Friday, November 03, 2006


Ok, so people want me to blog. So here it is.

The weekend was a very busy and fun one. Played a super fun gig with the party animals at the CanAm in Oungre. The next day, I went through Regina and ended up in Lumsden for another gig of equal partying and fun. Both gigs got us more gigs Oungre on New Years and Lumsden Boxing Day. So good on that.

Sunday night I reunited with old friend and drummer, Trevor to go see A Kind of Magic, a Queen tribute band at the Center of the Arts. It was a good show, but I think I spent too much on the show and it was a little too quiet. But the songs were good, the look was good and the band was fun.

Also been seeing a special laday on a regular basis now. Those of you who know me and have half a brain can figure it out, those who don't/can't, well you don't need to know. Simple as that.

Also, I won some money on VLT's thanks to the band being late showing up to the gig in Lumsden and I got a cell phone.

So there, you're up to date on my life. Now I'm gonna go die.


C.D. said...

Fuckin' A Bubba, I'll be down in Oungre this new years!

Binns said...

Ok Mr. Pilon,
I'd like to consider myself a friend,but I don't have the privilege of living in Weyburn so I can hang out with you all the time. SO, there is no way I'd know who this "special" girl is, and I'd like to be filled in. Send me an update you dink!

Binns Out.
(whisky's fun!!)

Soulfood said...


(Nathan, you still owe me a prize!)

Anonymous said...

I know who it is......WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Pilot said...

yeah I'll let you guys know when I see you... Nathan... follow the rumor mill through you sis... you'll figure it out