Monday, September 29, 2008

Bleh. Work.

Ok so back to work today after beating the SARS to some sort of meaningful submission. Had noticed this weekend that a few minor persistent health complaints that had been bothering me had subsided. And back they came today. Bullshit.

Not sure if its the work or the workplace or what, but these issues only seem to affect me at work. Not gonna get into details, they're personal, but I know one thing. I need to consider this in my career path.

I'm coming back into my desire to devote more time to the label, and have been slowly ramping back up. I'm running into and will run into more resistance from my wife and understandably so, but I want to get a whole heap of issues dealt with before I hit my stride again so that this time when the label consumes me, it will hopefully be easier to manage the rest of my life so she's gonna have less to complain about... ;)

Five more days and is gone ... update those bookmarks to now!!!!

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Daizy said...

The idea is that you don't get consumed by the label and learn to manage your time better. It WILL happen that we'll have time on our hands again for extra things.

Remember, I'm a business partner and you CAN delegate things.

Trust me - diapers, screaming babies, teething... these things are really shitty when they are happening but when you look back, it was such a small block of time.

Think of it as a sabbatical. We'll learn from our kids how important family is so we don't lose track of that later on when we're famous and snorting coke off of the asses of hookers.