Saturday, March 07, 2009

Homo Milk

Something I wish I had done very early in my relationship with Rhonda was to put my foot down about milk.  Rhonda has a health need to drink only 1% or skim milk.  This is what people of us in the Pilon clan refer to as "Dish Water"

I should, from day one, have said "No, I will not drink that milk, it is against the Catholic faith".  You see at that time she was still pretty naive to how us Catholics do things and was very eager to please, so we would have found a way to make it happen.  Then by the time she figured it out, well we'd have a process in place.

But now I'm stuck getting only enriched vitamin A and D and some calcium from what is otherwise... dish water.


Pilon, A said...

Jesus Christ, I'd kill myself.

Daizy said...

Why don't we just invest in a cow. Or better yet, I'll just lactate into a cup for you.

Soulfood said...

Mmmmmmm, skim milk.

You could just pull a dad and start doing the grocery shopping. The kitchen always ends up with more insane stuff when he grocery shops.

Kent Rocks said...

I know this is long over, however I was curious and wanted to ask. Is there really a big deal about Catholics and Whole Milk. If there is I am completely ignorant to it. I know many "strong good" catholics that do not drink the stuff (whole milk) and whom do drink 1% or skim. I tend to agree with Rhonda. Whole milk, is high in saturated fat, which can increase cholesterol level. Whole milk is a good option for toddlers over age 12 months who aren't breastfeeding and who aren't drinking a toddler formula. That being said, I don't see any reason for an adult to drink whole milk other than the fact that they may prefer the taste. Personally I think it tastes like butter.

Some food for thought I found:

A quick comparison of milk nutrition labels (per 8 ounce serving) shows that it really does:

Whole Milk - 150 Calories - 8g Fat
2% Milk - 120 Calories - 4.5g Fat
1% Milk - 100 Calories - 2.5g Fat
Skim Milk - 80 Calories - 0g Fat

There is about 300 milligrams of calcium in 1 cup of WHOLE milk. Most of it is available for the body to use. However if you drink skim or low fat milk, most of it is actually not available to the body because it needs the fat to assimilate it. Check it out on line and you'll see that if you drink milk for the calcium, you need to drink whole milk. And there are so many other things that have more and better, easier to assimilate calcium. Many green leafy veggies have a lot of calcium and your body can use it without needing the fat.

Food for thought anyway.

It's a good thought, and definitely something to discuss.