Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Thoughts on Child-Birth

Well we've entered what I guess is the 9th week of the pregnancy, just above 7 months left until we welcome the newest member of our little household. Sometimes it sinks in really hard, it did at the ultrasound. In fact the ultrasound was a really great day, and I've gotten very frustrated at my lack of ability to make it to the followup to come, because I'm obessed with seeing the kid. I can't wait to meet him/her.

I'll admit that I thought pregnancy would be alot less traumatic on the whole family. I'm a wreck of nerves and anxiety. I link lot of it to apprehension about Rhonda's pregnancy-related illness, we've made one late night trip to the emergency room already, and tonight she's mentioned visiting again, which leads me to beleive that I'll likely be visiting her again tommorrow night or later. The nursing types take no chances on these things, and I can't argue with it because I'm glad she's taking care of her health. But I'm a little phobic around hospitals, and so even the smallest issue is blown up in my head.

So I worry about Rhonda and the baby. I also worry alot about Tai. She's got this world of potential. Smart, rabidly artistic and pretty to boot, she's poised to take over the world if she wants to, and the way she dreams to live, she's gonna need to be a conqueror. But we find difficulty with her and school, our work schedules have made it hard to get her in extra-curricular and I think she's suffering a bit socially and personally.

I know that a large part of it is to stop worrying and take some control of the situation, and in some respects I try to, but in others I wonder at my place and ability.

In other words, don't marry fast and get pregnant fast. You can understand someone if you talk long enough, we just needed to talk more first. Marriage is good, pregnancy is hard damn work... especially if you're the one carrying the little munchkin.


Pilon, A said...

That's what she said!!!! BURN!!!

Corey said...

I can relate, Laura's triple screen blood test came back bad, meaning we had a high chance of having a baby with Down's Syndrome...very scary. One of the worst months of my life. But ultrasound showed that everything is fine, they got the due date wrong by 2 weeks and thats what skewed the blood test.

You think the ultrasound sinks it in real hard? Just wait until your kid kicks your hand/head through Mommy's belly..scared the hell out of me! Now she kicks every time I play Queen.

At the very least, you guys live in Regina. They won't even look at pregnant women in Weyburn anymore so we have to make that hour drive for everything.

Soulfood said...

Just wait until Tai starts having guys chasing her! THEN you can talk about stress!

Daizy said...

The way I seen it... we could have waited a bit longer for marriage (as we both know). That's no secret. When is it the "right time" though? Is there some magical time period after one year of dating or one day? Who writes those said rules?

If anything... these darn stinkin kids in pregnancy are just a warm up for the rest of their childhood. Maybe Tai turned out so good because she was suck a jerk in utero.

Lastly... I'll put my kid into any activity he/she wants... but when he/she comes home and has an hour of homework every night in GRADE TWO plus an activity!!!

H said...

Remember when Tai did that painting of a philistine she once met in Moose Jaw? That was awesome.