Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Uh Oh Politcs on Pilot's World

Ok so I don't often comment on politics, but I do follow them closely and form opinions on many of the issues of the day. I like to argue at length with people about how stupid they are and and how freaking cool I am because of my political views. Everyone is wrong but me.

Unfortunately I never seem to talk much about politics on Pilot's World. Worried it will take over really... turn into this crazy hippie hick manifesto and end up ruining and/or saving the planet. I started Untitled with Shanna hoping I'd get it in somewhere safe... in fact it's why I start all my blogs. Turns out maybe I should just do it all here. Close my other blogs, post that shit here and maybe get some interested viewership. Save a step.

So I'm gonna give it a try... a good political post for y'all.

Then I was sitting there tonight watching Rick Mercer (yes, even my humor TV watching is political... sue me) and he was talking to the speaker of the house. As the interview ended it occurred to me, does the speaker ever accidentally wear his robes home? Like when I worked at DQ there would be days where I'd be so upset and eager to leave that I wore my apron home. It must happen to the speaker he's just heading out of the office all like "I swear if Stephen Fucking Harper says 'tax cut' one more damn time..." or "Does Jack Layton even OWN a tie?" and just forget to drop off the robes. All in a huff driving down the freeway in his 2004 Kia Magenta.

Makes you wonder...

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Danny said...

Indeed. Food for thought.