for the year and the act killed a few plants I had going. But I got some seeds saved, all is not lost. I think I might learn to do something that needs a lamp or something to start. I have a bannana plant and a cashew nut tree, those could be interesting. And I just re-planted an herb garden. And I did a planter of chives, just to drive Rhonda mad with the smell. So all is not lost.

Oh Science Science Science

Beakman's World
Bill Nye The Science Guy

Mr. Wizard
Popular mechanics for Kids

and just as a bonus, completely un-sciencey, but I know you're all going "Oh wow, I forgot about that one!" Here's another one to blow your mind
Picture Pages

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sad Loss... thank God it's temporary

So I started laquering a project at work yesterday, something I'll be doing for about the next week and a half. Unfortunately I learned that my air-fileter mask doesn't seal properly thanks to the old beard. So last night I had to take the big plunge and shaved the ol' girl off. So I'm now as bare-faced as grade 5. I look like a dork... I want my beard back. So thankfully the project will only last a little while, then I can return to my normal awesome self.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Impressions and that damn environment again...

So got into a discussion this weekend about people who do impressions of people that are spot-on duplicates of the original person... with some embellishment for humor. Scott Thompson as QE2 floats to the top as one of the best. But I forgot an old favourite, this gem from a Gap commercial back 'round the turn of the century...

Also, been spending a lot of my time in the past few weeks working on ideas to lessen my "carbon footprint". I did a few jobs I've been delaying on, such as updating the house lighting to compact fluorescents, starting another person on a vermicompost, planted a couple trees, biking to work everyday (even when I don't want to), planting some other plants and getting the recycling together. Also have been trying to spend less time indoors using energy and more time outdoors enjoying free entertainment. Among some of my initiatives I'm personally trying (and dragging the family along with me) are the following ;
- Buying a small solar charged battery system for use in house and while out camping.
- Completing the upgrade of the lighting in the house, including switching over to CFL's about 4-5 more sockets and putting in more localized light like lamps so less power need be used.
- Xeriscape the yard (probably for next year, just waiting to see whether we can buy our house
- Seal windows and doors
- and reduce meat consumption by 25% in the next year.
- Purchasing as much environmentally friendly products as possible, the President's Choice line is a great place to start.

None of this is going to be very hard, and I hope that it will all help make a difference. I know I've asked this before in the past, but hey I'm still looking for ideas. Anyone else make any major changes since Live Earth? If not, why not try now, let me know what you're up to!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Not too much to report

Went camping with Rhonda, Tai, Mark and Rhonda's friend Curtis this weekend at Buffalo Pound. Swam, drank, smoked and just generally relaxed for 24 hours. Can't say I complain.

Going up to Manitou Beach (if my reservation goes through) this weekend, so that should be a really good time.

Just surfing the web right now, how about a collection of links of what I'm looking at...
Shanna Travel Log
PowerPack- Solar Powered

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good News, Bad News and otherwise

Very good news... Shadow was returned this afternoon. He was found many blocks away, on a leash that was not one of ours. Suspicious to be sure. We're just glad he's home.

Went and joined the sea of green at Taylor Field today. While it was a dissappointing loss, the game had a definite highlight when the guy who was sitting next to me streaked naked across the field after being kicked out of the game. Kudos to you guy, plead not guilty! I feel bad for encouraging him... but only a bit.

Also have had unsubtantiated reports that a musician I studied under in junior high and a mentor of my sisters, Mr. John Griffiths has passed. He will be missed by the music community.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


In a sad turn of events that makes myself and my fiancee look like bad dog owners, our young puppy, Shadow is missing. I put him out in the yard on a leash this morning on the way to work and he went missing sometime between then and when Rhonda went to let him in. His leash and lead are still in the yard, so he should be wearing his collar.

He's a small (say 10-15lbs) black Shi-Tzu/Poodle mix. He's all black with a white left paw as a distinguishing mark. He's friendly, but still very puppy like, so he may bite a bit and try to play. He is wearing a blue collar with a multicoloured celtic design on it. Rhonda is offering a $300 reward for his return. If anyone has any information, please contact me, my e-mail is

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gimme an Inch...

...and I'll take a meffin' mile.

Took in my recycling yesterday. Now I'm all for the green stuff, hey it's probably one of the few subjects I speak about regularily on this blog, but someone has to do something about recycling.

Here in Regina I have a couple options;
1 - Put it all in one bag and toss it in the dumpster out back. Pros - Freaking easy and cheap - Cons - Completely environmentally irresponsible.
2 - Store, sort and return to various depots - Pros - Cheap and reponsible Cons - Inconvenient and you have to drive all over the goddamn galaxy to return stuff
3 - Hire a service to pick up your recycling - Pros - Convenient and less sorting - Cons - Costly

I'm currently using number 2 and I think with a little initiative and some effort, that process could be alot easier. I went to the SARCAN location on Dewdney to return my bottles. Now it was pouring rain, I was treated rudely by the staff (one in particular could not stop chastizing me for returning my bottles there and not across the street at the bottle depot where I could fetch 6 cents more a bottle... I was willing to pay for the convenience of not going out in the rain again, but she didn't seem to understand that.) ANYWAYS, they have a huge empty lot out back. If there was some brain power being used there, they would have paper, metal, glass, clothing and any other locally availiable recycling availiable right there, drive in and drop off. Hell add bins in the building for batteries and printer cartriges.

Besically what I'm saying is that all of this stuff that's being recycled are RESOURCES. They can be reprocessed into new things, avoiding processing and mining/harvesting. THIS IS A VALUABLE THING, and yet, no one seems to make it convenient for people to deposit it. It seems like an easy money scheme to me, people are willing to give you resources for free, you make it easy and cost effective for them to do so, and you profit. SARCAN has managed to make some success of it with their tin can, bottle, and paint recycling programs, just add paper, tin, glass and clothing to the mix. Or enter partnerships with other companies/charities. It makes economic and moral sense.

I also think that cities should be taking greater initiative for composting. For what would be a very reasonable investment, cities could install compost heaps in all city parks which could be used by the people in the area as well as city crews to deposit food and yard scraps for compost. Processed compost could be used by the city instead of fertilizers or could be sold or given away to the general public. Recycling bins for pop containers and paper should be more readily availiable in public places, particularily those with high traffic (Downtown areas, stadiums, brothels).

Anyways, enough of my rants, it just seems that we have a problem and all I see is people asking for solutions, well there's one.

Oh and if anyone needs a Queen sized mattress and box spring we have one for sale $20 as is.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The single greatest moment in rock history

Ladies and gentlemen - Spinal Tap performing "Big Bottoms" at Live Earth.. with an ARMY of bass players.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

What a 24 hour period

Went to Weyburn last night to visit with Rhonda and Tai to visit with my parents, grandparent and great aunt and uncle. While there, I got an unfortunate phone call from an old friend who is incarcerated. It's sad and I suppose disturbing to talk to an old friend who has struggled all his life and is in prison. I'm not saying he shouldn't be there, but the justice system really takes on a personal tinge when it's your highschool weight-lifting partner who always had time to help you rebuild a carbeuretor.

Went (late) to the Saskblogs meet and shared some worms and some conversation. I REALLY need to start reading blogs more, now that I'm back in the fold. For SaskBoy, Garbage Delight, everything you ever needed to know about keeping those worms alive and healthy

Riders are up 39-8... YEAH!! GO RIDERS GO!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ok, so Metallica at Wembly. My major criticism of Live Earth so far is the crappy mixes that I've seen coming thorough. Has the age of the quality live mix ended? Kirk was just soloing his goddamned ass off in "Sad But True" and I could barely hear it.

I'm a little shocked by the unfettered use of foul language in the shows. I gues they're going for the shock value here, but if this were a film, they've dropped enough F bombs already to acquire an R rating.

Funny story, inspired by the whole Live Earth thing, I've been going around the back areas of the SSC and turning off lights where they aren't being used. Sanil (sp?) the building maintenance guy is about 20 minutes behind me turning them all back on again. He he, guess it'll come to a head soon enough... oh well. TURN OFF SOME LIGHTS!!!!!
Watching Live Earth again, this time on MSN. Pretty cool overall, still really impressed with the two bands I talked about last night, particularily Rize who's album I think I'll have to purchase soon.

Heh, just saw Will Ferrel change a lightbulb... I bet that guy is funny sitting on the can.

There was a really good speech done last night on the Australian show. I don't know his name, but he was talking about the benefits of biking, including the incredible comfort of Lycra. His best line was "When someone comes up to you and complains about the cost of gasoline in this country, tell them to FUCK OFF! The price of gasoline is HALF the price of bottled water, and untill the price of the damage done by burning fossil fuels is factored into the price of usage, we will not come any closer to solving this problem" Well put.

Just reading about the initiatives being used by the Live Earth committee and shows. Check e'm out. While I think they're great, I think it would be of incredible benefit if the commitee had worked on getting solar/wind powered stage shows in each venue. This would place in each continent on the planet a stage setup that generated it's own clean energy. The stage would likely save MEGAWATTS of energy during it's lifetime as it's used in live concerts throughout the year for years to come. Seems like a good idea to me.

Oh man, Ben Affleck was just picking garbage, kickass!

OK, more to come later! Just watching BEP in Wembly.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Dispatches From Live Earth

Hey all, the world-wide concert to promote the dangers and solutions to Global Warming, Live Earth is on right now. You all know the history, if not, check Wikipedia.

So I've checked out a few acts from both the Australian show in Sydney, and the Japan show in Tokyo. Both have had some kickass bands. Rize from Japan was absolutely wicked. Language was no barrier there. I didn't understand a word they said and they were still crazy, crazy charismatic and kickass tight. Great band, check e'm out sometime. they're back on now, they fucking ROCK my balls OFF!

The commecial skits by Rip Torn and Harry Shearer were great, both incredibly funny and incredibly poingant. Never was funny so sad.

Another incredible highlight was Ghostwriters on the Australian show, the definite highlight from the continent nation down under.

More as I can give e'm, work, sleep and a trip to Weyburn will hinder the progress, but life MUST CONTINUE OR THE TERRORISTS WILL WIN! Later y'all.

This could be an easy way to raise some cash...

$3390.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Had a late night last night, a "Cane Sugar" cola combined with a hidden beeping cellphone kept me up later than I wanted. Comine that with the fact that I brought the fiancee's pants to work instead of my own to change into after the bike to work, and you have what has been an exhausting morning.

We booked the hall for the wedding last night and sold our old futon on A great site to buy and sell, the ad went up in the afternoon, the futon was gone by bedtime.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Well if Genesis and the Police can do it....

So can I.

I'm coming out of retirement. I miss the old blog, and frankly I think she misses me. It's either this or join Facebook, and that shit ain't happenin!

So what's new? WELL LET ME TELL YOU! Firstly, the big news and the one thing I've come out of retirement to tell you all about firstly, is I got engaged a couple months ago! You will all likely remember Rhonda of Rescue Regina, well we've set the date for September 15, 2007 and we're working on presenting the whole thing on webcam, so Pilot's World might just have it's first online marriage!

Secondly, I've moved up to Regina in anticipation of said wedding. I've landed a pretty nice temporary position ot the Science Center in town, so I get to spend my days playing with and fixing all the exhibits on the floor. Maybe a blessing in disguise that it's only a temporary position... the administration is poor and you can only watch the same episode of Beakman's World so many times before you go insane. But I get to enjoy a bike ride to work most days and I get to sleep in to the wonderous hour of 7:00 now (so long 5:00 starts Weyburn Leisure Center).

Other than that? Adjusting to having a 7 year old in my life everyday brings joy and frustration, Bootsy is in good health. I'm still playing with Linger, and it looks like August might be busy for us. Looking to start another project musically, but I'm gonna leave that all in the dark till I know it's gonna happen.

So there you have it, I'm back and I'm full of piss and vinegar (I used to be just full of vinegar). Stay tooned...