Monday, November 22, 2004

Big Idea # 1

Ok so every so often I get these cool big ideas that I have no idea how to implement, but I think would be really cool. My idea today is a new Open Source project. I'm obsessed with Open Source projects. Everything from the wikipedia to Linux to most of my software, I love what it has to offer. So I've always been on the grab for something to give back. And now I think I have it.

I'd like to make a directory that is organized not by subject or content, but by location. Basically it would be a detailed map of the world. You could click on any part of the world and by constantly zooming closer, you could become aquainted with any part or place on the planet. Each location would be Defined by itself, but also by what it links to. So let's make an example.

I would like the project to be so detailed that you could put in an address and get up a picture of the place, with maybe a little description or at the very least, the phone number for that locale or something. SO. Let's use an address. 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, home of the Prime Minister of Canada.

When you enter the page you would be given a surface map of the earth. To get to our addres we would then have to localize, so we would click on North America, bringing up an image of the continent. Then on to Canada. Then Ontario. Then one would click the city, Ottawa, the street, Sussex Drive then the street number, 24. Now obviously right from the get-go you could just type in the address, and get straight to the end. In addition, each of the locations would have a small description of it, but non of the landmarks of those locations would be mentioned, as the user should be made to discover the landmarks in and of themselves, not as part of another location. Each location could be manually entered by users world wide, thus making it open to the world to contribute to, just like the wikipedia.

The fun and benefit of this page would be twofold.. that I can see right now.
1. You could find a place your going to and by actually seeing landmarks or locations you could find it. You coul d SEE the place without just checking a map.
2. You could see and explore a foreing city or town in fairly great detail without ever leaving your computer. We always see the eiffel tower in pictures, but we never see what is behind the photographer. With this system you could.

Ok I know the idea is great, but how do you do it? Well one would have to create a database/directory and make it accesible via images as opposed to text links. I don't think the implementation would be any harder than what exists on Yahoo! or Expedia. I'm just no programming genius... and I'm poor.

Input welcome.


Anonymous said...

Well, that could be cool. Not that anyone would give out the phone number for a location, that's just stupid. This is the internet we're talking about. But Jeremy, isn't this just another one of your big ideas like your Bonzai tree that never happens???

Anonymous said...

exactly... just another stupid idea I'll never do. Incidentally I have a bonsai tree, I've had it for over a year and its doing awesome... bitch.