Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Celebrity F**k List Meme comes to Life!

Ok so they don't quite all seem to understand the idea of the meme, but here are the participants so far!

Andrew - Randomjunkification
Corey - CD's Playhouse
Rhonda - Rescue Regina
Danny - Ralph Wiggum is my Hero
Jeff - George Bush Sucks

Keep e'm comin' folks... and remember the idea is to encourage your readers to do the same... it's like a virus.

Of course as soon as you get it done you think of a million others - Anne Heche, Jennifer Tilley, Rose McGowan, Julianne Moore, Mark's mom... but I guess we can only hope so much... the idea of the list is damage control not a free ride with any celebrity who will drop trow in front of you.

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