Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Pictures of my Baby! - Tool in Saskatoon

My lovely wifey has posted some new "4d" pictures of our baby on her blog. I'm told the 4th dimension scanned is the "Awesome" dimension, and our child is off the charts.

If you would like to view the pictures, please feel free to visit Rhonda's blog at

Got back from seeing Tool in Saskatoon last night. The show actually got a mention on the Tool webpage, which is really awesome. I now wish I'd gotten a poster instead of the T-Shirt, but I like the T-shirt all the same. The show was good, but they were better in Calgary, I blame the sound man.

And I'm still reeling from the Grey Cup win, Saskatchewan sure as shit deserved it.


domestikus said...

I saw an ad in a magazine for the 4D in utero pictures, and I'm still confused as to why they call it 4D. Typically the fourth dimension is time, except, as Dr. Michio Kaku might explain in depth if you met him in the street, when it refers to the theoretical fourth spatial dimension. I'm not sure how that applies here. I would say they are 3D images, and even then, working in "3D" on a daily basis, I am very critical of what I see as a misuse and misunderstanding of 3D. In the architecture world, we call a CGI model a 3D model. But nothing could be further from the truth. A 3D model would be one made of wood or cardboard or foam. Anything made on the computer as a 2D image is just that: 2D. I suppose it is called that because there exists (in the cyberworld of the model) an X, Y, and Z dimension.

Sorry about that... got onto one of my little rants there. Congrats on the new CGIs of the baby. Technology blows me away sometimes.

Soulfood said...

Oh, you are SO not the godfather now Mark. You just blew your chances with that rant.

Pilot said...

And as I explained, the fourth dimension is Awesomeness. Also, when you're there, you can see the baby move, which I think is the fourth dimension they're referring to.