Sunday, November 05, 2006

Riderville Canada

"Every Stampeder fan has left, and all I can see is green" Carm Carteri - 620 CKRM

In the recent editions of the computer game Civilization, there is a feature in which you can take over cities of other countries simply by the circle of your cultural influence. If that was as literal in real life, tonight, Saskatchewan would have finally tipped the scales and taken over Calgary. Hell, maybe tomorrow Ralph Klein calls
up Lorne Calvert and concedes Calgary to us... it's got all our citizens in it anyways. We'd have to get rid of the Stamps then... we'll move e'm to Halifax or something... because as we all know, Saskatchewan can only support one major league team... though we'll hold on to the flames, but they'll have to become the Saskatchewan Flames.

See you next weekend BC! Just a reminder, last time we met in the final, you won, but uh... you go McCallum now. na na na!

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