Saturday, July 07, 2007

Watching Live Earth again, this time on MSN. Pretty cool overall, still really impressed with the two bands I talked about last night, particularily Rize who's album I think I'll have to purchase soon.

Heh, just saw Will Ferrel change a lightbulb... I bet that guy is funny sitting on the can.

There was a really good speech done last night on the Australian show. I don't know his name, but he was talking about the benefits of biking, including the incredible comfort of Lycra. His best line was "When someone comes up to you and complains about the cost of gasoline in this country, tell them to FUCK OFF! The price of gasoline is HALF the price of bottled water, and untill the price of the damage done by burning fossil fuels is factored into the price of usage, we will not come any closer to solving this problem" Well put.

Just reading about the initiatives being used by the Live Earth committee and shows. Check e'm out. While I think they're great, I think it would be of incredible benefit if the commitee had worked on getting solar/wind powered stage shows in each venue. This would place in each continent on the planet a stage setup that generated it's own clean energy. The stage would likely save MEGAWATTS of energy during it's lifetime as it's used in live concerts throughout the year for years to come. Seems like a good idea to me.

Oh man, Ben Affleck was just picking garbage, kickass!

OK, more to come later! Just watching BEP in Wembly.

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