Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ok, so Metallica at Wembly. My major criticism of Live Earth so far is the crappy mixes that I've seen coming thorough. Has the age of the quality live mix ended? Kirk was just soloing his goddamned ass off in "Sad But True" and I could barely hear it.

I'm a little shocked by the unfettered use of foul language in the shows. I gues they're going for the shock value here, but if this were a film, they've dropped enough F bombs already to acquire an R rating.

Funny story, inspired by the whole Live Earth thing, I've been going around the back areas of the SSC and turning off lights where they aren't being used. Sanil (sp?) the building maintenance guy is about 20 minutes behind me turning them all back on again. He he, guess it'll come to a head soon enough... oh well. TURN OFF SOME LIGHTS!!!!!

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