Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh my sweet precious darling.

I am a man of many loves. I love many things dearly. My wife, my dog, my stepdaughter... the works. One of my great loves is my little Fender Jazz bass.

It's really one of the most beautiful instruments I've ever played, and I rabidly love playing it. When I'm not playing it, I'm thinking about playing it. I think about is as much as sex. I don't need to send you to the Kinsey institute to tell you what that means. It means not being able to pick up my bass for sometimes weeks at a time can be like a massive case of musician blue balls.

Well tonight, my music mojo is getting her fix.

Yessiree, the only reason I'm typing this is that I need a little break to sit down.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Web 2.0, are you killing us all?

I'm an avid reader of a trio of webcomics by married couple Natalie Dee and Drew. In fact Rhonda and I recently bought a pair of T-Shirts each from them to help support the kickass work they do.

I think one of the most attractive parts of their webcomics is that they are almost the exact age as us and have simmilar interests and social identities, loving music, counter culture, humour, the internet and being stuck in urban centers in rural areas.

I've found that they also have both been showing alot of frustration with the internet of late, and I can't help but identify with them a little. It's this double edged sword. It stems from a real love and appreciation for the internet and what it's become, and a real hate and loathing of the internet and what it's become.

Since the internet's growth has taken a steeper and steeper upward curve every year, my usage and interest has waned in an opposite fashion. My days of being able to spend 8 hours online are long over. There's just too much crap to sift through to find the good stuff, so I end up just sticking to a small handful of tried and true sites and fuck the rest. This is why newer internet fads like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and lately my blogging have fallen to the wayside. I've been finding that quite frankly, real life is a hell of alot more interesting, and I'm getting alot more done because of it.

The ability of any Tom, Dick or Harry to post shit online is not necessarily a good thing in my eyes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Pictures of my Baby! - Tool in Saskatoon

My lovely wifey has posted some new "4d" pictures of our baby on her blog. I'm told the 4th dimension scanned is the "Awesome" dimension, and our child is off the charts.

If you would like to view the pictures, please feel free to visit Rhonda's blog at

Got back from seeing Tool in Saskatoon last night. The show actually got a mention on the Tool webpage, which is really awesome. I now wish I'd gotten a poster instead of the T-Shirt, but I like the T-shirt all the same. The show was good, but they were better in Calgary, I blame the sound man.

And I'm still reeling from the Grey Cup win, Saskatchewan sure as shit deserved it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well we just got back from the mob celebrating at Vic and Albert here in Regina. I've got a pile of videos from the celebration, but this one is likely one of the best.


Friday, November 23, 2007


Well to most of the people that would read my blog, you'd have to be living under a rock not to know that my beloved Sask Roughriders are in the Grey Cup. I'm totally stoked for the game.

Also, contrary to a popular rumor currently circulating tabloids such as the Star and People, I am still totally fucking rad. That shit just gets better with age, I can fucking assure you.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Thoughts on Child-Birth

Well we've entered what I guess is the 9th week of the pregnancy, just above 7 months left until we welcome the newest member of our little household. Sometimes it sinks in really hard, it did at the ultrasound. In fact the ultrasound was a really great day, and I've gotten very frustrated at my lack of ability to make it to the followup to come, because I'm obessed with seeing the kid. I can't wait to meet him/her.

I'll admit that I thought pregnancy would be alot less traumatic on the whole family. I'm a wreck of nerves and anxiety. I link lot of it to apprehension about Rhonda's pregnancy-related illness, we've made one late night trip to the emergency room already, and tonight she's mentioned visiting again, which leads me to beleive that I'll likely be visiting her again tommorrow night or later. The nursing types take no chances on these things, and I can't argue with it because I'm glad she's taking care of her health. But I'm a little phobic around hospitals, and so even the smallest issue is blown up in my head.

So I worry about Rhonda and the baby. I also worry alot about Tai. She's got this world of potential. Smart, rabidly artistic and pretty to boot, she's poised to take over the world if she wants to, and the way she dreams to live, she's gonna need to be a conqueror. But we find difficulty with her and school, our work schedules have made it hard to get her in extra-curricular and I think she's suffering a bit socially and personally.

I know that a large part of it is to stop worrying and take some control of the situation, and in some respects I try to, but in others I wonder at my place and ability.

In other words, don't marry fast and get pregnant fast. You can understand someone if you talk long enough, we just needed to talk more first. Marriage is good, pregnancy is hard damn work... especially if you're the one carrying the little munchkin.