Monday, September 29, 2008

My wife wants me to weigh in on the election...


Well if you drive by my house, there's a Green Party sign on the lawn. I just added the button to my blog.

So why Green? Well I like, support and understand their platform and they seem to be running the most mature, and honestly most business like campaign. I look at an election like a job interview/performance review. The other parties in the race (with the possible exception on the BQ - I unapologetically admit I don't follow them closely - their half a nation away from me) spend a great deal of time lambasting their opponents and promising obscure and often complex programs. Either that or I just summarily disapprove of what they do/have done.

While the Green Party is a "single issue" party, they've managed to create a platform that covers a wide range of social, economic and national issues under one umbrella. They have a commitment to social justice, sustainability, diversity, healthcare reform and a new look at the way our government does business.

But I'm not in the business of telling people how to vote. That at it's root is an abuse of democracy. The parties all have their own webpages, or you can phone any one of their offices and talk to their representative in your riding. Narrow down your choices, make some informed decisions and if you listen to one thing I say, PLEASE VOTE ON OCTOBER 14. This, more than who you vote for is important to me. I see our political parties starting to take alot of liberties with the power they've been given, from the Liberals to to Conservatives. I think at the root of this is a lack of engagement from the voting public. The world is a busy place and we can't always be running off to protests, but an hour or two every 3-5 years is not enough to ask for you to maintain your freedoms and send a message to our leaders that we ARE watching them and we DO care what they do.

But vote Green, 'cause I'd love to see the look on Stephen Harpers stupid face when he's the minorty leader under Elizabeth May. I would giggle my goddamn ass off.


Soulfood said...

*music fades in*

Do you know how many kittens you would sentence do death if that were to occur? Can you really have that hanging over your head the REST OF YOUR LIFE?

Vote Conservative.

*music fades out*

My name is Shanna and I approved this message.

Daizy said...

As long as it's not done in an artistic matter... I HEAR MUSIC.