Thursday, September 06, 2012

Stephen Harper - pennyscourge

Steven arrived home after a long hard day of handshaking and baby kissing. He walked to the fireplace, dumped off a load of change from that hippie bakery on the mantle.

His face darkens as he separates the copper from the silver and in a loud booming voice he cried "I WILL DESTROY YOU".

Best thing that man has ever done. The legacy project to end all legacy projects

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Solar Imaging

Last weekend I attended the annual Saskatchewan Summer Star Party in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park.  I HIGHLY recommend this outing for anyone with an interest in astronomy.  I learned more in 3 days - particularly about telescopy and observing - than I've learned in the past year on my own.

I was very fortunate to have access to my dad's 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope on a motorized mount in  addition to my very old (30 years almost!) 4" on equatorial mount.  Big words.  I know.

The best part though is that I was let loose with the motorized Cassegrain during the day last Saturday.  So I took out my nifty iPhone telescope mount, some filters and a big ol' sun and got some great shots!

IMG_2510 IMG_2500 IMG_2422

Thursday, August 02, 2012

So Tired

Being a father has had a ridiculously negative affect on my sleep.  I thought working shift work was bad, but having one child who has night terrors and another that is still nursing through the night means that I haven't slept with any regularity basically in the four years since Kayah was born. 

I normally have never been one to be too pissy about losing some sleep - and I've not only been operating but actually thriving in the past few years so it can't be that bad.  But there are days where I can't lift my head by supper time.  And I drink too much coffee.  Way too much.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That''s a SPICY Meatball

So when you start looking at all the stuff out there in that big old space thing, a few things come clear.  As time passes and things break apart, they cool.  So anything of a certain age or certain size has cooled from a ball of lava to say - a rock.  That changes things, because atmospheres disappear and the places become big crater balls.  There are moons around Saturn and Jupiter with active volcanos.  They're still seismically active, just like Earth.

So this got me wondering, will the Earth eventually cool and harden to rock?  When this happens, the giant mass of iron at the center of the planet will stop spinning and the magnetic field that protects us from the worst of the sun will stop.  Freaky stuff.

So tonight I did some looking at it seems that in fact, the Sun will go red giant and vapourize the planet way before that happens.  The earth would take 10,000,000,000 years to solidify, but the sun will destroy the earth in 7,600,000,000 years.  The sun takes it by a hair.  If we don't do it first.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Mark Interacts with another animal.

Can it be? Yep, let's get this blog Rick rolling in style.

Mark interacts with Bootsy

Divide and Conquer

One of the driving forces for getting Pilot's World rolling again is that I have a desire to share some of my hobbies with the world. Twitter does this a bit, but it's not the best outlet. I considered starting some specific blogs, but to be sure, I'm too lazy. So I'll put it all here

I will use tags an try to set things up so that you can find what it is you want to see.

I'm going to start having subject features that fall in with my interests.

Astronomy - photos, drawings and anything else I can think of. I have much of this on my wife's Flickr page right now, I'll be moving it here soon

Camping - reviews of gear, camp inventions and thoughts. My family and I are avid tent campers and I want to share my thoughts on the subject.

Music - I'm winding down my time with my band, The Criminal Kid, but I have a lot to do there yet. I'm also planning on a solo project incorporating some more noodly jam stuff and a punk band. I also want to start an indie musician advice column focusing primarily on the subject of live performance.

Photography - I will likely have less emphasis on this subject than in the past, but I love instagram and I like taking pictures. Some of that will end up here too.

Minecraft - I run a private MInecraft server, it's the best game ever. So I'll probably do stuff with that here, but I don't know how just yet.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ok let's get this going again why not?

Keep up with me on Twitter - @PilotsWorld. I've got some witty things there I suppose.

Gonna put some photos together and reformat the page.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Congratulations to Danny Martin and Nathan Van Betuw who won a pair of tickets each to our show at McNally's on May 26th!

Tickets to this show are available from the band, so get in touch with us if you want tickets. We will debut 3 never before heard songs at the show, so come on out and get your full fix of the The Criminal Kid!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Mark Interacts With Animals - 5th Time!

So to celebrate the impending visit from one of my oldest and bestest friends, I present you with a long overdue.. and frankly pretty old picture of MARK INTERACTING WITH ANIMALS!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ahh Coffee

So the wife and I are in deep discussions on re-doing our living room. What we have now fit in the "barely functions" category. We still have an old CRT TV (LD bizzatches!) whose sound doesn't really work anymore (most viewing is at 80% max volume or higher), a monstrously large couch/hideabed/two recliner couchtrosity that has a habit of eating anything and everything that comes near it. A week doesn't go by that I don't walk in to see one of the kids or one of the dogs struggling to escape its bottomless pit.

Of course we're agonizing to no end over how to use our limited budget and credit options to the best end. And of course there is always some TV on for a great price that is just a little smaller than we'd like or a couch that is perfect for our plans but costs a hellatillion bux.


Well we'll get it figured out soon enough.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I'd Like to Build a Doomsday Device.

There are many reasons I'd like to build a Doomsday Device.

A Doomsday Device, for those of you who live under a rock , is a theoretical weapon that could wipe out all life on the planet. Thankfully for all of us reading and writing this blog, none have been used yet. At least not here on Earth.

Now one might ask what a lower middle-class ... or maybe upper lower class... or maybe something else... average or so guy like me want with a device that could destroy all life on the planet or even the entire planet?

Well I'll tell you.

Firstly, upon completion it significantly improves your resume. Building a doomsday device is a pretty tecnically advanced project, and I'm certain you would find few jobs would turn you away when you can show them you built a device capable of ending the lives of 8 billion people.

The challenge of building a doomsday device is pretty attractive too. I'm sure brainstorming ways of spreading chemicals to all ends of the earth or figuring out how to space and detonate nuclear warheads so that they amplify their shock waves would be really interesting.

In order to assemble a doomsday device I'm certain one would have to attain some very difficult things, completely in secret so that party-poopers won't know what you're up to. I'm certain you would need to do a fair bit of travel to find and import what you need. Seeing the world is definitely a perk

Of course its going to make travel a lot easier once its done too. When you've got a weapon of total destruction, it doesn't make much difference if you're on the plane or on the other side of the planet. Why bother with the check, you're screwed either way. Carry on sir. Next.

Respect. We all need it. I'm sure I'd get it.

Free Ramen. Feed me or I kill everyone anyone ever knew. Ever.

Heck I could even make up a new title. Doomsayer Pilot. That has a nice ring to it. Armageddanaut.

I'm not really sure about this one, but again, who knows. I figure once you've got a machine capable of complete eradication of the human race, they'll give you a golden Safeway card that will get you anything in the store for the difference between regular price and club price. Like if regular price for ketchup if $4.50 and the club price is $4.29, gold card gets it for $0.21. Total sweet benefit.

It might seem pretty selfish to want a doomsday device, but you can see how much things would improve if I simply had a device capable of destroying the planet. It would have its downsides like my wife would always be looking for a reason why I should get it out of the basement, and I'm sure it could leak sometimes which would be some bad business. But I think overall, a doomsday device would be a pretty sweet deal.