Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh how I ache.

So I discovered this week the wonderful charm of desk-related injury from work. I'm usually pretty achy in the joints in the fall, but mix in my inexperience at a desk and you have an explosive mixture for disaster. (duh duh duh).

I managed to get through Friday with the help of a couple friends called Amanda and Ibuprophen. Sadly, it means I didn't get to celebrate the first TCK show with a drink, but it did allow me to play a great show. A lot of folk showed up, kinda funny, it was the biggest crowd I think I've played since Kerosene. Tonnes of fun, we even made some money and got ourselves another show! Now to figure out how we're gonna make it through the next show... possible longer set and lack of polished material are going to factor in strongly. I should also mention in addition to Amanda and Ibuprophen, the rest of the guys in the band helped me with my heavier gear, a pretty integral part of playing a show.

I made crepes this morning for breakfast. I like making crepes, people think pretty highly of them and yet they are PAINFULLY easy to make. I tell ya, "The Joy of Cooking" is one of those books every household should own. Like the Anarchists Cookbook and How to Program with JavaScript.

I have 2 ocarinas. Real life ocarinas. I have no idea how to play them or where I'd use them. Maybe it's a summer camping project.

But is sounds like the girls are getting out of the tub, which means... dad time soon.

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