Thursday, July 19, 2007

Air Filtering House Plants

I've had a small but determined interest in horticulture for the past few years. I've been trying to grow the odd houseplant, succeding for a time, then failing due to circumstance, then succeding again.

One of the most successful to date has been my spider plant. It's gone from low-light and no water to too much light and too much water and it's just grown like nobodies business all along. It's no wonder it's my most accomplished plants (I was using success too much...), it's an incredibly hearty plant... thank God it's not a weed here.

While doing some research about this lil gem that sits in my window brightening my living room, I learned that it's an excellent air cleaner, absorbing all sorts of toxens.. recommended by NASA... pretty cool. So I caught this list of air cleansing house plants. Pretty cool, think I'm gonna get my hands on some and do some house growing. A similar list of large trees would be nice too, people could figure out what kind of trees to plant if they wanna be all "Green" and shit,

Anybody want a cutting, I'm willing to trade for anything on the list (or I'd just give you a cutting if you asked nice.

I'm dissappointed that my garden didn't come to fruition this year, the move ended a few of my plans for the year and the act killed a few plants I had going. But I got some seeds saved, all is not lost. I think I might learn to do something that needs a lamp or something to start. I have a bannana plant and a cashew nut tree, those could be interesting. And I just re-planted an herb garden. And I did a planter of chives, just to drive Rhonda mad with the smell. So all is not lost.

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Anonymous said...

This is a good list. My printmaking prof recommended a couple of the plants here (the ficus for sure) to put into studio space. In painting, printmaking (sometimes even drawing)we use some pretty nasty petroleum-based chemicals. These plants THRIVE on them and remove most of the carcinagenic vapor particles out of the air.