Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How's it goin?!

Hey all, long time no blog. How about a little update to Pilot's World. Everyone here is doing pretty good. Baby is growing up and beginning to walk and getting her first words. Tai is rockin' out in school and has a new report card coming in the next few weeks.

Rhonda is heading back to work part time at a care home, hopefully she get some satisfaction and accomplishment from returning to the work-force. She's working hard on becoming a doula and breast-feeding consultant, so I've had a lot of my off-work time with the kids and running the ol' household. Thank God for the miracle of the Google suite of online software - if it weren't for iGoogle, Google Calendar and Gmail I'd likely be dead.

Been working a lot on self-improvement lately. Not to say I was on a downward spiral of reckless behaviour, but I did realize lately that I've been having trouble prioritizing my goals in life... so I've been trying to target myself a little more and deal with a few personal issues I've been having. Spending most of Friday visiting bankers and councilors hoping I can make my life a little easier to manage. I'm hoping once we get our banking a little more online to begin using an online cheque-booking system called Clear Checkbook. It even lets you update your books using text messaging! AMAZING!

Been working hard on the new band with Dave, Vic, Andrew and Scott. Have a few songs well started and I'm working on lyrics/melody for the first time in a band. It's slow going, but faster than any of the work I've done in the past. Having others to fill in gaps sure expedites the situation. The band is already having inter-personal issues though, which bugs me a lot, and I think one of the members will end up leaving before there is balance and a healthy work-relationship happening.

Well that's about all to report now. Not much more to say. ... LEGALIZE IT!

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