Sunday, November 19, 2006

Photo Contest Entry #2 - Don't Fuck (With a Guy Wearing a Pink Floyd Cap Holding a Gun)

There ya go... entry 2 ... briefly named "Don't Fuck (With a Guy Wearing a Pink Floyd Cap Holding a Gun)". and just for fun... not a contest entry, I'll include some of the other source pics I worked with. Because its not often I get the chance to photograph myself with a gun. Guns are alot of fun to hold.. they are a very comfortable tool... way more comfortable than a hammer.

Incidentally, I'm not gonna go psycho and kill a bunch of kids at a school. It's just the BB gun we use at work to shoot pigeons.


Danny said...

You need therapy.

David Roman said...

I know you're not gonna shoot up schools because of the picture, it's because of all the evil music you listen to and because you're a communist who likes gay marriage with terrorists who support abortion.

Danny said...

You kinda remind me of Dick Cheney.