Sunday, May 03, 2009

Twitter? How long will that last?

So all, I've started doing some Twittering. It's ok so far. I'm getting a little tired of social media frankly. Blogs and social networking seem to be this world of exposing as much of yourself as you can. I've been on Facebook for about a year now. I joined for the most part because the band I was in and the band I'm currently in communicate over Facebook's communication system. We could do it anywhere, but Facebook is fine. But of course now that I'm there people want pictures and want me to join groups and the rest.

If I want to protest, I'll join Amnesty or Greenpeace, the Facebook group to make sure we don't have to pay for Facebook can lick my taint.

Twitter and blogging aren't much different. If there was anonymity involved, I might be more involved, but the fact of the matter is the only people who care to read my clap-trap are people I know, and if I happen to open my mouth in a way someone doesn't like (which is often), I hear about it.

Anyways, follow my Tweets at

Also, some news coming in the next month about my new band. There is much to tell now, but we're keepig it all under wraps for the moment to get the project a little more together first. Stay tuned!

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Daizy said...

Twitter me @knottyrhonda!

I like facebook - but you're right, sometimes we aren't really needing people commenting and misreading stuff. It's all in fun usually. Nice to see you blogging!.