Sunday, July 08, 2007

What a 24 hour period

Went to Weyburn last night to visit with Rhonda and Tai to visit with my parents, grandparent and great aunt and uncle. While there, I got an unfortunate phone call from an old friend who is incarcerated. It's sad and I suppose disturbing to talk to an old friend who has struggled all his life and is in prison. I'm not saying he shouldn't be there, but the justice system really takes on a personal tinge when it's your highschool weight-lifting partner who always had time to help you rebuild a carbeuretor.

Went (late) to the Saskblogs meet and shared some worms and some conversation. I REALLY need to start reading blogs more, now that I'm back in the fold. For SaskBoy, Garbage Delight, everything you ever needed to know about keeping those worms alive and healthy

Riders are up 39-8... YEAH!! GO RIDERS GO!


Monty Loree said...

Hey Jeremy,
Nice to meet you at the Saskblogs picnic..

Woohoo... Saskatchewan beat Calgary 49-8..


Rhonda said...

Don't forget the popcorn, honey.