Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How about a compliment about my wife?

That might be a novel concept at ol' Pilot's World. One of the things I realized today was something my wife doesn't do anymore. Perhaps its because I put my foot down early or perhaps she just realized the folly in her desire.

When we first started going out she was on a fairly regular basis trying to push personal hygene and upkeep products on me. Exfoliating this, puff ball that, milk curd and bee sperm other thing. For a head and shoulders and pure soap guy, this was a little much. Now I DO use the dread soap she pushe on me when I got dreads, but that's because its the only thing that effectively keeps my dreads knotting - even then I opt for the original scent and not her "pertoulie" crap. Oh and she gave me some shave lotion for Christmas, but it was a present and it smells awesome... like freshly grated hippie.

So here's to the wife, the cause of and solution to all my problems.


rob said...

if there's one thing that could come between katherine and i, it'd be Patchouli...

i love how wikipedia describes it as being useful for dreadlocks, conditioner, perfume, and ALL-PURPOSE BUG REPELLENT!!!

Pilot said...

I still can't get a straight answer on WHAT Patchouli is. I have asked almost a dozen people what patchouli is and NO ONE will tell me.

I know I could Wiki it, but this is WAY more interesting.