Thursday, October 08, 2009


So a debate is raging at our house right now over the "Spanking Law" currently under discussion in the Senate. Rhonda is firmly on the side that yes, we should criminalize spanking, I could not think of a more ridiculous way to deal with this issue.

I'm having a great deal of difficulty with this debate, because of my often stated fact that I don't think spanking does a lick of harm. Advocates against argue that there is no communication. I think cause-effect. A child puts hand on burner, burn happens. Communication has occured. Child is stealing dog food-hand slapped- communication occurs. The problem is the definition of communication is set by the anti-spanking folks, and well we all know how that works in debates.


Frankly I understand that my views on spanking are outdated. This is not something I'm gonna change overnight. Just like my grandparents occasionally referring to black people with the magic N word still happens although they know it's not acceptable practice, It's just they're upbringing, so will my views on spanking likely linger my entire life. It's a struggle I will have to endure, and try to do the best for my children, no matter what my personal views are.

What I'm most opposed to is the criminalization of spanking. Rhonda's biggest argument is that spanking is outdated and cruel and we need to do something about it. I find it ludicrous that we're planning on dealing with an outdated and cruel punishment with another outdated and cruel punishment. Jailing and fining people for spanking will not change peoples opinions of spanking, it will only further oppress those who frankly were just raised to think it was right, making they're lives harder and increasing the possibility of incidents that go further than a swat on the butt or slap on the wrist. Full on abuse cases will increase as people try and cope with the fact that they're only known form of discipline has been taken away. Not to mention we all know that the best way to make a criminal is to send them to jail. As to fines.. .well it just lets the rich beat they're kids while the poor are persecuted.

I contest that if we're taking society's ability to spank as a discipinary tactic away, then we are compelled to take criminal imprisonment and fines away. If we are truly trying to move to the next level of society then our governments and leaders need to show us non-violent and non-oppresive discipline before they begin to force it on us.

I'm not arguing that spaking is right. I'm arguing that making it a crime is wrong.


Pilon, A said...

A child does something wrong....they get spanked and feel a little pain...the child does not want that again so learns not to do bad things again. sure It's dated but it's worked for mankind throughout it's very long history and has only found that it's a bad thing for the last few years. hmmm...seems to me that people are trying to think about the kids feelings more than they are about discipline. I've seen many a kid running around being little shits with their parents just standing there telling them to stop and wondering why they won't listen when a good swat on the bum would've made that kid re-think his actions.

Pilot said...