Thursday, July 05, 2007

Well if Genesis and the Police can do it....

So can I.

I'm coming out of retirement. I miss the old blog, and frankly I think she misses me. It's either this or join Facebook, and that shit ain't happenin!

So what's new? WELL LET ME TELL YOU! Firstly, the big news and the one thing I've come out of retirement to tell you all about firstly, is I got engaged a couple months ago! You will all likely remember Rhonda of Rescue Regina, well we've set the date for September 15, 2007 and we're working on presenting the whole thing on webcam, so Pilot's World might just have it's first online marriage!

Secondly, I've moved up to Regina in anticipation of said wedding. I've landed a pretty nice temporary position ot the Science Center in town, so I get to spend my days playing with and fixing all the exhibits on the floor. Maybe a blessing in disguise that it's only a temporary position... the administration is poor and you can only watch the same episode of Beakman's World so many times before you go insane. But I get to enjoy a bike ride to work most days and I get to sleep in to the wonderous hour of 7:00 now (so long 5:00 starts Weyburn Leisure Center).

Other than that? Adjusting to having a 7 year old in my life everyday brings joy and frustration, Bootsy is in good health. I'm still playing with Linger, and it looks like August might be busy for us. Looking to start another project musically, but I'm gonna leave that all in the dark till I know it's gonna happen.

So there you have it, I'm back and I'm full of piss and vinegar (I used to be just full of vinegar). Stay tooned...

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rhonda said...

good for you honey. just as i have exited the wonderous world of blogging (although I had this wonderful topic in my head while I was showering last night).

Facebook ain't all that bad. It killed myspace afterall.