Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm Glad I'm Not a Beagle

They have these defective anal glands and every time something goes wrong, someone is gonna stick their finger in your ass. Well Bootsy had her checkup. Her anal glands were impacted, which means they were full of this stank ass brown shit. Poop smells better than this stuff. WAY better. If I had to pick between smelling anal gland juice and say a pile of month old dog poop... month old dog poop wins hands down.

Other than that the vet thought she seemed good, teeth looked good, normal temp, healthy eyes and all... just behaviourily different. So she cleaned out Boots's pooper and we're gonna observe. Then as soon as she gets better, she's got a date with a needle.

So do I later this week. They really gotta figure out how to give shots via pill ... or better... beer.

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