Wednesday, November 10, 2004

In the beginning.

Ok so let's see how many days this lasts... I'm betting 3... but I do have a little sister with a blog that will likely keep me on the ball.

This is all part of more than just a blog though. On my humbly named site "Pilot's World" I plan on posting pictures, useless lists, Links, quotes, software, movie, and book reviews.

I'm doing about three things at once at this moment. Searching for an image I can bastardize into my own logo, writing this blog and worrying about my backne. The backne is winning over on my attention span.

It has raised the question though, why is it if I type in "world" in Google Image Search, I get several pictures of attractive female asses in g-strings and no good globe pictures... guess I should just type globe in... duh. But looking at some of these globes you'd think North America is the only place on the whole planet. I mean as a Canadian I know its true, but we can't let the rest of the world know!

Anyway, had a long boring day at work, and I get tommorrow off as it is Remembrance Day. I'd like to go to the services in town, but I have no idea where they are, and no one I asked seems to know. I guess no one in La Ronge SK died in the war. Lucky for them I guess.

But I ramble, and I'm no nearer to getting this damned page done, so I'll stop for now. Perhaps I'll post a half-delirious post later tonight after I've gotten some more work done.


Anonymous said...

OK, this is Shanna as it's gonna say that my name is "Anonymous" You picked a crappy blog place. But whatever, it lets you blog, so good enough! I can assure you that I'm gonna keep up with my blog. In fact, once I'm done here, that's what I'm headed to do. I think I need to maybe start talking actually about something though. But I'll see. You should do yours on movie reviews and I'll do politics. Yeah, or you could do politics too and we could have debates, either or.

Anyway, I've stood out in the fucking cold in a damn uniform so many times that I think I've done my duty when it comes to remembrance day services. Especially considering that I was the flag girl a few times which meant I had to wear those plastics gloves.

Anyway. Fuck I'm still tired. Just had a 3 hour nap and could keep going. But maybe I'll get myself some food. I made myself a shit load of macaroni and cheese this afternoon, so there's some of that left.

Pilot said...

Yeeuck, leftover macaroni.

My blog will be on my various philisophical observations and views.... and porno... I think.