Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pilot's World first Meme!!!! Celebrity F**k List

Ok.. for those n00bz out there a meme is like a blog community challenge. I do this little challenge then you do it and pass it on and so forth... its like a getting to know each other chain letter. But this one isn't impinging on your in-box, and if you choose to ignore it a piano will NOT fall on your head.

OK, that's out of the way, now my meme... that I'm STARTING!

So I was discussing with someone... can't even remember who right now... Trev I think... about the Celebrity Fuck List. A list of say ten people that each person should they meet in real life and have the opportunity, can have sex with without consequence... the other partner can't say anything. Trick is, they have to be like big time celebrity... like untouchable... there's actually one on my list I'm not sure of, in such a case, the partner has veto power.

So Like Brad Pitt, yes, the guy from the Dell commercials, no.
Katherine Zeta Jones, yes, the newsgirl from the FM Station, no (plus Corey would castrate me).

without further adieu, my 10 :

- Nicole Kidman
- Mellissa Auf De Mar (need verification)
- Shakira
- Katherine Zeta Jones
- Judy Dench Charlize Theron
- Salma Hayek
- Minnie Driver
- Sarah McLachlan
- Brittney Spears
- Beyonce Knowles

So there you go.... meme away... I wanna read your lists. Make sure you post a link to them in the Comments so other people can come check it out!

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