Thursday, August 13, 2009

So I'm sittin' here....`

... with a baby and a computer on my lap, and I'm thinkin' - "I do NOT want to do the internet anymore" outloud. Internally I'm thinkin' "That bass is sitting 2 feet behind me." Now the logical thing would be to put the baby to bed. But the child, she teeths, and you better bet your sweet bippy that if I put this child down now, a microphone straight from hell will broadcast to my childs lungs the sound of a woman being raped, and to be honest, after this morning, I need a break from that shit. Seriously.

So Rhonda suggests that I blog.

Here's the thing about blogging. The only time I really enjoy it, and the only time I think I'm really letting people read quality writing is when I'm being my most honest self. So I say what I think, which means I get in shit later from someone who takes offence to my hell-rape analogy up there. But you haven't sat with this child screaming for an hour. If that's not what hell sounds like, well then I'll eat my goddamn hat. I don't need that shit. Seriously.

So this leaves me with the question - "What should I blog?".

"You're four paragraphs in Pilot. You retard".

Shut up.


So I'm starting a new position at SGI in about a week and a half. My last day as a Building Operator is exactly one week from today. Then three days off and I'm a Clerk. I've never been a Clerk before. A Clerk 5 no less. In Underwriting in Accounts or something then in deliquent accounts, then something .... and voila I show up on Monday to a desk instead of a locker for the first time in my life. Sheeeeit. I'm sure I'll do fine, I can run a computer better than my coffee machine, I have a rudimentary system of personal and time organization, I passed all the tests my first try... and did very well on several, blasted through the interview and here we are, considering the fact that I could be turning in my last uniform on Thursday.

Life changin'. Not yet sure how to handle that shit. Seriously.

Nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan. Huh. Always felt safe in Saskatchewan because we didn't have nukes and due to our small economy never would. You know, even though our economy is supposedly doing well, it's still small. Nukes? We can't afford that. And this isn't just about the hundred gagillion dollars this will cost and how much that can go over budget. This is anout the MILLIONS OF GAGILLIONS it's going to cost when this PRIVATELY OWNED company dissolves in what 10, 20, 300, 2000 years when this company dissolves and this fucking death trap is spewing radioactive iodine all over the goddamn place and the baby's are coming out with heads the size of watermelons. This is a stupid idea. Mark my words.

Have another fish tank, so I moved my Tetra tank to a larger tank in my living rooms and moved the small tank to the bedroom and started a Molly tank. What a treat. They've neen having babies and I've kept a "survival of the fittest" rule on the tank and have a nice balance of fish in the tank right now. If it gets crowded in the tank I'll introduce some "natural selection" of my own, but for now they're a delightful troop. I actually want to replace the tetra tank now with guppies and some more anumated fish like moors - they're so fun.. So that's the tank after the tetras - two years away likely, but I can plan a major tank-reno and go to town.

My band The Criminal Kid released our first demo online a couple weeks ago. I'm not supposed to be pushing it around, but goddamn it, its out there and I'd like people to check it out. I'm really proud of all three songs, they sound great, and we're doing some SUPER exciting writing and work and I cannot wait to find a gig.

Think that's pretty much all for now. Babe is stirring a bit form the typing, and I might have found something to do online.

Be well everyone, thanks for reading!


Pilon, A said...

I'm pretty sure a nuclear plant will be a million times healthier ub the long run that that fucking coal plant in Estevan. Mr Oberg gave us an unbiased teaching on the pros and cons of Nuclear power and the way I see it, it's the way to go. The only thing better is Hydro and wind and solar and all those that use the elements.

Pilot said...

Yeah but I'm not talking the radioactive consequences - which are another issue altogether.. I'm talking the economic. Simply put - we can't afford it.