Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Votes are in - I'm Lazy!

Well, my man, Tommy Douglas won the Greatest Canadian. Broavo Tommy!

And now a rap,

Gimme a back beat
I am tired
Break it Down

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Update Day

Ok so I updated Pilots World today. Built up the Radio Call list... I think it's just about done as far as the list goes... now on to part two of that project, which I will describe in a minute. I also put up the "Coke Classics" list, a list of songs about cocaine.

Part 2 of the Radio Call List project is to find webpages or some reference of actual radio stations in Canada with those call letters. (CHUM FM?). I'm going to be doing it slowly myself, if anybody wants to contribute, please send me an e-mail with the link(s).

I also think I'm going to do a redesign of the webpage this afternoon or this week sometime. taking suggestions from my little sister, I agree, I've been on too much of a minimalist movement in my designs of late (check out http://www.forer-reunion.tk and http://www.shra.ca for proof). So I'm gonna spice it up a bit. I'm thinking a modern Japanese Look... seeing as how I'm Canadian and our culture comes from stealing from others... or maybe russian.. nah.. Japanese.

Downloaded Danger Mouses "Grey Album" the combination of the Beatles "White Album" and Jay-Z's "Black Album". Very fucking cool. Very. Too bad its illegal as I think it would be a vry successful album. If you wanna break the law, check it out at http://www.illegal-art.org/audio/grey/

PS - Tonight is the last night to vote for you Greatest Canadian on CBC, so make sure you get out there and do it before the polls close.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Aye Carumba!

Ok, so I'm slowly realizing that there might be PEOPLE reading this blog, not just my sister lipping offf all the stupid shit I do in my life. Like spelling off with three f's. So hi there strangers, hows it goin? Leave me a comment, or I'll never know you were here.

Got our Xmas tree in this morning about 30 minutes ago. Now I hafta figure out how to get the damn thing up.... just realized that was dad's job.. and I don't know what I'm doing. It's weird, I'm really excited about this though. I had dreams last night about cutting Xmas trees... and people geting illegal Xmas trees from the forest behind my house. The cops were hunting them down and shit... weird ass dream. And then in a slightly related dream, I got two guns.. a shotgun and a rifle. Being that I'm Canadian, I don't usually have anything to do with guns.. so that was weird. The worst part was I couldn't bring myself to fire it because there were all these cops around hunting tree stealers and I was afraid they'd arrest me for using a gun. Then my mom came over and gave me shit for buying a shotgun, and complimented my good taste in rifles. Man I musta taken some weird shit before going to bed.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Big Idea # 1

Ok so every so often I get these cool big ideas that I have no idea how to implement, but I think would be really cool. My idea today is a new Open Source project. I'm obsessed with Open Source projects. Everything from the wikipedia to Linux to most of my software, I love what it has to offer. So I've always been on the grab for something to give back. And now I think I have it.

I'd like to make a directory that is organized not by subject or content, but by location. Basically it would be a detailed map of the world. You could click on any part of the world and by constantly zooming closer, you could become aquainted with any part or place on the planet. Each location would be Defined by itself, but also by what it links to. So let's make an example.

I would like the project to be so detailed that you could put in an address and get up a picture of the place, with maybe a little description or at the very least, the phone number for that locale or something. SO. Let's use an address. 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, home of the Prime Minister of Canada.

When you enter the page you would be given a surface map of the earth. To get to our addres we would then have to localize, so we would click on North America, bringing up an image of the continent. Then on to Canada. Then Ontario. Then one would click the city, Ottawa, the street, Sussex Drive then the street number, 24. Now obviously right from the get-go you could just type in the address, and get straight to the end. In addition, each of the locations would have a small description of it, but non of the landmarks of those locations would be mentioned, as the user should be made to discover the landmarks in and of themselves, not as part of another location. Each location could be manually entered by users world wide, thus making it open to the world to contribute to, just like the wikipedia.

The fun and benefit of this page would be twofold.. that I can see right now.
1. You could find a place your going to and by actually seeing landmarks or locations you could find it. You coul d SEE the place without just checking a map.
2. You could see and explore a foreing city or town in fairly great detail without ever leaving your computer. We always see the eiffel tower in pictures, but we never see what is behind the photographer. With this system you could.

Ok I know the idea is great, but how do you do it? Well one would have to create a database/directory and make it accesible via images as opposed to text links. I don't think the implementation would be any harder than what exists on Yahoo! or Expedia. I'm just no programming genius... and I'm poor.

Input welcome.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I am eating a banana whilst writing this

I've been flamed by an American! Yeah! Only helps fan the flames of hatred I have for that country. Oh well, I'm sure he won't be back.

So what to talk about. I just played Alien Hominid on Newgrounds.com. Pretty fucking fun, despite the fact that I only made it like 2 feet. It's coming out for PS2 and GameCube, so that should be cool.

Got the new APC album eMOTIVe. Pretty damn cool too. Everytime Maynard puts out a new album, be it with Tool or APC, he pushes new vocal ground... it blows my mind. Also bought music online for the first time yesterday. Well actually I got a coupon in the mail so I used it. Well bottom line is I got music LEGALLY online. It was really easy and not too expensive. I think I might actually do it again.

Well I have a couple website proposals I'm supposed to do, so I guess I better get on it.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Wet "Willy" & Gandalf, RIP

I promised the little sister in her Blog that I'd be covering CBC's Greatest Canadian, and I won't dissappoint, but I have some more personal and important business at the moment.

That business involves the death of two of my good friends, Wet "Willy" and Gandalf. They were wonderful little fishies and they were brutally cannibalized Thursday night.

Wet Willy or just "Willy" for short was a soft tempered purple betta (Siamese Fighting fish) and the first of the gang of fish that I currently have. He was famous for allowing you to pet him as you fed him... he'd come right up to the surface and let you pat his head. Willy was found near the clay cylinder, fins eaten.

Gandalf was an unually shy Plecostamus. Although when he first joined the tank he would often be spotted giving anything that approached him a swift swat with his tail, he soon became shy and withdrawn. Any time that the tank light was turned on, he would instantly dash to cover in the clay tube. I was never sure if he was getting his food as he would rarely venture out untill I had turned off the lights and left. No remains of Gandalf were found, thus leading me to beleive he was completely consumed.

I went out this afternoon and bought a new Pleco, he hasn't been named yet although the idea of staying with the Lord of the Rings theme has come up. Shawna suggested Saruman, I thought Frodo. We were going to buy a new betta, but I am waiting for the tank to clear out then I plan to restock it with a more tropical blend of fish. Just hope the new pleco can keep it goin'.

Well enough eulogy for one day. Now about great Canadians.

I wanted to do a post on the Greatest Canadian show not only to put in my two cents, but also to refute a few things my sister said on her blog. So here we go in no particular order.

Wayne Gretzky - It has to be said that anyone who's father is a celebrity just because his son is famous has to be pretty hot shit. That said, Walter Gretzkys son hasn't acheived anything that could be considered all-round great. He's managed to make himself and many other perople alot of money by being the best to ever play his sport, but he's never changed the country. One could argue that he's helped bring the nation together both in his hockey career and after with his affiliation with Team Canada, but one could make the same argument for "Rocket" Richard, Gordie Howe, Mario Lemiux or any of the other greats in hockey. This is one of the two or three in the top ten, not to mention the top 100 that should have made room for greater men (and women?) To me greatness involves putting your balls on the line for something that might be unpopular or really change the way the world sees things... all Gretzkys done is get rich and nailed a playboy bunny.

David Suzuki - Ok my sister got her view of Mr. Suzuki waaaaaay wrong on her site, but she's young so we'll let it pass. She seems to think David is nothing more than a CBC personality. I digress. Although his popularity is derived mainly from his docu-series "The Nature of Things" he has been a spokesperson for the environmental movement for decades, an accomplished genetisist and a veteran of Canadian - Japanese internment camps during WWII. I see him more fondly I think because I was into the "environmental" thing in the early 90's and he was a big part of that. I think that David Suzuki is great because he's stood up for whats right and educated us as to whats wrong, not only in Canada but around the world.

Alexander Grahm Bell
- The only great that will be on three nations list. I've never really considered him a Canadian as he lived in Canada for so short a time and never did any of his great work in Canada, but I can't deny his greatness. Not only is he the inventor of one of the most important tools in use today, that laid the groundwork for the information driven world we live in, he is also changed the world for the deaf. His innovation and determination make him great... I just don't know about Canadian.

Lester B. Pearson - The candidate I knew the least about going into this. I knew he introduced the current flag, but that was about it. Who knew the guy won a damn Nobel Peace Prize. I don't so my\uch think Mr. Pearson was an idea man, but he certainly was one to put his balls on the line to get things done. Medicare, CPP, and the UN Peacekeepers were all ideas implemented by Lester B. Pearson. Pretty damn good for a guy who only spent 5 years in Parliament, and then only with a minority government.

Sir John A. McDonald - One of two knights on the list, this guy is one of the founding fathers of Canada and our first Prime Minister. NOt only did he manage to keep everyone together during those tumultuous beginning times, he also managed to create the railway that would connect and bind the country together. And being an alcoholic, his Canadian roots can't be denied. One of my favourite quotes is attributed to him After being called a drunk by a local debutant he replied "'Mam, I may be a drunk, but you're ugly, and in the morning, I'll be sober."

Sir Frederick Banting - The second KNight on the list, this guy makes it possible for diabetic everywhere to get painful needles on a daily basis. OK ok, I know its not that bad and having a friend and a step-cousin who's lives are enhanced and maintained by insulin, his greatness doesn't come into question for me.

Don Cherry - Well here's a humdinger. Ok, so I don't think that Don Cherry is so great that he deserves to be on this list... and neither does Don Cherry. "Grapes" as he is affectionately called is renowned for his flamboyant dress and hard edged commentary on Coaches Corner, a segement on the national favourite "Hockey Night in Canada". NOw Cherry's devoition to his opinions, national pride and modesty may make him a great canadian, it certaintly shouldn't put him in the top 10... probably not even in the top 50. That's what happens when you let the people choose... DEMOCRACY DOESN'T WORK! For the record I think Grapes is hilarious and a real hockey fan... just not a great Canadian... how about we give Louis Riel, Romeo Dallaire, Rick Hansen or even Mr. Dressup this spot instead.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau. - Dickweed. Ok so I'm from Western Canada, so OF COURSE I hate Trudeau. Leave it to a sexy prime minister with a slutty pothead wife to make this list. Yeah his wife was caught toking with Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. Anyway I don't think that any man who would sell out half his country to benefit the other half should be allowed on such a prestigious list, hung would be more fitting. Let's give Mike Meyers this one.. .at least HE makes me laugh.

Terry Fox - Brave and inspired. Racked by cancer, he could have easily layed back and fought it in private and no one would have though any less of him. Instead at the right youn age of 21 (younger than me even wow!) he chose to attempt to run across Canada with only one real leg to raise awareness of cancer and raise funds for research into its cure. Although the diease would ultimately kill him before he had even half completed the marathon, his hope and determination spawned the rest of the world to finish for him. This guy inspires me to get out of bed some days.

Tommy Douglas - IF this guy doesn't win greatest Canadian, he'd better win Greatests Saskatchewanian. Father of Medicare, and the man who brough Saskatchewan from the stoneage to the modern world ... all while keeping the budget balanced, this mna could do no wrong. And he lived in my hometown of Weyburn for a few years, so he's my choice!

So there we have it. Although as I mentioned in some places, a few of these in my opinion shouldn't even be there, here's my list of favourites from the list compiled by CBC.

10 . Pierre Trudeau
9. Don Cherry
8. Wayne Gretzky
7. Alexander Grahm Bell
6. Sir John A McDonald
5. Sir Frederick Banting
4. Lester B. Pearson
3. David Suzuki
2. Terry Fox
1. Tommy Douglas

Incidentally Terry Fox and Tommy Douglas are pretty much tied for first in my mind... Tommy being a homeboy is why I chose him.


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

We'll be all singin' with version.

So what is reggae version? Sublime talks about it in Jailhouse and Big Sugar mentions it at the start of the album Heated. So what the hell? I tried to look it up, but all I found was a Xtian webpage that like lipped off rastafarinaism HARD... really bad. Then to top it all off it linked to a page who's sole purpose was to prove the band POD were rastaman and thus non Xtian and a bunch of bull. Oh then they went on in another part of the page to claim AS FACT that Led Zeppelin were satanists. Holy Crap. This leads me to the suggestion that people GROW THE FUCK UP!!! Honsetly I can't see the purpose for calling a religion be it Rasta, Buddhism, Islam or whatever, evil when they hold to morally sound but different beliefs. I think you're a hypocrite and a morally unsound person yourself if you need to find evil in the good of others.

And of course in trying to kill everything evil, all they managed to do was spread it... dumbasses. While there I found out about a cool movie coming out June 6, 2006 (6-6-06 .... heh) called "The Beast." It looks pretty cool.

Anyhoo, I guess I have to cook because Shawnas ass is tied to a piano, thus making it hard for her to get around.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Well there's always next season.

Well the Riders lost the Western final. I'd be madder, but the game was so close that I think BC and Saskatchewan should have played in the Grey Cup. But that is nearly impossible (but mathematically possible in the CFL) so I guess I can't cry too much. Word on the CFL home page is that some assholes vandalized Paul McCallums yard. Honestly some people need to grow the fuck up. We lost, barely to a team that wanted it just as bad as we did. It's frankly a miracle after how the season started that we made it as far as we did. I'm pissed really because I think Paul McCallum is one of my favourite players in the league and I hate to see his house vandalized just because he had a poorly placed bad day. I mean this guy is one of the best kickers to play CFL football.. give him some credit. I'm proud of you Paul, keep it up next season!

I played Scrabble against my sister the other night. It was tremendous fun. I also found a page with a bunch of 4-letter "C" words for my radio call list list on PilotsWorld so I'm working on the update that should be ready in a couple days.

Only 5 more days and I should have Clone High totally downloaded. I know it takes FOREVER sometimes... but it will be worth the wait. Next challenge is to find the collected works of Calvin and Hobbes. Seriously, someone should start a giant computer with all the collected knowledge, artistry.., basically anything made by man and put it in a vault somewhere so that we can save all this quality stuff forever. I know "the man" is adverse to this idea because of copyright law, but I argue that this project is something that would overshadow law. Its something mankind should do. Among other things I suppose... we do have those pesky starvation and AIDS problems to solve too. But maybe this could be used as a tool to help solve those problems... ah who knows.

Anyway, my rice is just about ready... I'm havin' Chinese!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sending a Blog by e-mail

Ok so I'm trying out the e-mail your blog feature...
with my luck I'm typing all this and you'll never see

Got to talk to Shawna on MSN last night for like 2
hours. It was really nice, I'm pretty sad when it
comes to her. I think she's the only person in the
world I miss when she's not around. Seriously I've
lived alone in all sorts of god forsaken places, and
been fine, but now I can't go four days without getting
bored and lonely.

She was supposed to call me tonight and let me know
when she was gonna be home tommorow and she hasn't so
I'll just assume she's cheating on me or dead. No loss.

I read a blog earlier today;
http://monikas.blogspot.com/ and in it, she suggested
something that I've been thinking about since the
election. She has different reasons, but they're still
good. The idea is that the rest of the develped world
should be allowed to vote for the US Election. My
argument is that they feel they are the leaders of the
free world, so the free world should be allowed to
choose who leads us. Her argument was that the rest of
the world (Europe in her case, Canada in mine) are so
by American culture and economics, that we should be
allowed a choice in them. Big fat chance that the
choice will ever come Monika, but we can always bitch
about it.

Tic-Tac-Toe sucks... I hate this game because two
half-smart people will never have a winning game.

Think I'm gonna clean all night. Yeah all NIGHT. I
hate cleaning, but somehow doing it at night helps..
don't ask me why.

Holy shit I just WON in Tic-Tac-Toe... in your face

Fuck now I lost... stupid game... I guess neither of us
are halfway smart. Well enough of that

Friday, November 12, 2004

Holy Crap I'm a loser

So here I am on a Friday night, with a whole free weekend ahead of me and what am I doing? Making a second blog entry.... and wishing my girlfriend was in town. God I'm lame. Might as well go play D&D or start a LAN party... at least I'd be socializing.

Actually have been enjying myself the past couple hours, thanks to the good ol' satellite dish... thank you television. Got to see a new Chapelle's show, or at leas tnew to me. They had the second Charlie Murpy's True Hollywood story that I've seen, Prince. Fuck was it funny... Prince was really kicking some ass in B-ball... although all the homo-erotic moves they used are the same strategy me and my friends employ druing any contest, basketball, hockey, Risk or rock,paper, sissors. And a bunch of CSI. I swear once the football season is over all I'll watch is the CSI series', Star Trek :TNG and the Simpsons. Oh yeah and Home Movies. I wish Clone High was still on, that show was puking funny. Infact, I should go see if I can Bittorrent it. Wish I had burned all the episodes when I had them... oh well.

FUCKING A! I found it, Clone High Season 1.... .multitasking rules.

My faith in the internet is slowly being rebult actually. I don't know if its because it was always good, I just got into a bad net"zone" or if it really took a plunge and now peple are rebuilding it. There was a time when you could go online and if you could find something on the net... it was yours, free. Then people decided they wanted to make money, or sue anyone who wasn't making money... and things went to shit, everything closed and you had to have a credit card just to scratch your ass. But today I managed to perform 5 tasks that I've been meaning to do on the net.. all invloving searching for info, and not only did I find 4 out of 5 targets, they were all free. The 5th target is still in the air. If anyone knows what "Noodle Caboodle" is and what the recipe is, tell me (Family Guy fans will get this reference).

Anyhoo, gonna finish up, pop a flick in the VCR and hit the hay.. I'm bushed.


Well, I always knew I could predict the future. As I foretold a couple posts ago, I got no sleep last night as I slept in yesterday. Being tired is one thing, but when you work in a cramped bakery on a busy day. shit starts to happen. Aside from my above average screw up rate on product preparation, I have a skinned elbow, a burned finger, a broken nail (God forbid) and to top it all off, one of my contacts fell out just before I went home. Stupid world.

Today did have its positive side though. I finally figured out what I'm gonna do for Shawna's family's Christmas gift. A gingerbread house... and a fucking awesome one if I have my way. Gonna spend the night doing research and drawings, but it should be pretty cool, I'll start tommorrow. I bought about $15 worth of candy for like $2 at the store as it was leftover halloween candy for 75% off... I know the math doesn't work out... I like to exaggerate.

Think I'll work on a few of my other Christmas gifts this weekend too... got nothing better to do, I'm home alone. Thank God I got Sunday off though, I can watch the CFL Western final... watch the boys in green trounce BC .. Oh yeah. Plus I can watch the Eastern final and see who's ass we're gonna kick in the Grey Cup. Then I'll be sad after that... because there won't be any hockey to fall back on ... stupid fucking strike.

Ever notice how Blogs aren't like essays... I mean your really don't need to have a good concl

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Completely Bored

Ok I know, I just posted like 5 hours ago, but I'm flipping bored. I've done the bulk of the work on the webpage, check it out http://www.pilotsworld.tk. Shanna, you suck, quit laughing at me.

Think I'm gonna try the tub again though. You know.. "If at first you don't succeed.... " So I'll take a bath, listen to The Wall on my MP3 player and maybe play some Civ 3 for the rest of the night. I really can't think of another thing to do... there's nothing on TV and I'm a loser. Maybe bombing the shit out of some puny nation will cheer me up.

Tommorrow is gonna be a bitch to get up for work. I slept in too long this morning so I won't be tired till later tonight... and I gotta be at work at 7:30 tommorrow... fuck.

Should just go back to school.

I overflowed the tub

Ok, so last night I was finished working on Pilot's World, and decided to take a quick bath to wash my internet stank off. I started the tub and while I was waiting for it to fill, I decided to run back to the computer and fill out a few more things one one of my useless lists. I do that and go back to the bathroom and step into 1/2 an inch of water. Fucking hell. So I end up using a damn blanket to get all the water sopped up. That'll teach me for trying to be clean. Guess I'll just smell and be unpopular for the rest of my natural life.

Pilot's World is making some progress. I've got this blog up and running, the main page and table of contents are designed and filled out for the most part, I've started the photo album and I'm almost done my first useless list. NOw all I need is somewhere to host this damn thing. There's the problem. I need a site where they aren't forcing banner ads on me. I might just settle for a pop-up ad service. Although it would be annoying, it wouldn't screw up my designs by pushing stuff around with banners. Oh yeah and I have a cool short name for it http://www.pilotsworld.tk. Bookmark it... and you can go check out the first page (and how shitty it looks with banners.

So left to do,
- Photo Gallery (for Shanna)
- website dedicated e-mail (I might settle for IAmAwesome@pilotsworld.tk)
- Post website somewhere (there is one service, but it's kinda annoying)
- Scratch my ass
- Do some reviews, and anything else that comes to mind as I build.

So this should keep me busy for the remainder of the day. It reminds me how much I hate the internet, God bless it!

Also contemplating my supper... thinking I'll go heavy on the carbs, maybe just a sack of flower with some salt. Mmmmm.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

In the beginning.

Ok so let's see how many days this lasts... I'm betting 3... but I do have a little sister with a blog that will likely keep me on the ball.

This is all part of more than just a blog though. On my humbly named site "Pilot's World" I plan on posting pictures, useless lists, Links, quotes, software, movie, and book reviews.

I'm doing about three things at once at this moment. Searching for an image I can bastardize into my own logo, writing this blog and worrying about my backne. The backne is winning over on my attention span.

It has raised the question though, why is it if I type in "world" in Google Image Search, I get several pictures of attractive female asses in g-strings and no good globe pictures... guess I should just type globe in... duh. But looking at some of these globes you'd think North America is the only place on the whole planet. I mean as a Canadian I know its true, but we can't let the rest of the world know!

Anyway, had a long boring day at work, and I get tommorrow off as it is Remembrance Day. I'd like to go to the services in town, but I have no idea where they are, and no one I asked seems to know. I guess no one in La Ronge SK died in the war. Lucky for them I guess.

But I ramble, and I'm no nearer to getting this damned page done, so I'll stop for now. Perhaps I'll post a half-delirious post later tonight after I've gotten some more work done.