Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Best Parenting Article EVAR!

Rhonda reads a lot of parenting shit. A lot. I'm starting to believe that the children in this house are being raised by the internet. It's an interesting change the internet has had on parenting I think. I mean Rhonda's travels keep us very aware of the dangers that are around us, and lord knows I'm so madly attached to this baby that I'm glad we can keep her so safe.

I run a little more to the wind. I like the human factor of raising a child. I most often look for advice to the people around me, including Rhonda. I do read the occasional article or book that Rhonda pokes my way, and I've started a parenting philosophy and I rather enjoy it. And sometimes I let some slightly dangerous shit happen, just to see how she'll do. One needs to learn to fail. A skill I've always found my parents brilliant at.

Rhonda is pretty respectful of this approach a bit, alot. But she only sends me an article every few weeks, so I don't have to chug though one often.

But I stumbled on a parenting article so good, I needed to share it with y'all.

It's called

Take Time To Talk To Your Child About Whatever Crap They Like


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