Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Song LInes.... GUESS!

Ok so I got this idea from this guy who apprantly got it from this guy.

The basic idea is I put my Media Player on random, pick a line from the first 25 songs that play and YOU GUYS hafta guess what song they're from. No Googling (or Yahoo!ing) or anything like that. Just if you know it off the top of your head. So here we go!

As you guys guess them right, I'll cross them out. Correct answers in Red and italics. Correct guessers have their initials.

Some hints for you in blue. Some of these you guys should have gotten. Shame on y'all!

1. "Heard they called you big bopper nigger, how ya figgah niggah?" sequel to a deadly song.. a rarity
2. "I do hope you fit this shoe, I do hope you have a clue" RH "About a Girl" Nirvana
3. " Open wrist talks back again, In the wounds of its skin, They'll pinprick the witness, In ritual contrition"Former members of At the Drive In
4. "Don't forget that you are our son, now go back to bed" he's a creep... he's a loser
5. "Let's play Twister, Let's play Risk!" MB "Man on the Moon" REM
6. "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like" NB, SP, AP - "Bicycle Race" Queen
7. "Today is the first day of the rest of our lives, tommorrow is too late to pretend it's allright now." - this song is from before they were American Idiots
8. "Dead on my head, wasting time on my own" the video features motorbikes apeltny.
9. "The needle tears a hole. That old familliar sting." NB, AP "Hurt" - Nine Inch Nails
10. "I'm treading so soft and lightly compromising my will. I am." RH "Rose" Perfect Circle
11. "Mother, do you think she'll put me in the firing line?" NB "Mother" Pink Floyd (Not Knockin Shan!)
12. "I first produced my pistol, then produced my rapier" AP "Whiskey in the Jar" Metallica
13. "When I frequent the spots that I'm known to rock, you hear the bass from the truck when I'm on the block." he brought Snoop a gang of tanqueray and a fat ass J of some bubonic chronic that made him choke. Shit this ain't no joke.
14. "Just a castaway, I am lot at sea, another lonely day, no one here but me." RH "Message in a Bottle" The Police
15. "i want to hide, I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside" - Millitary spy plane downed in the 70's
16. "Roll, roll the '83 Caddilac Coupe de Ville" he was gonna clean his room, but he got high
17. "Leave me lying here, 'cause I don't wanna go" MP "Volcano Girls" Veruca Salt
18. "Blue birds, singing a song, nothing but blue skies all day long." the Redheaded Stranger
19. "papa, I know you're gonna be upset, because I was always your little girl" NB "Pappa Don't Presch" - madonna
20. "I'm feeling sexy, but I hear you say my name, if you can reach me, you can feel my burning flame." - she's a naughty girl
21. "Pissing in the wind, betting on a losing freind, making the same mistakes we swore we'd never make again." old school country, the name of the song is in the line.
22. "and so once again, oh America my friend" RH "Fiddle and Drum" A Perfect Circle
23. "All that summer we enjoyed it, wind and rain and shine, that umbrella we employed it, by August she was mine." SP "Bus Stop" the Hollies
24. "Warm sun, feed me up" RH "Swallowed" Bush
25. "I've been hanging around gas stations, I've been learning about tires." MB "Running Back to Saskatoon" The Guess Who.

0xdc2270b939f4c7b3cefdd0ccHelp victims of Hurricane Katrina. Each click helps contribute to Americas Second Harvest one of the aid-groups helping out.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Positive Blogging Week!

So it's positive blogging week according to Steve at Blogginator. This doesn't seem to be a regular event... just when Steve is in a good mood or emo'd out (yeah i made up that word.. "out"). So I'm gonna keep it positive and not write about my favourite band Good Charlotte.

So I know you're all dying to know... "What did you do this weekend Pilot, you always seem to have the most interesting weekends?!"

Well, i'l tell you.

Didn't do much Friday night, went and hung out with Shawna. Went to work at 6:30 on Saturday morning. I'd explain why I had to go in at 6:30, but I'm keeping it positive. After work I hung for a bit (ie. fell asleep on the couch), then went out skateboarding with Rob and Kat. Had fun, but I really suck and my board is apparantly exceptionally bad. Needs lube. Then Rob and I went to his parent's house, built a bonfire and jammed all night.

Worked Sunday at 8, then right after work, Jeff, Kim and I went out to Souris Valley and had a huge waterfight. Some pretty intensley cool shit. I had so much fun, my skin fell off and I had to go to the hospital and have it reattached.

And today I started work at 5AM, the first of 4 -5AM starts this week. I kind liked coming in that early. realy laid back and peaceful.. and I get to go home at 1:30!

And the leads me to now, contemplating organizing my computer and stuff. Don't forget to check out Brain on my webcam, he has a grasshopper he's been munching on and he has a web now. If anyone has a better container I can put him in, send her along!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Big Things a Heppening!

First of all I'd like to announce two new additions to Pilot's World. First is an addition to the Network.. .the Pilot's World Webcam, accesible at http://pilotsworld.mystreamingwebcam.com.

Secondly and related to the first is the introduction of the first Pilot's World pet, Brain. Brain is a spider I caught in my sisters room... mere feet from where I caught the mouse the other day. Yes our house is infested. I'm currently keeping him in a skippy can, but if i can fins a cool box or something, I'll be moving him. I'd also like to give him some more landscaping and start catching him some food. You can view Brain at the Pilot's World Webcam. Any suggestions or stories about Brain are much appreciated, and I think I'm gonna put a guestbook up with the webcam.

I've opened up all my Shutterfly albums and they are now availiable at the newly minted Pilot's World Photo Lab at Shutterfly, accesible at http://pilotsworld.shutterfly.com. Included are several of my albums including new pics added to the Cabin Party Album by Jeff and the COMPLETE photo album from the Canoe Trip from July. More pics will be coming.

I;ve decided to abandon the "these are the Days of My Life" feature. i realized that to catch up even in the course of a year I would have to do 25 days Every day for the next year steady. I was doing 60 per week.. I'd never catch up. So I'm gonna retire that idea before it gets too out of hand.

And finally I'm gonna go vegetarian after my next paycheque (this coming Friday). I'm gonna gorge myself on my "last Supper" (Steak), then embark on a new life. One month later I will take on Big Caffene, in an effort to kick my Pepsi Habit. Tonnes of great new material here and much more fun to come!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Don't read if your brain cannot handle GODLY POWER

The following is an MSN conversation between myself and Steven Matthew Biss IV (Or Stevie Fo' as i like to call him). In the course of this conversation we discuss and conclude some facts of epic, biblical and God related porportions. The information to follow will change the way the world works and the way we view life as it exists.

Those of limited capacity, pregnant, suffering from heart, brain or spleen conditions, the elderly, infirm, young, virgin, right handed, nearsighted, tired, hyper, redheaded, suffering from acute meningitis, polio or jaundice, tax exempt, visible minority, visible majority or with teeth should be warned that the contents could be potentially deadly.

Proceed with Caution!

Pilot says:
are you sure about the prediction in your username?

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
Yeah, I made a craft with kids today...it was an octopus...and the way I made it....it FLEW.

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
When twirled.

Pilot says:

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
Yeah.....good old Toilet paper roll octopii.

Pilot says:
he he... I think that's what god originally used to make octopii

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
Maybe he used that for all his creations.

Pilot says:
could be

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
I feel the need to be wrapped in paper towel sometimes.

Pilot says:
the trick woul dbe to reverse engineer all forms of life into toilet paper rolls

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
I suppose if he had some sort of machine.

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
Like a back to the basics machine perhaps.

Pilot says:

Pilot says:
toilet paper rolls and milk cartons.. that's what we're made of

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
It's so simple.....oh God you devil.

Pilot says:
he's a sneaky old bastard ain't he?

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
I'll say, you'd think he have to use some organic tissue somewhere....but the man is a freakin' God.

Pilot says:
yeah.. I mean really think about it.... women from ribs.

What all those scientists don't realize is they don't need stem cells, they need toliet paper rolls

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
We could advance the human race millions of years with this, don't you realize?

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
Perhaps this knowledge is too great for two men to know.

Pilot says:
perhaps we need simply to keep it hush hush... or maybe I'm gonna post this conversation on my blog tommorrow and advance the cause of humanity to GODHOOD!

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
No! Why would you do that?

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
Oh...right...the fame.

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
If you must, in the cause of science, then proceed.

Pilot says:
right, and plus, it'll have a disclaimer

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
Yes, something like "Don't read if your brain cannot handle GODLY POWER"

Pilot says:
exactly... infact that will hafta be the title...

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
Makes sense to me.

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
*cough* You'll edit out that one part though, right?

Pilot says:

Pilot says:
which part?

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
You know, where I told you that big huge, dark secret of mine.

Pilot says:
oh you mean about how you....

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:

Pilot says:
yeah that's safe with me

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
Whew, thanks man.

Pilot says:
No prob... goat licker

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
What!! You freakin' idio...I mean....uh...ha ha good one Pilot...

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
You joker.

Pilot says:
uh yeah.. he he

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:
Heh....*shifty eyes*

Pilot says:
*looks at ground, coughs, scratches kneck*

Ah yes, the octopii shall attack from the sky at nightfall. (Beware the Tendrils) says:

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just a quick note

Well kids I hate to do this, but i hate spam more. When you comment you'll hafta do one of those word identification things to post. It should keep the automated spam out.

If you wanna find out more or apply it to your blog, please do so at;

Sorry again, but spam really pisses me off.

So What's Up?

Yeah i suppose it's been a while since I posted any real "me" content on here. fact of the matter is, I've been pretty lazy in wanting to do anything. Plenty has been happening tho.

So this past Friday I went to my ol' buddy Jeff's cabin in White Bear for one of his famous Cabin Parties. True to form, this year we got a keg. Shortly after showing pu, I realize that there is an abandoned fridge sitting on his deck. "So Jeff," I ask, " does that fridge work?".

"Yeah," he replies, " it just over cools and freezs everything so we're throwing it out."

"It's would have a hell of a time freezing say, a keg, wouldn't it?"


"My thought's exactly."

So yeah we busted out the shelves, put a keg in a fridge and had ice cold beer all fucking weekend. The party was a blast and i got WRECKED. Like passing out under the deck wrecked. The best part was Shawna yelling at me for throwing up, then stepping outside and puking. He he. Pics of the party including a real blurry pic of the keg in the fridge are featured in the Cabin Party 2005 album at Shutterfly. i'll try and get some of the better pics of the Keg in the fridge from Kim or Krista. If you're wondering why there are so many pictures of Jolene smoking, it's because she doesn't normally smoke, and she was chain smoking at the party and frankly she looked like a retard. So I was trying to make her feel self-concious and quit killing her body.

Another hilarious highlight of the party was that I recorded like 3 hours of the party on my MP3 player. I really wish I could find a good quality place to host my MP3's so i could put up some of the hilairous sound content I come up with without sacrificing my stuff to the Creative Commons License (which I support, but don't necessarily want to use).

Saturday night was the long awaited ScotchFest. My siblings and cousins get together every few years, get drunk and drink scotch. Though only the "Ken Pilon's" and my siblings made it, we still kicked some butt. Andrew got really drunk and Shanna took some photos. I love her Molson canadian Rock Star Frames... see if you can spot any other free molson product placements in the pics! My excellent photos are featured in the Scotchfest 2005 Album at my Shutterfly account.

Sunday till today were pretty uneventful. Worked alot, been working on my project for Producer School pretty dedicatedly and been having some "discussion" with Shawna about our current situation. Really don't know what to think of it all, so I'll just keep the old trap shut on that topic.

So I guess it's been over a week since I told you to visit the Breast Cancer site all week and click to donate, but hey one more time couldn't hurt! And if you happen to be a rich, generous tycoon who would like to help my cousin meet her goals and would like to help fight breast cancer head over to my cousin Dore's pledge page!

Wow that was a long ass post...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Coke Classics- Updated

So Andrew from over at Randomization got me a great list of Cocaine Songs from the Wikipedia. So that adds several new songs! The new revised list is as follows, those in GREEN are the ones on my list but not Wikipedias ;

These are the Days of My Life - Second edition - September-October 1981

Sept 1 - Bui Thanh Liem, Vietnam, cosmonaut, dies in Mig-21 crash at 32
2 - USSR performs underground nuclear test
3 - Longest game in Fenway Park, suspended in 19, Mariners-7, Red Sox-7
4 - An explosion at a mine in Zalizin, Czechoslovakia - 65 dead
5 - Ayatollah Ali Qoddusi, prosecutor-general of Iran, assassinated
6 - "They're Playing Our Song" closes at Imperial NYC after 1082 perfs
7 - Jerry Lewis' 16th Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $31,500,000
8 - Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Bethlehem PA, actor (Randy-Home Improvement) born.
9 - Vernon E Jordan resigns as president of National Urban League
10 - Picasso's painting "Guernica" is moved from New York to Madrid
11 - 2nd govt of Agt forms
12 - Elizabeth Ward (Arkansas), 20, crowned 54th Miss America 1982
13 - 33rd Emmy Awards: Taxi, Hill St Blue, Judd Hirsh and Isabel Sanford wins
14 - Entertainment Tonight premieres on TV
15 - The John Bull becomes the oldest operable steam locomotive in the world, at 150 years old, when it operates under its own power outside Washington, DC.
16 - 1st broadcast of "Miami Vice" on NBC-TV
17 - Fernando Valenzuela sets NL rookie record with 8th shutout of season
18 - Christina Lindley born
19 - Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel perform a reunion concert in Central Park
20 - Belize declares independence
21 - Sandra Day O'Conner becomes 1st female Supreme Court Justice
22 - Rocco Baldelli, baseball player born
23 - Jack Henry Abbott, best-selling author, is arrested for murder
24 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
25 - Rolling Stones begin their 6th US tour (JFK Stadium, Phila)
26 - USSR performs underground nuclear test
27 - Coenraad van Emde Boas, Dutch sexologist, dies at 77
28 - Joseph Paul Franklin, avowed racist, sentenced to life imprisonment for killing 2 black joggers in Salt Lake City
29 - Siarhei Rutenka, handball player born
30 - Seoul, South Korea is selected to host 1988 Summer Olympics

October 1 - Iranian plane crash
2 - Ali Chamene‹ elected president of Iran
3 - Irish Nationalist at Maze Prison near Belfast end 7-mo hunger strike
4 - Meadowlands Arena opens in NJ
5 - Jud Strunk, singer/comedian (Laugh-In), dies at 48
6 - Egyptian president Anwar Sadat is assassinated during a parade by army members who were part of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad organization, who opposed his negotiations with Israel
7 - Hosni Mubarak became acting-president of Egypt
8 - Pres Reagan greeted predecessors Jimmy Carter, Gerald R Ford and Richard Nixon before sending them to Egypt for Anwar Sadat's funeral
9 - Zachery Ty Bryan, Denver CO, actor (Brad-Home Improvement) born
10 - Anwar Sadat's funeral service is held in Cairo
11 - Unknown rocker Prince opens for Rolling Stones at LA Coliseum
12 - "Marlowe" opens at Rialto Theater NYC for 48 performances
13 - Nils Asther, actor (Son of Lassie, Wild Orchids), dies at 84
14 - Vice President Hosni Mubarak is elected President of Egypt one week after Anwar Sadat was assassinated.
15 - Frank DeKova, actor (Chief Wild Eagle-F Troop), dies
16 - William Holden, actor (Casino Royale), dies at 63
17 - David Guion, composer, dies at 88
18 - Andreas Papandreous' PASOK wins Greek elections
19 - Nicolaas Bloembergen and Arthur Schawlow win Nobel for physics (laser)
20 - 3 members of Weather underground arrested for armored truck robbery
21 - Andreas Papandreou becomes Prime Minister of Greece.
22 - Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization decertified
23 - US national debt hits $1 trillion
24 - Deborah Baltzell, actress (Karen-I'm a Big Girl Now), dies at 25
25 - 200,000 demonstrate in Brussel against cruise missile
26 - LA Dodgers beat NY Yankees, 4 games to 2 in 78th World Series
27 - Andrew Young, former UN Ambassador, elected mayor of Atlanta, Georgia
28 - Edward M McIntrye elected 1st black mayor of Augusta Georgia
29 - Bill Giles becomes CEO of Phila Phillies
30 - Georges Brassens, French screenwriter, dies
31 - 1st live radio drama in 25 years (Halloween Story on NBC)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Coke Classics

This is a concept CD list I came up with last year. Never got around to finishing the list, but I have started. All the songs in the list have the drug Cocaine as their central theme. Not crack, coke. Crack is another list altogether I think.

Cocaine - Eric Clapton
White Lines - Grandmaster Flash / Duran Duran
Lit Up - Buckcherry
Snowblind - Black Sabbath
Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash (I reccomend the recording from Fulsom Prison)
Freebase - Pennywise
Cocaine - Kerosene (good luck finding this one... e-mail me if you want a copy)
Cocaine Girl - Nirvana
Casey Jones - Grateful Dead
White Light/White Heat - Velvet Underground
Cocaine Decisions - Frank Zappa
Cocaine Eyes - Rolling Stones

There are far more songs, these are the few that I knew off hand. If you would like to suggest a song for the list, please feel free to send it along.

Originally published Nov 2004 on the original Pilot's World Webpage.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mark Interacts With Animals Second Edition

Sorry for the blurriness folks, but really it's Mark's expression that makes the picture.

The new Spam

Ok, so everyone in my "blog ring" seems to be getting hit now. The ol' Advertise in the comment thing. I'd like to encourage anyone who gets one o their blog to ignore it and delete it as soon as possible.

Ditto for those of you commenting. Ignore it's exsistence and inform the owner that it's there. Unfortunately we can't find these people, but we can totally ignore them and hope they go away.

Also, i'm still in search of my frisbee. Anyone seen it?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

This site is certified 24% EVIL by the Gematriculator

Cool I guess.... more good than I expected tho.

So no new mice have been caught. I expected some controversy from posting a picture of a dead mouse, but the controversy got wasn't what I expected. Bravo my infallable readers, you've made me proud.

So I'm thinking I'd better drop off the prize from the Hires Root Beer Contest soon. Summer's almost over and i'm sure Steve would really like to have something cool to drink.

Well I better go get a Big Gulp and clean house before the sister and the girlfriend come over.

Please remember to pledge your support for breast cancer this week. Either drop off a pledge at my cousin Doré's page or by your simple clicks at the Breast Cancer Site.

Heck, I've even decided to pledge 5 bucks, if i can figure out how to pledge by cheque!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pilot 1 - Mice 0

Not 30 minutes after my last post....

Ok so I'm currently hunting mouse. My sister insists there's a mouse in the house (I rhyme better than 2Pac!). So I've got some poison pellets out and I'm working on setting the snap traps... once that's done... we'll have mouse fillets! Just have to figure out how to get the damn traps to set...

So my cousin Dore is doing the CIBC Run for the Cure. Cure to what you may ask... lemme check... Breast Cancer it appears. In any case, she's collecting pledges and although I'm gonna have trouble coming up with the coin, I am gonna promote her cause here because just maybe some rich guy sees this and wants to help her meet her goal. Check out her site at ;

If in fact you are like me and are unable to give up some cash for Breast Cancer, why not visit The Breast Cancer site. Everytime you visit and click the advertising dollars raised by the site go to fund free mammograms for women, thus catching breast cancer early. Having a great Aunt that I was very fond of die of breast cancer, I know the pain and suffering that a person goes through in this terrible affliction. So hey, visit every day this week!

Monday, August 15, 2005

These are the Days of My Life - First edition - July-August 1981

Inspired by my sisters birthday post last month, and in the interest of showing the events that shaped my life, here is the first of many, many parts of the world history of my life. It will higlight the mundane to the historical to the important but insignifigant.

July 15, 1981 - I am Born
July 16, 1981 - Shukuni Sasaki spins 72 plates simultaneously
July 17, 1981 - Lobby Walkways at KC's Hyatt Regency collapse 114 die, 200 injured
July 18, 1981 - Poland communist party selects ex-party leader Edward Gierek
July 19, 1981 - Louis Cheslock, composer, dies at 81
July 20, 1981 - Irene Saez, of Venezuela, crowned 30th Miss Universe
July 21, 1981 - Pope makes Television address to the sick gathered in the Grotto of Lourdes
July 22, 1981 - Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca sentenced in a Rome to life
July 23, 1981 - Canadian film Gas released about a news reporter who investigates a story about stolen milk causing milk and gas prices to rise.
July 24, 1981 - John Trusscot Haynes goes missing
July 25, 1981 - Voyager 2 encounters Saturn
July 26, 1981 - NY Mayor Ed Koch is given Heimlich maneuver in a Chinese restaurant
July 27, 1981 - William Wyler, US director (Ben Hur), dies
July 28, 1981 - Celebrity male model Jo In Sung born.
July 29, 1981- Lady Diana Spencer marries Charles, Prince of Wales.
July 30, 1981 - Belgian Senate accept laws against racism
July 31, 1981 - 42 day old, 2nd major league baseball strike ends

August 1, 1981 - MTV premieres at 12:01 AM
August 2, 1981 - Donna Caponi Young wins LPGA Boston Five Golf Classic
August 3, 1981 - France performs nuclear test
August 4, 1981 - Columbia mated with SRBs and external tank for STS-2 mission
August 5, 1981 - Ronald Reagan fires 11,359 striking air-traffic controllers who ignored his order for them to return to work
August 6, 1981 - Due to strike, Yanks, A's, Philles and Dodgers declared 1st « champs
August 7, 1981 - The Washington Star ceases all operations after 128 years of publication
August 8, 1981 - Toronto Blue Jays purchased Juan Berenguer from the Kansas City Royals.
August 9, 1981 - NL beats AL 5-4 in 52nd All Star Game (Cleveland Stadium)
August 10, 1981 - Coca-Cola Bottling Co agrees to pump $34 million into black business
August 11, 1981 - James Holtzier Born
August 12, 1981 - The original IBM PC released in the United States.
August 13, 1981 - Last broadcast of "Waltons" on CBS-TV
August 14, 1981 - Karl B”hm, Austria conductor, dies at 86
August 15, 1981 - Robin Leamy of US swims record 7.98 kph for 50 m
August 16, 1981 - Highest score in World Cup soccor match (New Zealand-13, Fiji-0)
August 17, 1981 - Robert Russell Bennett, US composer/arranger (Oklahoma!), dies at 87
August 18, 1981 - Gulf of Sidra incident (1981). Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi sends two Sukhoi Su-22 fighter jets to intercept two US fighters over the Gulf of Sidra. The American jets destroyed the Libyan fighters.
August 19, 1981 - US President Ronald Reagan appoints the first female US Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor
August 20, 1981 - Bruce Springsteen Plays Sports Arena in Las Angeles, CA
August 21, 1981 - An American Werewolf in London released. Two American tourists in England are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.
August 22, 1981 - Philip and Dale Brown wed.
August 23, 1981 - Beth Daniel wins LPGA World Championship of Women's Golf
August 24, 1981 - Mark David Chapman is sentenced to 20 yrs to life for Lennon's murder
August 25, 1981 - Voyager 2's closest approach to Saturn (63,000 miles/100,000 km)
August 26, 1981 - Space Shuttle vehicle moves to Launch Complex 39A for STS-2 mission
August 27, 1981 - Divers begin to recover a safe found aboard Andrea Doria
August 28, 1981 - South African troops invade Angola
August 29, 1981 - National Centers for Disease Control announces high incidence of Pneumocystis and Kaposi's sarcoma in gay men
August 30, 1981 - Lowell Thomas, newscaster (High Adventure), dies in Pawling NY at 89
August 31,1981 - A bomb explodes at the US Army base in Ramstein, West Germany injuring 20 people

(no, I'm not especially obsessed with baseball it just seems to be the only thing that happens every day)

Today In Histoy
Calendar Home
Any Day In History
The Historynet.com
The Holy See
The Numbers

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Canadian Radio Call Letters Project

Several years ago, while still in high school a question struck me. How many actual words can be formed from Canadian radio call letters. The rules are simple. All radio stations in Canada have a four-letter call word, starting with the letter C. So words like CRAB, CARS and CALL are all game.

I wasn't going to use any abbreviations or words that you couldn't find in the dictionary, so words like CANT, CADD, CARB or COXT wouldn't count. Also, names such as CHAN, CREE or CARL wouldn't count. Here's a recently re-started list. I've cross-referenced definitions on

Update - Nov 25, 2004 - I think I might have to re-examine the
rules. Talked to Shanna about it and she felt that CREE should be allowed, and frankly I'm inclined to agree (mostly because I have about 15 friends who are Cree and I don't want a tomohawk in the head... right Edward?). It also solves my dilemna about putting in CZAR. I've also alphabetized the list and added a shitload I found at
this page.

There are 231 real words of 15600 possible letter arrangement combinations.

Next part of the project will be to cross reference this list with actual radio stations in Canada. I'd like to put a link by every word that has an actual radio station. Anyone up to some Googling?! Or we could find them with http://www.radio-locator.com/


Please feel free
to e-mail me more suggestions at
Originally published Nov 2004 on the original Pilot's World webpage.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

What's with Ottawa?!

Ok so I could bitch about the Riders going from first in the Wext to second last, but I won't. What I really wanna talk about it the Ottawa Renegades. First place in the East! What the fuck!?

If we all remember correctly Ottawa ended lat year dead last in the East with only 5 wins in the season. Now look at e'm! Halfway through the season and they've already tied last season's record. Of course they wouldn't stand a chance if they were in the demanding West with Edmonton and BC, but hey... good for you Ottawa!

I've always held Ottawa as my "second favourite" team. Maybe it's because they're the "other Riders" maybe it's because they're a struggling small market team like the Sask Riders, who knows, but it does make me happy when I see Ottawa do well.

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Bubble Bursts

Well after almost 6 months as pope Pope Benedict 16 has finally been recognized by Google. I did the ol' Google the pope today and lo' and behold if i didn't get this ol' chestnut.

So there are several hunfred pictures listed now. But none of my pope related work has been listed. Bastards!

In other news, i'm working on a system that will be featured at the bottom of mym bog that will allow you to view blog entries I've made on specific topics (ie football, pope, dad for pope, web design, etc.) It's gonna take a while as I have to catalogue all 160 or so posts to date, but once it's set up it'll be very cool and quite useful.

In addition I re-found the old "Pilot's World" webpage from when ths thing started. I'm gonna migrate everything over to the blog as I go. Too damn much blog related work to do lately.

Mark Interacts With Animals First Edition


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Another New Look

Yeah I got yet another new look. I will be posting a simmilar look for all the blogs in my circle. Producer School is next.

Much to discuss

Well I have a few things to say, so hope you all are listening.

Firstly, I didn't think anyone would read all of that last post. Considering how many comments I got on it, I was wrong. Good to see you all think your fathers, grandfathers and minimum wage gas jockeys are good sources.

Second, I think I've solved my relationship problems. Some kind anonymous person sent me some phone numbers in my comments I can call to find singles in my area. Thanks alot asshole. That will be the first and last comment of it's type allowed on this page, so don't bother coming back.

Third, my old friend Rob has been keeping secrets. He has had a blog for about a month and never enlightened anyone to it. What's the point of blogging if no one reads it. So I'm gonna break his silence and give ya'll the in to his page. It's called Entheogens and artistic exploration and you can click here to check it out! Pretty cool page so far.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Saving the World Thrid Edition

So I've been having a hard couple months and a hard week in particular. This is making my blog a little depressing. So I figured I'd try and keep a positive attitude and maybe help someone else worse off than me. So I've dug up this old draft from my old "Save the World" series on the blog. Since The Pylon has all but died, I think it's entirely appropriate to reintroduce the concept to Pilots World. If you haven't seen the past two, check them out ; "Heal the World Make it a Better Place" and "More Easy Ways to Heal the World".

Also I'm still looking for my frisbee.

All of my ideas have centred around Canadian programs or programs availiable to Canadians. This is because I AM Canadian. If you would like me to feature programs for other countries (US, South America, Europe... etc.) please leave me a comment or e-mail, and I'd be glad to oblige. If you would like help finding simmilar programs in your own country or area, please e-mail me and I'll do what I can to help you find the info. Of course some of these can be done anywhere.

So here are some more easy ideas.

1 . Start a Penny/Nickel Jar - Put it on the cupboard and put your loose change in it. Forbid anyone from using it for anything but charity or fundraising. So now when something comes up, you'll have some change around. As the jar fills, roll the coin and exchange it for bills or larger coins. UNICEF comes at Halloween? Give them something from the jar. Cancer Society or Alzheimers Association come by on a pledge drive, you'll have something on hand to give them. Even if the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides come by on a drive, support these wonderful youth groups, by buying what they're hocking, you've got some extra money on hand, and even if "I don't want that crap around the house, I'll get fat", give it as a present to a friend or a neighbor who helps out, it'll brighten their day.

2 . Don't idle - Turn your car off if you're going to idle your car for more than 10 seconds. According to National Resources Canada, your car uses much less gas starting/restarting than by leaving it idling, for more than 10 seconds. They also say its a myth that idling is good for your engine, that it infact can be detrimental. If you say otherwise, site your source, and grandpa, dad, that kid at the Shell station or some guy, don't count. Use a block heater on a timer in the winter to keep your car engine from freezing and make the start easier.

3. Check out The Stephen Lewis Foundation - http://www.stephenlewisfoundation.org/index.html - Though I ENCOURAGE you to sign up for the newsletter, for the purpose of this exercise, I think its more than enough that you spend a couple minutes checking out the page, learn what can and is being done about AIDS.

4. Save your Labels - Campbells soup will donate products to schools who collect and redeem labels from eligible products. Check for a school near you, and then collect the labels and bring by the labels occasionally as you collect them. Or perhaps you know someone, a cousin or a friend who's school collects the labels... give e'm to them. There are a couple other simmilar programs I'll cover in a later installment, Box Tops for Education(US), and Heinz Baby food for the Childrens Miracle Network.

Monday, August 08, 2005

My Life the Shambles

Things have been happening lately that I just can't handle.

I'm trying to get my life together and I can't even patch the holes in the hull. I'm a sinking ship, and I think I've lost my lifeboats.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Dry - Post

I think it's hilarious how someone will point out that no one has been blogging lately, so everyone rushes out, posts ONE post to break the drought, then all stop again (eg 1,2,3). Fact of the matter is, it's a beautiful summer and not everyone is a loser like me with time to burn Blogging.

Mark, Rob and Davin are down this weekend. Gave me an idea for a Blogging special I will do in a few weeks (once I get MY computer back). It will be called Mark Interacts with Animals. It will feature photos of Mark. Interacting with animals.

I'm enjoying my job so far. It gives me alot of freedom to do my own thing and the hours are great. Plus there is no animosity. People like it alot that I want to be the morning guy and are supporting me alot with learning. Jeff made a good point before I started and I agree with him. If you can get past the political bullshit at the hotel, you'll have a blast.

Still looking for musicians and singers for my project on Producer School. I have a few name is mind that haven't approached me yet... Dave, Steve Biss, Mark, Nathan. I also want to approach a few people who probably don't follow my blog that might be interested like Kristie, Davin? Vic R, Steve Dreiger, Adam, and some of the ol' Kerosene crew. I want this thing to be huge. Already on board, Rob, Michelle, Andrew and me.

Anyways, it's a nice day and I better get out and do some things with the friends whilst they're in town.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Fun in the Sun

So I just got back from 3 hours of busking. Earned 6 bucks and a beer... so that's.... 2 bucks and a shot of beer per hour.... TAX FREE!

The beer was pretty funny actually. I was playing American Pie and this guy came up and he's got a case of A Marca Bavaria beer. And he's all like "man I love American Pie! I got no change, think you'd like a beer?" To which I replied "Fuck yeah!" So yeah... got that for my troubles. See that guy knows that the only reason people busk is to buy booze, or heroin. He just cut out the middle man. Too bad he didn't have any heroin tho....

Michelle came and busked with me for a bit, but I think she was chasing away the clients, because while she was there we didn't make a cent. She left and I played on my own and I was showered with cash and booze!

Dave from CCCP wants me to come up to Regina and busk with him in the near future and I know it's very high on my list of things to do this summer. In fact I'm thinking about next Thursday night. I might even be able to make enough to pay the gas money to go up. The great thing is I got better at it in the 3 hours I was doing it, and I know I'd get better the more I do it. I just need to get WAY more songs in my catalogue so I can just look e'm up quick when people ask. Plus I think I need either a hard case or some sort of bucket to collect change as my soft case is a little... limp.

Ready... Set.... BUSK!

K all, I'm heading out right now to go busk.

If you're in the Weyburn area and wanna check it out, I;m gonna try and go untill the fair closes at 7:00. Come check me out and drop off some change! I'll be on 3rd Street somewhere!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Busking This Friday!

Hey all figured I'd post since everyone is bitching about no one blogging this past bit (1, 2).

So the plan for tommorrow is to wake up at 6 AM, be at the Weyburn Inn for my first day of work by 7 AM (or just before). Work my shift. Then I'm gonna head downtown with my acoustic and do some busking for a couple hours. I imagine I won't get downtown until after 3:00 or so. I'm gonna try and set up in one of the following places;
- in the cenotaph park
- in the courtyard at the front of the mall
- beside the theatre in the old pet store lot
- on the steps of City Hall
- on the steps of old City Hall
- or maybe just along 3rd somewhere.

If you wanna come out and send me some change or even come on out and jam with me, the more the merrier. I'll try and post a better time table on here tommorrow once I know what's up.

Also I'm looking for musicians. If you have any talent or even no talent and are willing to lend me a minimum of an hour of your time (this can be done over the net, so long distance musicians are welcome)... check out Producer School or e-mail me at producerschool@walla.com for info.

PS - Almost forgot, if you have any requests you want me to play, post e'm here and I'll try and getto them on the street.